Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bad A$$ Movie Trailor


I have been pretty bored with this summer's movie offerings. A comic book / super hero movie , TV and video geek (never really into the actually grafic novels), I am eagerly awaiting the dozens of DC & Marvel offerings coming in 2011 & 2012. But this year is pretty dull.

But as Laurice still sleeps in the other room, I just turned to IMDB on a whim watching Vacation & Euro-Trash Sequel on this mundane Saturday morning (BTW Killer Show last night at LMAO On the cover page was the following trailor....

Try viewing at this link

I think I loved it so much because of the Blues Brothers reference by Morgan Freedman. See if you can find it. Beyond that, this movie seems to rock it harder than Space Coyboys, Losers, Expendables, and numerous other movies featuring over the hill heroes dealing with there biggest challenge to date. But this is packed with amazing action stars and top oscar winners. Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freedman, John Malkovich, Ernest Borgnine, Richard Dryfus, Brian Cox, and some top younger stars like MAry Louis Parker.

Love to see Ernest Borgnine looking so good. Another instance of I THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD but now still tearing up the big screen. I had the same thought seeing Lindsey Lohan dragged off to Jail.

Monday, July 19, 2010

AM I NORMAL - Must see Sex-Ed Video!!!

I have joked about this video many times in my stand-up comedy. Laurice stumbled upon it online so I now bring it to you  in all its glory. If you have any troubled pre-teen boys suffering from wet dreams or fearing normalcy regarding hair growth or penis size, this is a MUST SEE VIDEO!!!!

If you are need of a GREAT laugh.... this is a MUST SEE VIDEO!!!

I think I first saw this in 8th grade. Although many say they saw it as early as 5th.

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