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Many chances to catch this great show and have fun as a family in Times Square this week. The Show usually runs Satudays @ 3pm and Sundays @ 4pm. Here is the schedule for the near future.
ADDED SHOWS : Monday 12/28 1pm, Tuesday 12/29 3pm, Wednesday 12/30 3pm

General Admission - NO food/drink minimums -Food & Beverages available for purchase

Evening performances of


are also family friendly.

Holiday Schedule:.12/26-12/29 & 1/1-1/4 8:15pm

General Admission
NO food/drink minimums
Food & Beverage available for purchase

Regularly performing at school assemblies, teen parties (Sweet 16, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs too!), colleges, corporate and private events. CONTACT SGF PRODUCTIONS FOR MORE INFORMATION. 212-568-6560,

As low as $10/student to see a great off-broadway show
As low as for $15 Show & Workshop
Let us provide lunch & show as low as $27.50

Thursday, December 10, 2009

FINALLY Coming out of the closet

No no no not that closet. Not to worry honey. I still like you and boobs.

I just watched Julia Sweeney's "LETTING GO OF GOD". Expecting stand-up comedy, this was more of a one-woman theatrical work. Perhaps even more of a philosophy lecture. I rarely talk about it, but this video, currently running on Showtime, really summed up way to many thoughts of my own far better than I could ever say.

The show's focus is Julia's conversion from Catholic to Atheist. She talked about how what was once a conversation with God, became a question of existence. She discussed years of research looking for God, from bible study to science class to submersion in nature, that only lead her away to conclusions opposite from her original hypothesis.

Now I am not yet ready to say I am an Atheist. But I have had many serious discussions with myself. For a long time I said the cliche "I believe God Created Man and Man created religion" But after a while it sounded cliche. As Julia Sweeney talks, she says she discovered science and free thought late in life. I discovered it early but guilt kept me from jumping to conclusions. I would think "So God, are you or are you not really up there?" Growing up a good Catholic going to CCD, getting Baptised and Confirmed, getting married in the church, singing in church for a living, i heard a lot more pitches for God than against. And most of the Anti-God crowd were more arrogant, drugged, hippied etc Not folks I respected as intellectual or sources of useful thought or information.

BUT I left "religion" behind - meaning "MAN's" interpretation, worship and use of God to justify selfish or unreasonable and irresponsible or sometimes even violent behavior- when I was 13ish. My home Church was attacked by fanatics. Let me tell you fanatic Catholics is a fearsome bunch. A middle school age girl with Leukemia was allowed to pass because "It was her time". This is not typical Catholic I know. Not even typical protestant etc. But it was the beginning of the end for me. There were a lot of other details that I am not 100% sure of as true or not, but the important thing, that is when I began to second guess it all. Problem was, I loved the spiritual teachings, but disagreed way too much with the practice and practical application of religion. Especially as there were so many interpretations. And for every interpretation, there were fanatics claiming their way or the high way.

In high school I slowly drifted away further. As late as Junior year I was still going to teen nights at church but I think this was because we did have some cute girls there. I thought the two adult males leading teen nights were creepy and the nun running the CCD program evil and spiteful... in other words - Old Skool Catholic.

In college, while performing Harold Hill in Music Man, a good friend of ours said she was getting awards for memorizing the bible. Further she was learning proofs for God. Now this really shook my ideas of science and philosophy. A "proof" as learned in geometry and continued in applied sciences, is taking the unknown and using known principles to directly OR indirectly prove something. As actors/musicians go, I was a very good math/science guy. On the other hand, religion is mostly based on "Faith". How could one use science to prove a concept based on "Faith"? I have long forgotten the examples, but I gave new meaning to "Devil's Advocate" as i argued all she did was prove Gravity etc. Something about a Frisbee rising and falling I think it was. Now she was a very nice person and meant nothing but the best. But this was what closed the final religious chapter in my life.

Over the past 20 years since the only time I have been to church has been to Weddings, Funerals and when paid to lead or sing with the choir. Every time i feel at home - I hear soothing words and spiritual thoughts. But never enough to lure me back full time. I can't really remember the last time I went to church for myself. I went a few times for my wife.

So where do I stand now.

The funny thing I feel sorry for those that never knew religion. I learned a lot from it. I still have not denounced God. Not 100%. Watching Julia's piece I feel better that if I ever do, there will be life after. I still believe that there is or at least could be something out there watching over us. I still let my private thoughts become conversations with God. I feel, that if I am wrong, and there is a God, he will be forgiving that I am not second guessing his existence because I desire to sin - murder, rape, steal, covet etc. I still feel Godly guilt every time my mind wonders of these extremes. But it is because of those trying to shove God down our throats that convince me, if these are the new prophets, God is not the choice for me. Extremists and Evangelicals equally turn me off to THEIR idea of God. For decades now, i lived selfishly thinking my private relationship with and interpretation of God was enlightened. NOW?.... I don't know. Not ready nor do I ever want to preach my thoughts as a way to convince others i am right or to think like me. There are enough assholes in this world doing that.

AP on Tiger Woods

So this is the TOP headline listed on YAHOO today. A news article about a new subject. SERIOUSLY? This is the best you got.

AP - The Tiger Woods sex scandal has been a boon for online publications, even though it hasn't generated the same amount of Internet traffic as Michael Jackson's death or President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Does anyone take the "NEWS" serious anymore. This from the AP. Anyone not think "NEWS" is an entertainment business? Anyone think "NEWS" is a service to the American people. "NEWS" does no more than numb and dumb us down when it is supposed to inform and educate.

With Obama declaring war, Senate shoving legislation down our throats and Americans bullied in the Italian Kangaroo Court, top billing goes to a "NEWS" story about a "NEWS" story as if they were comparing box office records for TWILIGHT versus DARK NIGHT.

I need to go to therapy for "NEWS" Addiction right along side Tiger and his Sex Addiction. Don't get me started there. SEX addiction is different from using money and power to set up an elaborate system of HOs waiting for you at every corner. That is called excess. An international organization of prostitution on speed dial is called total disrespect for your wife and kids. All this BS about additions and syndromes just gives self blowing PhDs a reason to bore us on CNN and the like. You want the real name for Tiger's "Problem? It's called "I'm the president of the USA and if I want a presidential intern BJ, That's what I get" syndrome! It's called "I got a way with it once, let's do it again until I get caught" syndrome. It's called "I'm a Kennedy, whats a few murders among brothers" syndrome. It's called " Money and Power allows one to be a total Douche Bag" syndrome.

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LMAOff Bway

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This is my third blog on the subject. My frustration is less and less about the substance of possible reform, or dangers of keeping the status quo, and more and more about the reality of what lawmakers are trying to pass. SERIOUSLY Can any of you truly state for certain, what is in the current bill? What will the final bill be? What is the true motivation for each senator PRO or CON? Than stop trying to tell me you are for or against the reform cause I doubt you know squat beyond what the CNN, FN and MSNBC blowhards are trying to sell -er - um I mean - tell you. YOu really need to watch CSPAN itself to watch the Senators and Congress people (Yeah PC) shit diarrhea of the mouth - AKA rhetoric - themselves. Or at least that is what I thought....

