Sunday, December 19, 2010

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Been a great week. The classes I teach in Queens got some press via NY POST (CLICK HERE). CBS saw this and came out Wednesday to film Should be airing any day now. And then we had the show friday with about 40-50 students performing (7 teams)

KILLEFR crowd at Improv 4 Kids Saturday.

Had a crazy SANTA gig yesterday. I was supposed to read NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS but I forgot the book. I offered to take less money as that was a big deal. The client said just improvise. So I said OK. OMG this went crazy. The first four lines were good. Up until the stockings and the children's hoping... And then I was all over the map.

And with all the children tucked in their bed so TIGHT
There was a noise that woke me with FRIGHT

On the roof there was such a CLATTER
Must have ben the reindeer hoves going PITTER PATTER

So I jumped our of bed and threw on a ROBE
When I ran down stairs what a sight to BEHOLD (Close but no cigar)

There was a big jolly fella in a suit of RED
I hope all the children were asleep in their BED

Santa was putting gifts under the TREE
I know the children will soon open with GLEE

All around were the coolest TOYS
Some for the girls, others for the BOYS

Then all of the sudden he put his finger to his NOSE
And with a twinkle up the chimney he did GO... - ES



Hey went and saw BREAK OF NOON today with David Duchovny for a third time. By far the best performance for the whole cast. Sat in the front row and hung out with some other fans before and after.