Saturday, August 21, 2010

Student Groups Fall 2010

ATTN Tour Operators and Group Bookers
Hope you are having a great summer.

Wanted to let you know, EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH, Improv comedy show for all ages, has moved back to its former home of three years, The Times Square Arts Center (TSAC) . We moved across the neighborhood for the past eight months to help take the show into union status. Now operating under the jurisdiction of AGVA (American Guild of Variety Artists) the show is attracting a new audience of avid theatergoers. TSAC is one of the nicest off-Broadway venues in NYC featuring Vegas Style cabaret showrooms - clean, comfortable and conveniently located. Best of all, we no longer require two drink minimum. While food & beverages are available, NO additional purchase is required of any kind.

(Book Before Thanksgiving 2010 - Available thru June 2011)
Ticket to any show plus 2-hour workshop (within 48-hours of show).
Just $20 per person (MIN 10ppl)
OVER 1/2 off regular rates!!! (Regular ticket rates now $20-50PP / Workshops $20pp)

Student Lunch/Dinner Option
Add a student dinner basket PREFIXE for $15
Choice of 3-4 hot selections
(Usually Chicken Fingers, Grilled Cheese or BBQ Wings)
French Fries
Unlimited Soda
Homemade cookie
Service & Tax included

Reg Schedule 8pm Nightly; 3pm Saturdays
Groups of 30 or more we can add shows to calendar almost anytime

Next time you are in town love to have you check out our current cast including myself (Walt Frasier - Letterman, Bway tours, MTV, VH1, NICK, WE), Charles Murray (Bway Dream Girls, Chorus Line THE MOVIE) and Lee Markham (Altar Boyz off-B'way). Complimentary tickets will be waiting for you at the theater. Call anytime to discuss rates for shows and workshops.

212-568-6560  Off Broadway Production  K-12 outreach  SGF PRODUCTIONS & EVENTS

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rocket could be going to Jail

Roger Clemens could be going to Jail for lying to congress about steroid use. Perhaps for 30 years. It is way too early to tell. Many called him the ROCKET, for his powerful pitching arm. Hear are some othe common and uncommon meanings of the slang term ROCKET...


Scottish Slang: An idiot. Someone who's daft in the head. Has little grip on reality. Also ugly, very unfashionable and completely stupid.

An extremely attractive female

The act of having sex. Pronounced with a pause: "Rock---It"

An exceptionally copious amount of dipping tobacco. Used especially when said dip is Grizzly or "the Grizz". MAKES SENSE FOR BASEBALL PLAYER

term used by Jamie Oliver for lettuce

A really CUTE puppy Dog.

Marijuana joints.

AS A VERB - Inserting a whole non-crushed pill into the rectum in order to experience the pills effect for longer duration with lower peak.

# 15 on the URBAN DICT LIST - Roger "Rocket" Clemens, the best pitcher on the best team in baseball.

An oversized can of low quality beer or malt liquor. Cheap and ghetto.

pussy or vagina

A large piece of poop.

Blow Job

I guess one word means a lot to a lot of people. There were a few others i did not feel to include but basically mostly penis references. I guees Roger is going to be the big ROCKET in prison!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Currently, I am working with the COMEDY HALL of FAME (CHF) to bring Improv into NYC schools thru workshops, residency programs and full accreditted prorams. Also we are offer professional development for teachers. In additional to being tons of fun and great theatrical training, Improv teaches both students and teachers to communicate with their peers as well as being better public speakers. Improv focuses on being in the moment and listening to your partner and environment. Better listeners make far better learners. For students, we focus on literacy as well. Creative thinking inspires the search for new and exciting ideas to feed an active mind. Many of our students tell us how they have a new found love for reading history non-fiction as well as literary classics including Shakespeare. We teach that the best Improv actors can riff on any subject, and this comes from reading both the classics and current news items. We are creating future professionals that are much more aware of the world beyond the neighborhood.

I have to really commend the CHF for seeing the improtance of this traingin in the schools. We offer corporate workshops to many large institutions - including 7-figure managers. The best team requires intensive communication skills. CHF realized, well - WHAT IF WE CAN TEACH THESE SKILLS TO MORE STUDENTS BEFORE ENTERING THE WORKFORCE?

And that is the ultimate goal.