Friday, September 10, 2010


Yeah I said it, Burn the Qurans. All 200 of them.

While we are at it.... Build the Mosque!!!

How about burning some blessed bibles? Crosses? Rosaries? Torahs? Minorahs? Divinci's Last Supper?

Lets at least be equal opp offenders, right?

I know these items all have special meaning, but this is 2010. Can we finally move out of the DARK AGES!!!

As I understand it, this idiot in Florida is a pastor with a congregation of 50 people. Perhaps playing to the racist extremists of the south, this jerk off plans to grow is flock of ignorant haters. Perhaps they need to sell a few plots in the mobile home park.

Now this attention getter claims he will not burn the books if the World Trade Center Mosque is not built. If you believe the profit from Florida, The Imam lied about his intentions. How did this numb-nut ever think he has any influence over anything behind his little piece of swamp. If the NY Governor cannot persuade change of plans...

But again I say burn the books. As idiot extremist nutso cult leaders go, that is far better than cool aid and plastic bags. Make your "statement" and move on.

I think the best solution, the NYC Imam should build his Mosque next to the Florida church of the self annointed ones. That should make all happy.