I often tell folks to watch CSPAN. Watching CNN and fellow Newstainment channels present but a small cleverly shaped version of the real world. Depending on the anchor and channel you are watching, the "TRUTH" has a number of interpretations. So I like to watch CSPAN (in short spans as more than 10 minutes watching politicians ramble leads to suicidal tendencies). To see the real deal. To get the unfiltered "truth" on politicians etc

Just a few days ago I saw Chris Dodd and Max Baucus arguing Medicare reform with republicans that had just finished a very intensive presentation complete with flow charts and other visual aids. Looked like a college class from 40 years ago on how to present corporate proposals. Very low tech etc. The best part, neither side could agree on the definition of "MEDICARE". Arguing over Medicare Advantage, Republicans argue that their constituents will loose coverage with new bill, while Democrats argue Med Advantage is not Medicare at all. It was quite funny with Baucus keeping a cool head while Chris Dodd popped capillaries to the brain, foaming at the mouth as it to say how dare you argue my brilliance. No wonder this guy is in trouble. He was really coming apart. Baucus just kept saying, well a few folks might lose their gym memberships.

Apparently Medicare Advantage is a "private program" paid for by the government. Private firms seem to be making a fortune off of the program. No point in discussing now what the bill will do as it has already changed and will change some more.

But the point is, the whole situation is a mess. Medicare, Health Care, Congress and the "NEWS" folks covering it all. I respect arguments for what should be done. I have a hard time trusting anyone that tells me what's really going on in congress. One side is owned by lawyers fighting tort reform. The other is owned by insurance industry fight health care reform. The only person helped by status quo - Lawyers and Insurance folks. Until we start really paying attention, why should congress pay attention to us.

So once again, I call for a total replacement plan. For the next 10 years, vote for the new guy or gal. Vote out the incumbents. Term Limits can be put in place by us. We do not need more legislation. If these guys don't get it done or do it wrong, GET THEM OUT OF THERE!!! Republicans, Democrats etc

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Perceptions - In the End HE LOVED US!!!

What is Improv? The simple definition creating music, theater, art etc from scratch or based on a theme, exploring new directions etc.... In its application, Improv takes on dozens of possible styles. Beyond Long Form V Short Form, You have the one person shows, two person shows, .. ten person shows; You have the understated - "Lets try not to be funny" versus the over the top trying WAY TO HARD to be funny; The straight play versus big broadway styles; In other words there is no one way to do Improv. In this city (New York) The down town theater style reigns supreme as the bench mark of "Good Theater" Less is more. Starving artist is better than successful commercial actor.

I had a patron come to the show tonight. Almost two hours early, he had a comp ticket from one of the many papering websites out there we recently listed to help promote LMAO ( This gentleman presented himself as one who sees a lot of theater. Running out of fresh ideas and seeing free tickets avail, he gave us a shot. But even as he arrived he had questions. I engaged him in a 45-60 minute discussion about what our show was about. Upon hearing the word "IMPROV" he decided to run out the door in horror and disgust. Or at least almost. We talked further, asking where he had scene Improv. He mentioned seeing Baby Wants Candy ( I think that is what he meant - "Musical improv show at the fringe") And he liked that. But anything else he despised. He talked about a one man show, a few UCB presentations etc. I had to explain while the best Improv might be in NYC, certainly the best talent base, you have to sift through endless number of student and showcase productions to find the pros. Still an hour early he left. I was surprised to see him back at five minutes before show time. I can only imagin he went and got tickets for FELA!, only to return once FELA was canceled due to injury and illness.

90 minutes LATER

After the show, fearing the worst (even though this show kicked the ass out of LMAO) I ducked away to clean up. Spero was the cornered for 45 minutes. Apparently, we are Gods gift to improv. "Genius" " Brilliant" etc I would argue we are far from it, but I really think this brings up a growing concern I have about the IMPROV community.

Years ago, Improv in general (and still is) the scourge of theater snobs even though Improv is the corner stone of any good theater development. The actor and writer and director often if not always use Improv as a tool to develop new works or to re-interpret classics. But actual IMPROV performances were beneath these theater snobs. In recent years, we now have a whole class of IMPROV snobs that I feel give the whole art form a bad name. Mostly because the IMPROV these snobs promote is not in least entertaining beyond their friends that keep getting dragged to the same shows. There is a very small community that like a certain style of Improv heavily promoted in NYC. That community is very devoted and return enough to keep a small showcase theater filled often. Or these theaters like smaller comedy clubs, produce enough amatuer shows with friends and family packing to make it look busy and popular. Other shows that charge $5 and star TV names having some fun on an off night will sell out no matter how crappy the actual show is. Many theaters make most of their money off of teaching classes and promising the chance of being discovered by SNL etc, when all they are doing is creating income for themselves and new fans. But 90-95% of the real world - paying public as opposed to starving artists and students - want to see a real show. It is possible to make Improv a real show. With professional actors with real experience on big stages etc. I have to say here that I am not against long-form improv. The Harold and other examples are amazing when performed by professionals. But they are also incredibly painful when performed by wannabe comics as opposed to real actors.

So we converted another non-believer out there in the theater snob world that is actually possible for Improv to be a viable source of entertainment full of talent driven thought provoking humor mixed with zany slapstick. Tonight's show was a great blend of political savy, pop culture bashing and original characters and scenes but also included some rocking music and crazing bouncing off the wals physical humor. I even threw in some tricky tap dancing - Maxi Fords and Double - Triple time steps. We have kids in the room, 20-35 yos looking for edgier comedy and a few of the theater folks 60 plus hanging out by them selves. They all left with a smile and most with roaring discussion of the show.

So what is point?

I still do not know how to describe this show to convince you (say the guy/gal on the street) to come see this show. When i say what it is, i often spark the images of a lot of crap they have scene that scares them away. But nearly all that see the show love it. There is a reason Phantom and Mamma Mia make so much money while theater snobs globally trash the shows. They are fun. Easy to understand. Simple melodies most can hum along to or even sing in the shower. Nothing brilliant in the artistic creation, BUT brilliant there efforts to appeal to the masses.

As an actor i would love to perform Mamet and Shakespeare and numerous mindful scripts in the centuries between, spending all day long perfecting the rhythm of speeches and the depth of characters. But I have to admit as a theater goer, the best show I have everyscene on Bway is Crazy for You. Gershwin music, slapstick comedy and amazing Tap dancing. That being said I would still see some crappy scifi movie to numb my mind.

As a singer/musician I would prefer Opera or really experimental Jazz. Challenging technique and classical skills and/or exploring new depths of dissonance and rhythm both intrigue me. But I find it painful sitting through most opera for three ours. Although one of my favorite past times is to sit in a corner at a Jazz club and listen to musicians converse in the language of notes, harmonies and rhythm selfishly assuming I am the only spectator realizing the true genius of the experience while most try to talk and drink and clap appreciatively. Their background entertainment is food for my soul....

Still not wrapping it up am I....

Well I am tired. Exhausted. Cold. But far from bitter. We had 5 amazing shows. Friday night in Beacon Falls, CT. 4 Shows in 2 days at the theater. Crowds varied in size and responsiveness, but the casts were amazing. And the response upon exit was consistent. AWESOME!!!


