Thursday, September 11, 2008

WOW Did I piss someone off....

I woke up yesterday, having fallen asleep the night before watching CNN, listening to Obama's Pig n' Lipstick speech. OOOOOHHHH AAAAAHHHHH. I was very shocked to hear Obama ATTACK the other candidates on anything but the issues when he is so anti-personal abuse. Or so I thought. Usually he lets the attack dogs do his dirty work. As he should. It allows him to focus on the issues which i believe he is winning the war.

Any who.... I was very moved to film a stupid little video on my favorite toy, my ASUS EEE with built in web cam (Hey ASUS, want to sponsor me...???). And then unedited I uploaded it to You Tube, Myspace, Facebook and Funny OR Die (See it now at

Within minutes an obvious Sarah Palin lover was cursing me out in the comments. I was tempted to delete it but I think it really speaks to the current climate. People on both sides are desperate and full of hate. I personally like the governor of Alaska. Everything I have seen so far is impressive. Will it make me vote for McCain? NO, as far as, no more than Biden convincing me to vote for Obama.

I think neither party or candidate has succeeded in convincing me, the true middle of the road undecided voter. I am not a single issue voter. Obviously those that only vote abortion, guns, and taxes have made up their minds one way or the other. So can we stop wasting time trying to scare people "He will raise your taxes", " He will take your guns away", "He will make you keep your mistakes for acting like a whore". oops I may have slipped some of my stands on the latter issue. Please don't think i am sexist. That was meant for both would be parents. Although, I am pro-choice politically.... I babble...

How am I going to vote then?

I am going to go state by state and figure out what Congress will look like. Who ever wins the house and Senate (Or appears to be winning) I will vote the other way. WHY?!? Because I belive the only reason we were so sucessful in the 90's - Bill Clinton and Congree fought about so many stupid issues that no new policies were created to interfere with our daily lives.

So I am voting for America and every day Americans. I am voting to put the power in your hands.

See a clip of the original
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