Friday, April 30, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Just Chillin’, Chillin’

Week 3 Day 4 - Thursday, April 29, 2010

Busy day in the office!!! Relaxing while kicking out a number of contracts. A number of group sales for LMAO ( plus new bookings for Improv 4 Kids ( Also working on the website a bit. Let me know what you think about the new pages.

Today’s Consumption Summary

BREAKFAST Left over Chicken from Dallas BBQ plus rice and Corn Bread.
LUNCH – Chili from Dallas BBQ and Corn Bread
DINNER - Fibe - Chips with Guacamole. I added FF Cheddar and Black Bean Salsa

4 Chocolate Chip Granola Bars all day - FF from Quaker but still a little binge action

Thursday, April 29, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Education will save the world!!!

Week 3 Day 3 - Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Running around this morning. Picked up flyers to promote Leslie Jordan’s Show. Ran to AGVA office to pay benefits for cast of LMAO. Now running out to Queens to for last class this year. Next week we have two dress rehearsals and a show. Many of the kids are out today for field trips. Not great one week before HELL WEEK!!!

I really do not like Dunkin Donuts. I think the coffee has a cough medicine taste. I Grabbed an ice coffee and hot coffee and both were BLAH!!! Much preferred the local deli coffee.

PS Anyone know of any good deals in Jersey or New York. Looking to buy a house on the cheap with out to much gang activity on the corner. Looked at place 2 blocks form Police Station. Must have been on the take as there were a lot of Meth and Crack types hangin around.

Today’s Consumption Summary

BREAKFAST Dunkin Donuts Grilled Cheese, Chocolate Croissant, Coffee –

5pmish Dirty Water Dog from Street vendor at 47th & 7th.

8pmish. DALLAS BBQ – ½ chicken honey basted with rice. Also Veggie Tempura. I know this really is not diet food.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Fight FOR the future

Week 3 Day 2 - Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BUSY DAY!!!! Lot of doors opening…. On many fronts….

SGF PRODUCTIONS – Did a meet and great speed dating-style networking party with NYC & COMPANY. Met with a lot of folks that deal in group sales etc. Not to mention busy morning of calls and gigs booked.

WALT FRASIER The Comic Actor – Auditioned for LOUIS. Amazing role. Hope I get it but either way I made an impression at the casting office.

WALT & LAURICE – House Hunting in Jersey.

DIET NOTE: I always eat less and healthier when facing opportunity. Extreme focus leads to better decision making all around. Goal is to be alert as I either succeed or fail. That’s when I start gorging. If I fail, depression sets in and I eat to forget. If I succeed TIME TO PARTY and celebrate with pitchers of alcohol – usually Margarita or Sangria.

I am currently sitting in front of Baskin Robbins near Holland tunnel. I am afraid to go in. Nothing inside is really good for me right now. Not hungry but I can always make room for sweets. HOWEVER, the sign promoting THIRTY-ONE CENT scoop night is intriguing. Wednesday April 28, 2010 5-10pm. That’s tomorrow. So perhaps I will really be good today and then treat myself after the QUEENS school program. (PS Did you see the

Today’s Consumption Summary

BREAKFAST – 2 lean pockets – NOT REALLY DIET FOOD!!!! I plan to use up what I have in freezer and than never again.

Snack – Dorrito, FF Sour Cream (Breakstone), Salsa and FF Cheddar Cheese (Kraft)

Lunch – HALE & HEARTY SOUPS, Small Lentil Chili, Seven-Grain Bread

Dinner – Applebee’s 2 for $20. I had Fiesta Chicken and some of Laurice’s

LMAO THE DIET – Filet Mignon Yummy

Week 3 Day 1 - Monday, April 26, 2010

Relaxed at home. First day off in a while. Taking it easy this week. House hunting. Taking a back seat at LMAO.

Mom’s in town so we went to Aunt Mary’s in Long Beach / Lido Beach (Near Marvel’s Ice Cream which is finally open although I did resist temptation)

Mom, Mary & Michael all made an amazing dinner of roasted fillet Mignon and vegetables. Parsnip never tasted so good. On that thought, I’m not sure if I had ever had parsnip. The meat was so good it did not need any sauce, but the BEAST called to me. The sweet & hot sauce went unnoticed until I came up for air; that’s when I felt the heat.

After dinner, cookies from Staten Island Bakery were pure butter in a good way to the pallet – not so good to the belly. I usually make fun of anything Staten Island, but by last nights testing, they must have the best bakeries. The mafia is definitely good for keeping the food legit!!!

Today’s Consumption Summary

BREAKFAST – Left over Chinese rice and plantains with turkey chili

Before you get grossed out, know that the Chinese food came from Spanish harlem and had a distinct flavor that served the thick chucks of turkey.

SNACK – OK not sure how to file this one. Had a chocolate craving. All we had was Jello Pudding which I hate. I also had fat-free cool whip. So I made Chocolate mousse. Whipping the two together still left the palette wanting so I mixed in packet of instant Swiss miss hot cocoa. That was yummy. Almost as good as a fancy Italian restaurant.

DINNER at Aunt Mary’s – Two helpings of steak (roasted Fillet Mignon) with vegetables.

DESSERT – Oatmeal Raisin, Rainbow Petit Four, Chocolate Sprinkled Butter Cookie and Nut cookie Sandwich with chocolate filling. But that’s all and nothing else.

So I feel a little sniffly this morning (TUESDAY) as I write this. WAY TO MANY sweets yesterday. And WAY TO MANY chocolate ones at that!!!

LMAO THE DIET – Temptations of the Fast East

Week 2 Day 7 - Sunday, April 25, 2010

We are house hunting today. Well Apartment hunting. Looking to move by June 1, 2010. For 8 years, in order to pursue our dream, we have lived with roommates. We have been lucky to have some great roommates – MOSTLY. (Ask me and I’ll tell ya ‘bout sometime.) But now our success as Improv actors and producers is allowing us top move out on our own. We want to buy a place but fear we do not have the time to really pursue that avenue right now.

Went and saw KICK ASS. Not bad. Nice mix of classic special effects and CGI. Good comedy and superhero movie. Sorry kid but you will always be McLovin’ to me. Right before I had a large meal at the mall eatery. The fast food Japanese was horrible. I know many of you are saying DUH!?!

I have resisted grabbing a quick Sausage before shows the past two weeks. I was in a routine of grabbing a sausage form the street meat guys. Not just one of those large dirty water hot dogs. But one of those foot long inch and a half thick monsters that would make a prostitute blush. Grilled next to the meat on sticks. Served on bun with BBQ, it was a weakness for the past few months since I discovered the monstrosity.

The show ( was great. Fun crowd. Large for a such a slow Sunday. It was a ghost town in times square.

P S I always wanted to sing in a cover band called STYX of MEAT.

Today’s Consumption Summary

LATE BREAKFAST/LUNCH (2pmish) – Fast food Japanese at the Pavonia/Newport mall – Chicken Teriyaki over rice and vegetables with side of Shrimp tempura.

At the movie, Laurice snuck in nibblers form Mrs. Fields Cookies. I had three.

Before show Starbuck’s White Chocolate Mocha with Skim yet with whipped cream.

After show (10pmish) – Fast food Chinese from 1st Avenue between 116th and 117th streets. I was good and did not eat the whole thing. General Tso’s Chicken over fried rice, egg role and sweet plantains.