Give LMAO a shot. 2500 audiences in 5 years cannot be wrong. The 100s of regulars that we see monthly, the dozens of schools that come every year with groups of 100-200 student because the teachers love us, and the 1000s of skeptics that leave the theaters converted into IMPROV fans cannot be wrong. And not only are we trying to raise Improv to another level, we are producing it under a union contract, employing many up and coming as well as establish Bway/Tv credited performers.

See you at the theater

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon - Twilight dims again


From the 30 minute wait in line to get in the theater, the never ending bad chick flick previews (seriously nearly 30 minutes), the open title graffic, to the writing, direction and acting, this was a non-stop laugh. I almost joined the "family" when Jacob took off his shirt, and then again when he turned into a wolf. But the core audience showed their true colors in response to the final 15 seconds of the film. I will not ruin it for those who have not seen it yet. The movie will do that on its own.


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Off-Broadway Interactive Musical Comedy Revue, LMAO (, opens Wednesday 11/25/09 and runs open ended. To celebrate opening week, you are all invited to join us. Online tickets available now for only $30 ($20 off) and this includes a FREE drink (beer, wine or soda).

OPENING WEEK SCHEDULE: Wed 11/25 3pm and 8pm;

Fri 11/27 8pm; Sat 11/28 3pm and 8pm; Sun 11/29 3pm and 8pm

ALSO Student Rush Available at the Theater for $20. LIMIT 20 /show

RSVP for industry comps: 212-568-6560

Having trouble viewing HTML, Photos & Videos? See full post at

Monday, November 16, 2009


Had to get up to move the car this morning. After the show Saturday at Times Square Comedy, I parked at a meter seven blocks away. Ooooooooooooooo it was chilly. I drove down to the bank with a bunch of deposits and my first check from the COMEDY HALL of FAME. On the way back up Broadway, I nearly hit about 15 kids. Not all at once. Every time I stopped at a red light, students walking with headphones did not look anywhere but the ground two feet in front. As lights turned green for me, they just keep coming, oblivious to anything else in the world. DANGER WILL ROBINSON.

Speaking of walking off the sidewalk, anyone see CURB last night? Hilarious bit one after the other. This season has been more Seinfeld like even when not dealing with the reunion. Michael Richards finally dealt with his Laugh Factory legacy and Larry brought up memories of one my shows this past spring. In getting ideas from audience, I asked a young lady her age. "12? PERFECT!" I have not been left alone about that since. Now that Larry appears to the world to be dating a 9yo, I feel much better. So must Roman Polanski.

Californication last night figured a way to make PORNO with RICK SPRINGFIELD. I guess they figured there has not been enough sex lately.

I am starting to realize that I watch WAY TO MUCH TV. Tonight it's Heros. Tuesday V. Wednesday Top Chef (Eventually LOST). Thursday Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. Friday Night Smallville. Or should I say these are the shows I DVR until I get off stage and can watch them. Of course there are all the lousy movies on demand and documentaries on the history channel.

Well, back to bed, off to rehearsal and then to get a new LAP TOP. That's right, my fisher price (ASUS) 9" 2.5 lb computer died. Took it to BEst Buy GEEK SQUAD. Technician said "Hmmmm, smells like coffee".

Driving back from Ocean City last weekend, I stopped for coffee. It was dark then too and all others were asleep in the NAVY8OR. So I slipped into the MCdonald's Drive thru, ordered and Iced Mocha and a small black coffee. The Iced Coffee was way to sleep. The cup has a large hole at the top to allow for extra whip cream. So I thought pouring the hot coffee into the Iced Mocha would dilute the sugar further. So driving 65+ MPH on Delaware 1, I tried to pur the one to the other. Seemed a success until I stopped for gas two hours laters. Coffee was everywhere.



Dear Walter Fraiser

Thank you! Thank you! We had a wonderful time at your show on October 10th. It was very appropriate for the Girl Scouts. And I thank you for that.The evening topped off our weekend in NYC. And most importantly, it helped bring my niece out of her shell enough to give it a try and come up on stage. Bravo.!



RSVP now for $20 tickets (No additional purchase necessary)

As low as $10 for daytime shows (Must have 50 or more students)


PS Hey all, check out the new layout on my website. Love to hear feedback

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Thursday, November 12, 2009


(Can't see videos and pics and other HTML coded info. See full post at

Larry King v Carrie Prejean - WOW

(Can't see videos and pics and other HTML coded info. See full post at

Seems every media outlet was all over this story this morning.

Does she not realize the biggest rule on camera, the camera see everything. This was not another bully-monger journalist or politician publically beating up on a woman. (ie Rick Lazio v Hilary Clinton) This is hilarious but can we finally say BYE BYE to this media nightmare. 15-minutes over. Donate her books to homeless shelter to keep folks warm this winter.

HERE SHE ENDORSES SARAJH PALIN - I am not as anti-SP as so many seem to be. She is a great source of comedic material and I am greatful for that. But if I were SP I would run for the hills if this is your spokesperson.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Casting Notices and Rip-Off Websites - Wannabe an actor or a wannabe

Can't see embedded HTML, Videos etc.... VIEW THIS AT BLOGSITE

Are you getting emails and text messages daily from websites promising acting work?

If not, you are very lucky. I get more spam from these rip-off artists than African inheritance commission promises and Canadian Pharmacy deals. The emails were bad enough. Now I have to get text messages?

I just got a Facebook Message form a colleague from High School and College asking about the reputation of two companies. I am far from the expert on the subject and there are hundreds of legitimate casting directors and agents that I would not recognize.

I have two perspectives on the subject.
One as performer; Two as Producer/Casting Director from my own projects.

As a performer, I know every teacher I have ever worked with said NEVER pay up front to agents for acting or models. Legit Agents and Casting Directors never ask for money from talent. They are paid on commission or directly by producer of project. I did spend money to list my resume and info for a few months on more than one site. I never got any work that warranted the listing. I did get some promotional work as a result but the ROI was minimal considering all the time I put into the setting up of resumes etc. Many of these sites cost $10-15/month. Great deals on 6-month and annual subscriptions.

AS a producer, casting the Improv show, EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH, and its spin offs, I post notices now in Backstage and Playbill ONLY. I get submissions from amazing professionally trained talent that are really in the know. Or at least as much in the know one can be. But most are studio or college trained with some credits coming in. These are talented individuals that understand the need to audition and audition often to forward their careers. In the early days I would post notices on a number of sites that were free to me. We did get some great talented folks but at each audition there would be one amazing performer amidst twenty wannabes. I always says New York has the best and worst to offer in every area of the arts and culture. We would the most extreme examples.

If you want to be an actor....

Read Backstage weekly and check out the auditions. Even if you do not plan on auditioning, know what is out there.

AUDITION every week. Preferable 2-3 times/week if not currently working/rehearsing a project.

Pick up ROSS REPORTS once a year to have updated list of agents and casting directors. I personally get little out of the articles monthly and listings do not change that much month to month. Over the course of a year however, enough agents and CDs change addresses, companies, open and close.

If you are going to pay for online casting websites, backstage and actors access seem to be the ones to go to. I do neither but know plenty of folks benefiting. Actors Access does get a lot of legit audition notices. Backstage online is an extension of the printed newspaper and updates daily. Most of the other sites are just hijacking listings from those two anyway.

