Friday, February 5, 2010

NYC area After School Programs take advantage of Great TIMES SQUARE Off Broadway show offer during Winter Break. New York schools, as well as numerous surround areas, have off Feb 15-19, 2010. Many afterschool programs run vacation camps to keep kids busy, as many parents are not so lucky as the teachers union and students. So EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has added shows Feb 15, 17, 18 and 19 at 1pm.

Also, through out the busy student group season - every spring we have added a number of midweek shows to accommodate these groups. (IE - Wednesday, March 10 @ 4:30).

All of the above are open to the public. Get tickets for just $20. ($10 for groups of 20 or more)Food & Beverage available nut never any minimums.

Presenting 400+ shows/workshop every year, EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH runs 6-8 performances/week open to the public, host 1-3 private shows for student and corporate groups and travel to theaters, clubs, colleges, universities, corporate events and K-12 schools.

GO TO for more information....

Also check out
IMPROV 4 KIDS our K-5 program
LMAO - our current Off-Broadway Run


Putting the BS in CBS!!! - No Gay Commercial at Superbowl...

Just read CBS ad sales is blocking gay dating site for Superbowl, yet plenty of ad space exists. I know of a lot of Gay football fans - fanatics - Please skip any tight end jokes here.... Are they afraid Gay men and women will procreate? This is just outrageous. Is this any less or more tawdry than most of the beer commercials. Heck, they had a dog and a horse practically get it on. What do you think?

What the should do is create G-date. Gay dating for nice Jewish boys. For when your sausage has to be kosher!

PS Who are you rooting for this Sunday?
A. The Saints?
B. The Colts?
C. The Commercials?
D. Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet?
E. Other stuff (Like more porn in Arizona!!!)
F. Cops Marathon on TRUTV
G. ABC's new comedies (Modern Family, Cougar Town, Middel Man...)
H. Back to Back Biggest Looser COUPLES on NBC
I. Sound of Music on ABC Family - Ah What a classic....
J. Law and Order of Some sort on half a dozen channels
K. HOuse Bounny for ENCORE subscribers
L. Poker on ESPN 2 (World Series of Europe)
M. Tudors Marathon on Showtime
N. Titanic AGAIN on TBS