Saturday, April 17, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Drinks anyone?

DAY SIX - Saturday April 17, 2010


Although challenging being in Times Square made some great choices. But today was so much fun I was dying to hang out and get some drinks.

Today’s Consumption

Coffee – again
Small piece of quiche
Wheat Crackers
Turkey Slices

Salad with pesto chicken, blue cheese, tomato, mushroom, walnuts, red onion fat free rasp dressing with drop of Honey Dijon

Protein Bar

AT ST ANDREWS A Scottish pub on 46th Street
Veggie Pizza
2 165 oz beers

I know not great

Friday, April 16, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – no late night eating

DAY FIVE - Friday April 16, 2010 wrap-up

Busy day so here is quick assessment. Left house at 5pm after eating all of today’s consumption listed below. After show came home and straight to bed. Expect to wake up skinnier for not eating late at night.

PS Shout out to ALTAR BOYZ cast at the LMAO show to route on Lee Markham. You hoo – the pope is calling!!!

Also Ethan - our tiny biggest fan -stole the show. Syracuse was a lot of fun!!!

Today’s Consumption
Coffee – again
Small piece of quiche
Wheat Crackers
Turkey Slices

2pm Lunch
12 oz steak –roasted w/o oil – just olives and grapes
French Baguette
Small bag of Doritos


LMAO THE DIET – Better Choices

LMAO THE DIET – Better Choices

DAY FOUR - Thursday April 15, 2010 wrap-up

Woke up early to move car. 7:30 street cleaning for metered spot was only option getting home so late the night before. Drove to bank with checks from road trip and a few deposits. 8am… 110th & Broadway… I found parking spot. Went for coffee at street vendor… made difficult choice NOT to buy donuts. Noticed D’Agostino across street. Doors opened to reveal fresh fruit like I had not scene since my first date in junior high. Got discount rewards card. Felt like a regular already. Found deal on Steak and a number of healthy items. At least healthier than donuts. Sale on Scottish lox led to a great breakfast. One bad choice was impulse buy in check out – Riece’s Fast Break. Not even that great a candy bar and a waste of 260 calories. Should have bought the snickers.

Had to move car again at 11:30. Got some deli buffet food while sitting and waiting for spot.

Drove to Queens to pick up flyers. Did not eat a thing while out of the house. Fun show. I just played piano tonight at LMAO – SHOUT OUT to Ohio, Brazil, Korea, and Kansas/San Fran.

Today’s Consumption

Coffee & Fast Break by Riece’s

French Baguette
Scottish Lox 4 oz
Fat Free Cream Cheese by Philadelphia

Deli Buffet
Roast Pork w/ Broccoli
Mini corn fritters

Mango Smoothie by Naked Juice 600 cal for 32 oz

Coffee - Did I mention I drink a lot of coffee

Slices Deli Turkey
Whole grain Bretton Crackers
2 oz hummus
Jarlsberg cheese

D'ag has somne amazing "MANAGER GONE WILD" Deals. Got a Black Angus steak for 2.99/lb (Usually $9ish)

Special performance of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH April 30, 2010 8pm

Thursday, April 15, 2010



Wednesday April 14, 2010 wrap-up

This day served as an example of how changing habits versus dieting can make a huge difference and I credit this new blog series for the changes. Mom served COSTO Quiche and Cinnabons for Breakfast - both yummy and gooey. Although the one Quiche was healthier with Egg White with Spinach. The big change, smaller portions. Made numerous trips but each time I had a taster menu size of each otherwise not so great diet foods. Coupled with exercise keeping up with nieces outside playing in the glorious morning sun – not bad. In fact I have yet to really eat DIET FOOD this week. But I have eaten REAL food with much consideration for portion. Before leaving the house I had another taster menu of leftovers from RIO GRANDE (see previous days blog) – few pieces of fajita, small kids quesadilla, and a 2 oz hummus – GREAT IDEA to portion size.

We went to Walmart where I always get a workout while resisting junk. CITY FOLK LOVE WALMART!!! I hope they never bring it to NYC as it will take away the special place it holds in our hearts!!!

At the Greek Restaurant, I continued the TASTER MENU Idea at this awesome buffet of favorites. SHOUT OUT TO SUSAN STREGACK (SP?)! A pleasant surprise to have Susan join us – the cast, my folks, my nieces, plus Ed, Betsy & Susan Matthews. All of who checked out the show at Cloverly ES on Briggs Chaney Road in Silver Spring. Loved catching up on Howard and Sherry’s activities as well as dozens of others from the Montgomery College and DC area Theater Crowd – many of whom are now on or around Broadway. Loved talking a laundry list of successes when so many focus on the failures.