Check out from time to time to see what is up in the professional theater world. They have some interesting articles on new talent going into long running shows etc. As a producer, I love to see Broadway Grosses to keep up with what is really going on in our world.

ALWAYS BE CREATING - Write - Perform - Direct - Paint - Blog - WHATEVER
Keep the talents and the mind in creative mode. Warm up the performance body and voice every day whether you have an audition, performance, rehearsal OR NOTHING to do creatively that day.

I do not really write this blog as a how-to manual for upcoming talent but as a way to force myself to keep thinking about career and moving forward. This is why I produce horrible videos of me singing etc. It keeps me from being idle and lazy.

Another NO-NO I was told - NEVER pay to audition for an agent or casting director. I have met a few now that said the only way they get to meet new talent is through the one-on-one type networking nights where you get to auditions for 1-10 agents or casting directors. Don't waste too much money on these but find the right deal for you and check them out. I am meeting a lot of folks and promoting the Improv Troupe as well as my own talents. FYI - DONT DO WHAT I DID TOO MANY TIMES!!! GO IN PREPARED - I definitely wasted some opportunities not choosing the right scene or not being prepared etc. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!@!!


Monday, November 9, 2009

NYC High School Kids learn Improv

The COMEDY HALL OF FAME,, has employed Walt Frasier and EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH / IMPROV 4 KIDS to bring its residency program to NYC High Schools. The pilot program started last week with Spero Chumas, Laurice Fattal and Chris Catalano joining Walter to perform a showcase demonstrating various Improv Games . This week the kids begin an 8 week course leading up to a showcase performance (or two) MOre to come.


Walter Sings

Videos made from NYC apartment singing some classic Broadway tunes plus clips from live shows. I have been very lazy over the years and this is a way for me to force myself to learn new music etc.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poor Chris Brown

AP - Chris Brown says he is unsure about how the public perceives him since he attacked Rihanna.

Seriously. I am pretty sure. Anyone still respect this creep. Drop it low, Chris.

Want to know your image? Check out the image of Rihanna from your fist...

If I were you I would start learning a skill like accounting, telemarketing or waiting tables. You might be able to sing, but these days any pretty face and mediocre talent can be propped up by producers and sounds studio edits. You are lucky to not be in prison right now.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


October 31, 2009 - WALKILL NY

Laurice, Spero, and I along with EIGHT cast members Andree, John and DMG - OH and Sandra too!) drove up to the Chumas ancestral home to celebrate the holiday. Mother and Sister Chumas had prepared a tremendous spread that was paced all day long. Sandwich buffet assortment and deli favorites (Mac Salad, Pot Salad) waiting for us, I was cursed for driving up with a PB Sunday from Stewarts. Afterwards we all take out time getting into costumes. Kids arrive around 6pm. Small group - Large Groups. Many family groups. At one point one would think an entire block traveled as a unit.

Spero poses as a statue with a scary mask. Ask kids near, one arm shoots up with a candy treat. Andree followed suit with a great Skeleton Mask. Laurice was kind of a scary punk with pink hair etc. David dressed up as Nicely Nicely but served the role of Freak Circus MC/ Sister Chumas and Beau dressed as Vampires. Even the dogs had costumes. John showed up late due to GPS sending him to another town, but made up for his absence with a great Gorilla Suit and agile movements. I was lacking in costume but added my voice and natural creepy charm. Bored a changed looks a few times. I was a little disappointed that I had not planned this out better. SO I did my freeze move. Using bad ventriloquism, I would project a scray growling voice "HAPPY HALLOWEEN - HA HA HA" HACK.... I think a few thought I was actually a smoker or asthmatic. This alternated with a haunting chant "DON't PULL THE FINGER" Some kids were eager to jump in. If they did I made a serious of Fart noises. Some rhythmic and musical. Ah yes, variety is the spice of life. One young 6yo said "THAT's DISGUSTING"

Inside there were snacks waiting for us again. Homemade Spinach Dip, Hummus, Cheeses and Chips. I did better than usual not to fill up on these. The game was rain delayed so we tried to watch CURB on demand. Time Warner SURPRISED US (please detect sarcasm here) that om demand did not work. Dinner was ready and seconds later the game started. The best baked ziti and Italian sausage were worth missing Werth hit the solo home run. But Spero and I were in front of the TV in time for Pettite to briefly fall apart. He looked stressed the first couple innings. As if he was trying not to cry. That might be the from the rain, but he just did not have the fierceness in his eyes. However he seemed to get it back by the fourth and was great after. Yankees went to work and racked up the points. GO YANKEES!!!

After the game - MORE FOOD. Homemade Apple Crisp and Apple Pia from Meredith's Bread Stand, which we found on the highway rest stop off of 87.

As I type this I am working up the appetite for Pancake Breakfast at he fire house. I am writing this blog to stall while the other actors sleep. I am cursed for being a morning person in an business where late night romps are more normal than 5am fishing trips. Oh well, time to start planning Veterans Day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sleeping behind the wheel? Flying Blind in the Midwest?

Ever drive a long distance and miss a highway exit or turn while fighting with spouse or listening to favorite song or just zoning out. And then about 5-10 minutes later you realize OH SH@T! Turn around and correct course. We have all been there. BUT HOW DO YOU FLY 150 MILES past your destination? HOW DO YOU MISS TWIN CITIES? Sleeping? Fighting? I do not care, these guys should be fired. Those pilots are damn lucky that no one was hurt in their lack of focus. With terrorism and simpl accidents, can we afford to have anyone not pay attention at the wheel. From now on if Captain Sully is not flying I am walking.

THE PERFECT DAY: Great Show, October Fest, Yankees Win!!!

Yesterday was therapy. One could not ask for a better day - from the weather to every moment start to finish. The day I really needed after a week of drama and insomnia. Jimmy, my 5yo alter-ego, was in the driving seat.

It was Sunday, October 24, 2009. I first noticed how great the day was at 10:30am. WOW, the first time in months I slept in. Rolled out of bed with a renewed energy, answered a few emails from clients with new gig prospects, and then got ready for an afternoon gig. MMMM… Cold pizza and coffee - OK – not great – but not too bad either.

Driving in the new NAVY-8-OR – the EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH GIG mobile – was a true delight. There was a slight chill, but the air was clean and crisp. Northern Jersey was beautiful with autumn leaves in full display, maximizing the color palette. We get off the exit at HO HO KUS. We have passed HO HO KUS a hundred times en route to other gigs, always begging the question, “How do you make a HO HO KUS?” But upon arrival, the town has a very special aura. Seriously, more autumn leaves with classic houses of brick and a very cute town center complete with rambling brook and bridges reminding me of Vermont. Was the whole town here in NYC for a protest?

We pull up to the school. One could not ask for nicer clients – so gracious. The school offers more classic masonry and reveals a hidden treasure of a theater. Inside had a colonial feel with old bank style ceiling – flat cement with ornate moldings - and thick cement walls, both providing amazing natural acoustics. The wooded chairs suggested age but were in good repair. The stage had multiple entrances, beautiful curtains and more than enough lighting. Even the sound system was better than average. Oh, did I mention the piano was in tune and every key worked? This was more of a cathedral than a school.

