Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a loser

That's right. The diet is on. 7.8 lbs lost last week. I am on my way to the gym to try and match that again this week. Last week I lost too much I think but it was a good jump start. I need to lose from a better combination of exercise and food choices.

A quick shout out to the Citizan School in Brooklyn 65 12-15yos came and saw the show yesterday. A great group of young adults. Well behaved, but very creative. It was a fun show for the cast.

This week we are back to full schedule. RSVP for free tickets. I am doing every show this weekend.

2/13 Fri 11am - PRIVATE SHOW
2/13 Fri 8:30 Times Square Comedy
2/14 Sat 3pm HA!
2/14 Sat 8:30 Times Square Comedy
2/14 Sat 11 Times Square Comedy - UNCENSORED
2/15 Sun 8:30 Times Square Comedy
2/16 Mon 8:30 Times Square Comedy

RSVP for free tickets
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