The show was fun. Great crowd there for the book fair check out this evening for students and parents. Showing my local knowledge I made a few Upper County V Lower County and Frederick jokes/references. Reilly, my 2yo niece, would come play a few bass notes every time I sat at the piano. The four year old, Mackenzie, desperately wanted to get on stage. Every time I looked for audience suggestion, she pushed to the center of the crowd of students on the floor, raised hand and yelled, “ME!” For the authors game, Mac suggested Reilly as an author. Amelia took the suggestion. So a two year old join the ranks of Shell Silverstein and JK Rawling telling the original story, “The Martians in Toiletland.” I finally got Mackenzie on stage for FREEZEFRAME. At one point, while posing as a cannon, I engaged Mac in a conversation, whispering about fun the show is. I think she has a crush on Jared. In fact both nieces stared a lot in his direction the past couple days. (SINGING) Young Love….

THEN…. I drove all the way home. Virtually no traffic, we made one stop at the bottom of the New Jersey turnpike. A quick coffee and protein bar finished my daily consumption. We dropped off Amelia Downtown and Jared on the way. Finally pulling in around 2pm, parking was tough. I am typing this as I move the car for 7:30 am street cleaning.
Hope to upload soon and then quickly return to bed!!!

Today’s Consumption Summary

Quiche – 3 small slices
Cinnabon – Portioned way to much but Laurice saved me by taking 1/3 to her plate and belly
COFFEE!!! No milk, no sugar – Mom brews a good cup of joe

2 oz Hummus

Left overs from RIO GRANDE – 1/2small quesadilla
1 flour tortilla
a few pieces of chicken and steak fajita

GREEK BUFFET at Greek Islands, New Hampshire Ave @ Briggs Chaney Road
OK I think I did very well hear all things considered – but I had about ½ what I usually would have had at such an event.
THE BEST BREAD – Homemade and fresh served warm and flaky!!!
PLATE 1 – Greek Salad with some Dolma, Yogurt, Potato and Hummus Dips on the plate
PLATE 2 – Modest amounts of Gyro meat (THE BEST YOU HAVE HAD) and Pastichio with more Greek salad, Dolma and yogurt
PLATE 3 Dessert Sampler
PLATE 4 2 more small pieces of Baklava

Detour Protein Bar & Coffee with Half & Half

Back to a weekend of LMAO. Hope to see you all at the theater.


Shout out to Leslie Jordan, along with his producing entourage, and best wishes as they begin previews this weekend for “LESLIE JORDAN, MY TRIP DOWN THE PINK CARPET”

IMPROV 4 Kids is having a great season and gearing up for very busy summer. Have this amazing program at your school, camp or family event.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DAY TWO Dieting on the road & at the movies

LMAO THE DIET Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DAY II – Some of the anxiety has passed. But NOT making GREAT choices either.
Up early to perform at Bethesda MD school, the cast stops at Montgomery Village Einstein Bagel. There are a lot of things there I like that are not on the diet. It helps seeing Weight Watchers sign for meeting place next door.

The shows were hilarious. Jared, Amelia, Laurice and I ran two back to back assemblies at Carderock Springs ES, Bethesda MD off of River Road (Actually a temp location while main campus renovated) We rapped about Justin Bieber and presented slide show about the invention of trains. At one point in columns (human Mad Libs) I point at a child and he says Amelia is being arrested for no apparent reason. VERY PROFOUND for a 6yo to inspire Race Relations theater. LMAO.... The kids started chanting ENCORE!!! So we added a ONE to FIVE that rocked!!!

After the shows we saw DATE NIGHT. I really wanted to see CLASH OF THE TITANS. As tired I was, felt Tina and Steve would put me out. I love their comedy but usually the style is subtle. Well this time, the subtle style played great in a fairly high energy movie with tons of heart. And great cameos by Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Ray Liotta and dozens of others. Loved seeing Bill Burr up there but wish they gave him more to do. Common was pretty bad ass!!!

Todays’s Consumption Summary

As usual lots of coffee. One included SB White Choc Mocha but with Skim. Still sugary I am sure.

Einstein Bagels Low Fat Veggie Cream Cheese and Nova Lox on Everything Bagel. Skipped the sweets I desperately wanted including Apple or Choc Chip Tart OR cookie.

At Movie Theater – UNO Pizza with pepperoni and Chicken Fingers GIANT DT COKE

AT RIO GRANDE at the RIO in Gaithersburg….