We were early so we stepped out for a bite. Laurice was starving; Spero and I never turn down food. Chris and Charles were driving up separately later. Looking for a diner we must have made a wrong turn, getting a nice tour of the town trying to get back on track. We stop in a bagel joint to ask direction. It smelled so good we stayed. Have you ever heard of the bagels in New York. Unfortunately, mostly due to commercialism, it is getting harder and harder to find the great bagels, pastries, and pizza New York has bragged for decades. I grew up hearing tales from my Brooklyn born mother, and how the water in Maryland will never allow these knock off chains to truly recreate the magic. WELL, if want the real deal, go to HO HO KUS - Right in the center of town, next to the pharmacy, is a little bagel shoppe. Hey were busy and seemed to be running out of things. I settle for a Wheat bagel. The last wheat bagel had been taken. I explain I really wanted everything – everything bagel that is (I know I am a glutton but not that bad). Well it just so happens that a fresh batch of everything bagels had just come out of the oven. So I get a fresh everything bagel loaded with lox cream cheese, smoked salmon, onions and tomato. THIS IS WHAT MOM WAS TALKIN’ ABOUT!!! OH YEAH!!! Of course my breath was not potent enough to strike down every child in the audience but I was happy. Laurice had a turkey sandwich with enough meat to feed a family of four, and we shared a chocolate coffee cake, which was AWESOME!!! To top off the experience, the 5-star bagel deli from heaven was playing a Flintstones Marathon. I forgot how great that show was and how Simpsons, Family Guy and so many others are really ripping them off. The last thing we heard was Pebbles and BAMBAM singing “LET THE SUNSHINE IN”. As we paid we learned the deli owner’s family was headed for the performance. Again I dare you to find a more gracious family.

Back to the theater, the guys were waiting for us. A great family crowd was gathering. Our bagel family was right down front. It was a great show. I was feeling a little adventurous. During “World’s Worst” I was getting a very interesting list of “ask fors” (Suggestions for scenes). The cast gave me a dirty look when I said, “OK, lets start out with the world’s worst person to impersonate Chuck Norris.” WW is one of those games that tend to get very repetitive, so this successfully made us think and get very creative. Everything from martial arts blunders to me saying “I have been using the total gym for 30 years” and then pointing to my gut. I think the whole cast shared my love of the venue and audience. Even Spero, while chastising me for my emotional outbursts of joy, appeared moved and motivated to reach new heights. One of our best in a while. After the show Charles ran out, Chris ran to be scary for the Forest of Fear in Tuxedo, and we started home.

Spero and Laurice were talking about how tired they were and their desire to head home and wait for Yankees, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Californication. But I was still thinking what a perfect fall day this was. The smell and temperature remind me of growing up playing in the band with my dad and going to Oktoberfests - Dad on the trombone and I on the trumpet belting out Oom-Pah music. Not to mention the apple cider, pumpkins and hayrides. We are driving south on route 17 toward route 4 and the GWB. We pass Dykes Lumber, our favorite landmark in Jersey, and I say “Lets go to the Forest of Fear.” I think Laurice and Spero were in unison “Are you crazy”. It was 45 minute north, opposite direction of the city. But this was the only day we could enjoy the fall and I could not think of a better way to do it. We go back in forth. I think all three of us argued at some point the pros and cons for going home of heading north. We had jut gotten back to route 4 when we agreed to head north. So we turned around, the best you can on a road with no turn arounds or lights.

We drive up NJ- 17 to 87 to Woodbury. WOW lot of traffic at the Commons. Back down NY 17 to NY 17-a. We are a two hours early when we see the Forest of Fear. It lives on the grounds of the NY Renaissance Faire. This long winding mountai road just opens up to a grassy, muddy plain filled with carnival rides and attractions with the Halloween themes. We keep on going looking for something to keep us busy. I think we went all the way down and up and down again various mountaintops. We were fairly high up and could see for miles at one point. The locals are whipping around corners at alarming rates of course but we were enjoying our leisure drive. Again there were countless autumn leaves and rambling brooks. Just then we see aa sign for pick-your-own apples. How more FALL can you get this day? And it was on the way to Warwick, a town we were familiar with from previous gigs. The orchard was closed when we got there tough, so we pressed on.

In Warwick we stopped for a bite to eat. Very Americana. A small brick rail station was the center of town with walking trails and winding streets of antique shops, bars and cafes. Hundreds of locals seemed to be overflowing the bars to watch football and drink their favorite pint. At YESTERDAYS, Spero and I enjoyed a pint of Guiness. Wait I et a head of myself. The last 20 minutes, that wonderful lunch was starting to get to me. So as soon as we get their I find the true water hole. YESTERDAYS is a small bar and restaurant. Dark wood with stain glass separate a classic bar decorated with random kitsch and perhaps a 40-50 seat dinning area. There were two very small bathrooms just feet from the bar stools we chose to plop at. The Jets are killing the raiders. Come to think of it we did order the pints first before I excuse myself. The damage came quick due to the procrastination. I flush, wash my hands and turn for the door, only to notice the flush was not effective. DAMN these small toilets. I looked but no plunger to be found. Someone knocked on the door. “I’ll be right out” Oh boy. I crack open the door. The guy had gone to the other can. OK, no one was there. I peaked around the corner hoping to find a tool to use. Nothing. There was a waiter at a Positouch terminal right there. An older gentleman, with white hair, beard and stache, he resembled a thinner Santa or perhaps more like a classic railway man. I could imagin him in overalls etc. Now, those who know can attest I really do not have an indoor voice. So as subtly as I know how “So, I don’t suppose you have a plunger”, of course when I try to be slick, I tend to use my radio voice - deep, resonant and articulate. He said not to worry, he would take care of it. Of course I will never be able to look him in the eyes again. Not sure if the whole restaurant heard, but Spero and Laurice were floored. I walk over biting my lip but upon arrival nearly pass out from the brain rush of hysterics gushing. I must have been tomato red. I am cracking up as I type this now. Only ME MYSELF & I could possibly get into these messes - Borderline walking sitcom and wrecking crew. Both Laurice and Spero needed to “go” but feared what they would find. OH Did I mention how good the Fish ‘n Chips were? I had a second pint, this time Long Trail, micro brew from Vermont. Very good. No way I can drive. Way to giddy from the laughter and ale. I do not drink much anymore so those who knew me when might be surprised two pints is making me so tipsy.

So back to the FOREST OF FEAR…. (Scary Laugh insert here)
We get there and it is really dark now. I should mention I do not have a track record with these types of attractions. Recently in Myrtle Beach, I shield myself with my wife traversing the Ripley’s Haunted House. A true macho man to the core. There is a long line. Chris hooked us up. There were comps waiting for us. In line various characters crawled and strolled around to get everyone in the spirit. A large woman with a chain saw was enough to scare a dozen teenage girls into running around me for shelter. Watch out girl, I will cut you and leave to the wolves. So coming at us was this ghostly nun. Blood dripping down the face with torn robes and zombie hands seemed a bit creepy until we heard “So did you guys get the tickets?” It was Chris. HILARIOUS!!! And CREEPY!!! He walked us up to the gate. Inside there were rigged darts and a dunk tank with heckling clown, ripping off everyone from Yucko, the Jerky Boys and Carlos Mencia. DUTUDOO. Wow ripping off the biggest ripmeister in comedy. Seemed right.

There was quite a line for the haunted mansion, but Chris came through again and slipped us in front. Maybe it was the beer or all the giddiness from the outstanding day but I loved every moment with hyperactive senses. I give tremendous credit to the designer of this Halloween attraction. No expenses spared on near Jurassic Park levels. Such detail was enhanced by great performances that are regulars from RENN FEST. Many classically trained in physical and vocal theater arts. With us two other friends, both from RENN FEST apparently, and about 10-15 others joined our group. Somehow I ended up in front. UH – OH. The maze of dark hallways opening up to rooms was filled with infinite number of actors jumping out of hidden doors with sudden screams. I was cracking up every time I jumped. The best part was the tunnel. I am sure you have seen these before. The rotating cylinder you walk through with a platform the rotating slightly putting you on an angle. I always get a little dizzy and love the illusion, but this is the first time I have been through with alcohol in the system. Oh boy. I could barely make it, holding on to the railing for dear life, laughing hysterically the whole time. AWESOME!!! I give the cast and crew a lot of credit. Job well done.

The rest of the carnival was OK but nothing all that spectacular. Chris hooked us up with a couple ride tickets. Spero and Laurice both refused to join me on the Tilt-a-Whirl. Laurice grabbed a candy apple. The caramel and nuts nearly broke my teeth. The highlight was the pumpkin funnel cake. I loved funnel cake growing up, again at the fairs with dad playing Sousa marches and goofy arrangements of 70s and 80s pop tunes. But in my adult years I never found a good one - always pre-made and sitting around getting stale. Well this one was fresh out of the fryer. In fact I had to wait two minutes for it to be ready. Top it off with a pumpkin butter cream icing and this was heaven. One bite was so sweet I felt nauseous but it passed and the sugar high was the perfect end to a perfect day.


We head back to the car and the Yankees were just starting GAME 6 of the ALCS. I think it was 3-1 Yankee lead when we dropped off Spero. I got home and fell asleep watching Mariano Rivera close it out, after giving up a rare earned run. THEEEEEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN in the immortal words of John Sterling.

So onto Philadelphia. This is going to tear my family apart. Mom from Brooklyn – Dad from Philly.

So onto Fairlawn NJ for another show. Same cst as yesterday should be great.

So onto Election season for tons of comic material. It has been a while since I did Michael Moore.

So enjoy this and the coming holiday season.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Balloon Boy Hoax Revealed


Action - Drama - Deception - Vomiting - Farting


I was with the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH driving home from a gig when the radio coverage of the BALLOON BOY came on the air. OH THE DRAMA!!! Mixed emotions were at work. Human fears for the boys safety and comedic desire to rant and rave about the moment. Everything was hanging on a thread. A fine line. If the boy is hurt or killed this is tragic. If he survives this is the funniest thing in media in years.


We were listening to Sean Hanady. He kept saying, "He is traveling at a clip" and then conversing everyone that came on air "Wouldn't you say he was traveling at a clip?" Over and over.

Caller "UH He is going pretty fast"
Sean "No he is goin at a clip"

Over and Over again, as if Sean wanted to coin a new phrase, hoping to be quoted on CNN. "Reports say he was going at a clip." If you say that one more time I will be loading a clip LOL "He seems to be coming down. Grounds crew is swarming" And then FOX NEWS reports the boy is safe while on the ground they report he is not there. WHERE IS THE FALCON. And if this causes SNL to bring back the FALCONER we are all doomed to comedy hell.


So first they say this was all a huge accident. This is not hoax. But then the truth comes out in this FALCON leakage. "It was for the show"


"I AM APPALLED" Oh Dad, where did you learn how to lie. You could never be in politics with poor showing of misdirecting skills. And it continues... Seriously, if you wrote this as a script, producers would laugh you out of the pitch session.

Dad lies while son vomits

The police say it is a hoax

The moral of the story.

Don't depend on a SIX YEAR OLD to cover your ass.

Or at least do a better job coaching.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PRESIDENT! The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner. Obviously the committee did not see SNL last week.
(I think someone read my blog last week. I attacked SNL for being too soft on Obama. Whether you agree with them or not, they finally get their hands dirty with awesome political satire. Does this mean we all can finally have some fun?)

Not to take anything away from Barack Obama, and I honestly do offer congrats there, but lets take a look at the distiguished company Obama now sits. Now, who can argue with Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Of course the Dalai Lama (Well #14 is cool, the rest can go suck it)is there with numerous Red Cross and Amnesty international types. And of course all the terrorist and war mongers turn peacemakers from the middle east (Not just talking Arafat here) MORE AT

And all those other US Presidents. Wait just JIMMY CARTER since 1920. So I take from this, The rest of the world sees us as war mongers and the only Presidents representing peace are the ones that loose wars. ALmost a sacastic awarding to the biggest foreign policy boobs in American history since the 1920s. If only he had not bombed an aspirin factory, Clinton would have been there too. At least Teddy and Woodrow were recognized for strong leadership with successful ends. BArack is choosen for some good speeches. HEY GUYS LETS GRAB A BEER AND TALK!

But what all of the greats that have been looked over. FROM
Another criticism of the peace-prize are the notable omissions, namely the failure to award individuals with widely recognized contributions to peace. Foreign Policy magazine lists Mahatma Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Vaclav Havel, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Sari Nusseibeh, Corazon Aquino and Liu Xiaobo as people who never won the prize, "but should have".[18] Other notable omissions that have drawn criticism include Abdul Sattar Edhi,[19] Irena Sendler,[20] Pope John Paul II[21] and Dorothy Day.[22] The omission of the Gandhi has been particularly widely discussed, including in public statements by various members of the Nobel Committee.[23][24] The Committee has confirmed that Gandhi was nominated in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947 and, finally, a few days before he was murdered in January 1948.[25] The omission has been publicly regretted by later members of the Nobel Committee.[23] In 1948, the year of Gandhi's death, the Nobel Committee declined to award a prize on the ground that "there was no suitable living candidate" that year. Later, when the Dalai Lama was awarded the Peace Prize in 1989, the chairman of the committee said that this was "in part a tribute to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi".[26]

But as I write this, MSNBC runs a segment and interview asking "What is the long term significance of this?" and "How will the Nobel Prize effect discission making?" SERIOUSLY. I hope to THE MAN IN THE SKY (Invention of Lying - Brilliant) that no one in Washington is saying to themselves, we need to rethink our policy to match this award. I am sure this is a sign of HOW DO WE FILL 24 hours of NEWS overload. But with all the wars and health care issues, are we making way to much of a deal about this, the olympic failure etc.

THANK GOD FOR COMEDIANS and shows like SNL, Colbert, Daily Show, Letterman, Leno, Conan, Bill Mahar.... Because main stream media is just not doing the job. They bore anyone under 60 and fail to really attack dog the issues.

PS It is about time Fred Armistan gets the leading role. He has been stealing the show from the side for years.(PS Check out my blog on the subject Watch this hilarious opening as Gaddafi.