So far I am writing everything at LAKEFOREST MALL FOOD COURT w/o eating any junk. Nervous about tonight but I plan on checking restaurant website for menu options....

15 minutes later

No calorie info avail. Have to trust instincts. thinking Chicken Fajita without tortillas. Skip the chips. Maybe have some ceviche.

5 hours later

We just got back. They had a special of all seafood - scallops, shrimp & salmon skewers over rice with beans. The rice & beans portion was modest. The seafood was grilled. GREAT DISH. And I was able to go all night with ZERO tortilla chips. I had a small spoon of Guacamole. With just a small taste of sopapillas afterwards and trying to keep up with my 4yo niece running around the RIO, the night was a huge success diet wise. Great choices for the palette and waste.

Off to bed, but I did get a work out tonight all the while learning another reason to loose weight. Mackenzie was able to use my backside as a slide while I laid "FLAT" The butt is so high in the air that she felt the need to take the ride about 2 dozen times. All for good laughs, it is time to say goodbye to my bunker hill!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

LMAO THE DIET - Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010 Review

Today was day one. Time to start loosing weight and living the healthy life style. I have under used Bally gym membership. Tough day to start a diet. This is also the beginning of a 3-day road trip to DC, and I do not do well on the road. Tend to eat way to much junk at rest stops on the NJ turn pike.

Today’s Consumption

Breakfast AT HOME
Mango Smoothie 32 oz 600 calories 0 fat ALL FRUIT – Mango, banana, OJ apples
2 Ice Coffees – Skim Milk no Sugar 90 cal 0 fat

Spinach Salad w/ chicken, gorgonzola, tomato, mushroom & fat-free dressing
Mushroom barley Soup
Snickers Bar
Lots of Coffee

Pizza Hut mini pizza
½ small TCBY yogurt
Slice of Pizza (Large ham & pineapple)
More Coffee

Its amazing how much talking and blogging/journaling makes you think about every morsel that goes in the mouth. Just in the first day, I avoided eating a number of items including cookies, whopper at BK etc. I almost did not mention the second slice of pizza.

The Pizza may seem bad but it was a choice over fast food options – ie burgers, fires, fried chicken etc.

Here is the thing. I spent about 80% of my time today thinking about food. Driving to DC I constantly wanted to pull into a rest stop to eat. But at 11:30 tonight, I feel fine and happy with my choices today.

Tomorrow we are having a family dinner at RIO GRAND/ Don Julio's. It's all about choices!!! Wish me luck. More to come!!!

DAY ONE - For the umpteenth time!!!

Today is the new DAY ONE! The day I say good buy to a build up of fatty tissue that, while many enjoy jiggling on stage, causes an enormous amount of pain. Two years ago almost to the day I joined Weight Watchers and lost 55 pounds by July 4th. That summer proved very dramatic and the downward slope began. I just hit that former mark. Not sure of the exact poundage at this moment, but I have hit the same rock bottom. It hurts to wipe my ass after a pooh! The image is bad enough, thought I should at least censor the language LMAO.

Speaking of LMAO - I am going to call this the Laugh My Ass Off Diet!!! Name Branding? Merchandising? perhaps.... But my Ass is always so huge. I did loose a little of the booty shake last time I dieted.

My goal is to do daily blogs with weekly videos blogs. I need to get a scale today. I need to fill up the fridge with healthy stuff. I need to get Salads and not paninis from the deli next to the theater. I need to eat more fruit. I need to get to the gym. No more Sausage's from the street meat guy. Sorry, he might go out of business.

So I encourage you all to work with me. I promise the funny will not stop. I could loose 100-150 pounds and still be the funny fat guy of note!!!

NEW LMAO SCHEDULE for Spring/Summer

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LMAO announces new Spring/Summer Schedule

As of April 1, 2010, LMAO has moved to a new off Broadway schedule.

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The above schedule applies thru Labor Day 2010

Cast continues to feature guest stars fro stage and screen including Charles Murray (Dream Girls on Broadway), Lee Markham (Altar Boys Off Broadway) and Walt Frasier (Letterman).

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Now, what the audience will actually get to see when they are here can’t be told now because the subject matter changes everyday. The improvised skits and musicals, based on today’s burning issues, are completely unique and can range from totally silly to witty humor. No politician, author or celebrity would be able to escape notoriety of the performers who are known to provoke uncontrollable laughter from the audience. Recent shows have included spoofs - often presented in song - of Dexter, ICarly, Family guy, American Idol, Twilight, Harry Potter, Tiger Woods and a lot more.

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