SNL is finally growing back the comedy balls it lost for about 10 years. Now if they can just create some better original characters they will have the glory of the old days.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Roman Polanski: Should he stay or should he go

I ask that you check out the poll to the left before reading below. If you are reading this on FaCeBOOK or other RSS feed, check out full blog at for full video and link usage.

On watching the media , coverage for Roman Polanski I wonder where I stand on the subject. I really do not know all that much about the real facts. I wonder how many of those that are out there demonizing OR celebrating and begging for release really know the FACTS. A large part of the artist community, of which I live somewhere on the fringe but still a part, seems to overwhelmingly be calling for his release. He's an artist. It's been 30 years. Cut him a break he's won Oscars. He is brilliant. He suffered so much at the loss of Sharon Tate (His wife when Manson family went nuts).

The first time I remember really thinking about this subject was back in 2002. Watching the Oscars with some acting friends, a big deal was made about Roman not being able to be there in Hollywood to pick up his award. He would have been arrested. There was a lot of chat. Well that's BS. He should be allowed to pick up the award. It was 25 years ago. Who cares about all that.

I have until now kept my mouth shut on the subject. I felt unable to argue what my gut was stating as I did just not have all the facts. Listening to some CNN coverage this morning. (Tuesday 10/6/09) I decided to look into this more to educate myself and know the facts. FROM HBO.COM - Synopsis of Documentary "On March 11, 1977, Roman Polanski was arrested in Los Angeles and charged with the following counts: furnishing a controlled substance to a minor, committing a lewd or lascivious act on a child, unlawful sexual intercourse, rape by use of drugs, perversion and sodomy. Less than a year later, on February 1, 1978, Polanski drove to LAX, bought a one-way ticket to Europe, and never came back." READ ON AT

Polanski has been bouncing around countries, mostly France and his native Poland, avoiding extradition. The only reason he was going to Switzerland was to pick up a lifetime achievement award. I wonder now did US officials put up the Zurich Film Festival to lure Roman out of hiding.

HIDING? He has been making films and winning awards all this time. But why is he hiding? Did he think that eventually, US / LA officials would forget about him? Did he think he would someday march into Hollywood triumphant?

OK. I think I might be tipping the hat a little as to where I stand. OK here we go. I think he is a coward. I think, way beyond breaking the law, Roman Polanski violated the innocence of a child, used his place of power and took advantage of a situation. But I suppose his ego must have been devastated when his power was not enough to lure a minor, wannabe actress/model, into his bed. He required drugs to loosen her up. I feel for his tragedy but he was a sexual predator. This was not an act of passion, some freak in the moment oops, got carried away.... After a photo shoot, Polanski invited this girl back for a second. This time giving her champagne and sedatives.

Samantha Geimer, who was the teenager in question and who has called for the case against Polanski to be dropped after she reached a settlement with the director, recalled in 2003 that she began to feel uncomfortable after he asked her to lie down on a bed. “I said, ‘No, no. I don’t want to go in there. No, I don’t want to do this. No’, and then I didn’t know what else to do,” she said in an interview. "We were alone and I didn’t know what else would happen if I made a scene. So I was just scared, and after giving some resistance, I figured well, I guess I’ll get to come home after this.”

FROM Geimer testified that Polanski gave her a combination of champagne and quaaludes,[36] a sedative drug, and "despite her protests, he performed oral sex, intercourse and sodomy on her",[37][38][39] each time after being told 'no' and being asked to stop.

ALSO FROM TIME Frédéric Mitterrand, the French Culture Minister, said that he was “stupefied” and added, in reference to the tragedies that have marked Polanski’s life: “I strongly regret that a new ordeal is being inflicted on someone who has already experienced so many of them.” ... In much of Europe Polanski is portrayed as a wayward genius who has fallen victim to American bigotry; in the US he is seen as a pervert who forced a teenager to drink, strip and have oral sex during a modelling session at the home of Jack Nicholson, the actor.

OK, I think this basically sums up the argument made by many. But what about the girl that was raped. Did she suffer? Do TWO WRONGS make a right? Is that the French legal stance? I strongly regret that a criminal is finally paying for his crime - that a criminal was hailed by colleagues knowing full well his deviant act is finally answering to his acts. His career has definitely been helped by his tragedies. Making a good movie every 10 years amidst indy and foreign films that I personally could give a crap about. If I want art I go to the theater. I go to films for escapism, unless sleep is needed. But his infamous status gave his lesser films far more notice than the average director. FREE PR!!! I can appreciate that as an artist myself but disgusted as a citizen. If this 13 year old girl was raped by her father, uncle, teacher, or priest, would we be so forgiving? This guy has been given more passes by Hollywood than Clinton.

FROM - Polanski was initially charged[44] with rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under 14, and furnishing a controlled substance (methaqualone) to a minor. These charges were dismissed under the terms of his plea bargain, and he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.[45]

At this point, I think Polanski should sit in Swiss Jail for about 6 months to a year and than go free. This is most likely what he would have had to suffer back in the day anyway. Perhaps less. Instead by fleeing prosecution, Roman has already avoided being raped himself. I have to assume Swiss prison is less dangerous than US. Of course, here he would have most like been in one of the white collar golf course prisons. Perhaps a few days at Rikers Island would be more than enough of a punishment. Basically give him 1 year or first anal rape, what every happens first. Instead he is only one to appear at the Oscars less than Woody Allen.


OK enough retoric. Now for a laugh!!!


Friday, October 2, 2009

JUST SAY NO to CHICAGO: Voted Last for Olympics

Barack and Michelle Obama cancel his and her Brazilians in protest. LOL
QUICK NOTE: I hate LOL but folks just don't get sarcasm and humor and someone will read this thinking I am serious.


Despite all the effort, Chicago is voted out first in the Olympic voting for 2016 host cities. Is this big news? NO! But it is hilarious watching republican head hunters use this as an attack piece on the Obama's. I am not a huge fan but how stupid is this.Even funnier how shocked CNN and other Obama fans are. As if they can't imagin how anyone cannot share their biased love affair. Here is the live coverage by CNN.

Still in the running? Brazil and Madrid. (Rio, Brazil won the bid hours later than this was first published) I think either would be cool. Tons of culture, better soccer and they have much better cuisine. Food athletes could eat and still hope to stand up let alone compete. Deep Dish Pizza and Sausage 'n Peppers no good for training, Trust me as I chow down on some equally unhealthy food from the local buffet. If only they had not impeached governor, Rod Blagojevich. He could have greased the right palms.

But to attack Obama for flying in to help pitch our city, our country, is ridiculous. Anywhere he goes he has a small army of officials with every thing he needs including the BUTTON. Secret Service, Military Reps, Cabinet, Secretaries etc. I can relate with my portable Fisher Price computer, mobile modem and cell phone, typing this blog from my car waiting for opposite side parking to wrap up. And then caller honestly outraged that he went to Chicago but does not call his generals more often. He has people for that. But even so he can call the general from anywhere. Or is Obama treating his generals the way I treat collections. "Hey Michelle, just that one ring. Yeah caller ID says Iraq. The game is on, I'll call back later. I SAID LATER, WOMAN!"

The funniest thing is that Chicago was the first to get voted off. "With the least number of votes". Not getting selected is no big deal but getting picked last. Now they know how I felt wanting to play kick ball in the 3rd grade. HEY I'm slow but I could kick the ball really far. SORRY I DIGRESS... Maybe if the BEARS came out and did another Superbowl Rap. I suspect the International Olympic Committee are truly short form IMPROV fans and were turned off by IO. LOL. Maybe they heard about the David Letterman black mailing scandal. Oh wait that is NYC. Never mind.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lady Gaga Love Game Parody - Jimmy TV strikes again

In case you lost on tickets to cancelled Lord Gaga and Kanye West tour, and before you see her on Saturday Night Live this weekend watch this video!
PS RUMOR HAS IT Taylor Swift will be playing tour dates instead.

JIMMY, the 300lb Film & Theater critic is now turned pop sensation in this parody of Lady Gaga's "Love Game".




Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Featured in TIME OUT NY This week - RENT WALT FRASIER for $500

Seriously, TONY focuses on everything weddings this week. We are featured as a cool alternative entertainment option. Great timing as i am singing my sister's wedding. The Sheehan Cousin Trio (With cousins Meaghan and Meredith) will be joining a string quintet. Thank you so much to the writers and editors at this amazing institution that has once again brought us great attention. Here is how we appear this time around. Look below for our 2007 TONY KIDS feature. And i swear these are real features not paid listing. They interviewed me by email and phone.

ON the main page for wedding features there are a dozen categories from caterers to venues to photographers. I like to think I IMPROVE a lot in this world...LOL...Below a picture of aerial ballerina reads...

Non-sucky entertainment
Let aerialsts and improvers amuse your guests.


You click on the link and find us listed second. We almost look like we are listed first as the first listing looks as if to be a caption to the photo. Here is our listing....

Eight Is NEVER Enough improv show
Performers in this improv show freewheel through short-form games like parody songs, riffing off audience suggestions. Or, rent MC Walt Frasier as Elvis ($500 per hour) and get a 30-minute set of songs. Afterwards, he’ll wander around your party looking for peanut butter sandwiches while exhibiting a fear of bathrooms.
Cost: $1,000 per hour plus travel
Booking: 212-568-6560,

SUMMER 2007. TONY KIDS wrote an article about us and one other company working with kids in the comedy clubs. (READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE 24 hours late we got calls from both NBC and ABC.ABC actually called first and this video shows the result. (Featuring Founding Members ME, Laurice Fattal and Spero Chumas with Joyce Trotta, Keisha Zollar and of course Nick Fondulis - now appearing on NBC's Mercy - last season on KINGS)

THIS VIDEO PUT US ON THE MAP!!!! Seriously!!! We were already doing well. But since then our childrens division has tripled in business. It saved us considering we had NO major corporate events from December 2007 until this past summer. I think the big contracts coming in this summer and fall and for the coming holiday season is a very good sign for recession woes. back in 2007 we did a number of gigs for financial institutions including AMEX, Morgan Stanley and many smaller local firms. Merrill lynch was the but of most jokes as a way to steer focus from their own woes.

GOING FORWARD I have great hope for the future. We are undergoing big changes. Suffering growing pains. The phone is ringing off the hook. Flirting with taking NYC production to another level. This Saturday we play the art museum at the Smithsonian Institute, DC. Very exciting. We just did a gig for FORT DIX (our 5th military booking with more coming) Later this month Medicare offices bring us in for the third time in 14 months for team building event. Unileaver, UBS, ROCK CENTER and more calling for corp events. Just got an offer from a college. Our kids calendar is filling up fast thanks to continued growth in both DC and NYC markets.

SO ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT OR A GREAT SHOW OFF-BROADWAY WHILE IN NYC? We entertain parties for adults and kids as well as colleges/universities, theaters and comedy clubs. Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, after Proms, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, All of C DROP ME A LINE about booking rates and dates as well as discount tickets to public shows.
Check out this clip from FORT DIX, NJ. We helped host "RISING STARS" US miliary version of American Idol. With ME hosting, Spero and Charles Murray (Broadway Dreamgirls 5 years etc)

In addition to bookings all over the country, we have produced/performed over 2000 public shows at Carolines, Laugh Factory, NY Improv, Gotham, Joe Franklin's, Times Square Comedy, roadway Comedy, HA Comedy Club, Rascals, and Stand-Up NY. We are known for the BEST family and corporate friendly (PG / PG-13) shows in NYC area.
Fun interactive improv for all ages TOURING NATION WIDE and APPEARING OFF-BROADWAY plus GREAT TEAM BUILDING SHOWS & WORKSHOP are a must for any industry. Management, Leadership, Public Speaking, Team work, Communications, Sales and Service all benefit.
IMPROV 4 KIDS K-5 outreach playing schools, camps and events
ABSENT MINDED COMEDY Uncensored Stand-Up and/or Improv Comedy

HOLIDAY CHARACTERS Santa / SANTA & FRIENDS - Quintet of Mrs Clause, Two Elves and The Grinch , WHO KILLED SANTA - Murder Mystery
BLUES BROTHERS TRIBUTE Song & Dance show is our most popular variety act
ABBOTT & COSTELLO TRIBUTE A must for any 1940's theme - these guys were the #1 box office draw for the decade
COMIC ELVIS Chris Farley meets Pavarotti meets the Kings
Also theme characters - Hippies (We sent a team of 8 for upscale 60th BDAY party in Greenwich with Woody Allen and Blues Brothers and Gag-Drag MArilyn Monroe for the big fan), Greco-Roman (We supplied gladiators and ladies of the court for HBO industrial promoting ROME at sales centers in Baltimore area) , Giligans Island (We booked these for corp event on dinner cruise around Manhattan), Pirates (We have leading NYC area Pirate Impersonator in company) and so much more.

From gorilla marketing to trade shows, our actors bring unique talents and creative ideas to get you attention. Past clients include MENTOS, Ben & Jerry's, AMEX, US OPEN, McDonalds, Web Marketing Trade Shows, Chick Fillet and more. We work closely with you and/or your ad agency and event organizers.

ORIGINAL SKETCH COMEDY SHOWS - share your notes from the office. If you like we can change the names to protect the innocent, but we will roast your brands, clients, staff and managers with song and skits. Your own personal SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

A/V services. We can film your event for a small fee. If you need a great archive hire the pros but we have some great equipment to remember the best moments. ALSO our home theater THE TIMES SQUARE COMEDY CLUB boasts amazing A/V support including numerous large plasma TVs w/DVD, 6 different DJ booths for 5 theaters plus lobby area, LCD projectors in most rooms and more in this amazing Vegas Style theater complex (FORMER LAUGH FACTORY)

We work at a few clubs offering a variety of venue, menu and budget.

Producing Members:
Walt Frasier, Laurice Fattal,Spero Chumas
Active Featured Players:
Alena Acker, Chris Catalano*, Mara Dratfield, Tyler J. Fischer, John Gleason, David "DMG" Green*, Andree Lambertson, Chris Leidenfrost-Wilson, Julia Morales, Charles B. Murray*, Katie Siegmund, Marcia Sofley*, Sarah Billington Stevens, Emma Tattenbaum-Fine