Saturday, September 18, 2010


Now Offering IMPROV Classes, Workshops and Residency programs for professional performers, self enrichment, students and corporate groups.

Mondays 7pm starting 10/25
12 hours of instruction for $200

PROFESSIONAL PERFORMERS - Classes now forming Mondays at 2pm & 5pm. These Classes are designed to prepare actors, comics and singers to audition for the professional cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH ( or other company. Improv training and performance is a must for the New York based performer. Commercial and TV directors have a limited time to prepare talent for a shoot. More and more they turn to the IMPROV world for talent that can act on a dime. RSVP for registration info at

K-12 SCHOOLS and ORGANIZATIONS - We provide teachers for Masterclasses and Residency Programs all over the Tri State Area. Bring your class to our NYC Theater for a show and/or workshop. We also set up programs at community centers, camps and theaters. Through the Comedy Hall of Hame Foundation's LAUGH IT OUT NYC ( NYC students are getting high school credit as our teacher spends an entire semester in the classroom teamed up with DOE Theater and English professors. We are helping student groups create their own troups.

CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING - Whether laughing together at a show, workshop or both, Improv is quickly becoming one of the best Team Building Activities available to the Corporate world, and we are told we are the BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK. High impact and relatively low cost events allow managers to benefit even in these stressed financial times. Bring our teachers and performers to the office. Bring your team to our NYC Theater. OR We can all go to any venue of your choosing. IMPROV Comedy Classes promote teams that laugh together, create together. Beyond the team building, IMPROV training promotes better public presentation, one-on-one communications, self confidence and creative thinking. All great for managers, sales staff, customer service and even accountants LOL. In more advanced sessions, we can customized improvisations to attack specific prolems your organization needs to address.

Now booking for holiday parties

Call or email now for more info, dates & rates 212-568-6560


I am very excited to be working once again with the COMEDY HALL of FAME. Last year's pilot program of 10-15 weeks/semester in one Queens Schools is now a full time accredited program in three schools. Check out the full details and new promo video with yours truly.

We just signed up to also Bring Improv Classes to our regulars, THE SEPHARDIC COMMUNITY CENTER of BROOKLYN. Proving once again JEWS LOVE IMPROV!!! We will be there a number of upcoming Sundays. Harry  from the Center has brought 3-6 groups/year to our Times Square theater since 2006. We have talked about this for a while and it is finally happening YEAH!!! AWESOME!!! SEE YA IN A BUT!!! - er um - I MEAN BIT!!!!

We are also excitied to report the Corporate world seems to be bouncing back and calling us for Team Building workshops and/or shows. YEAH etc etc etc It has been told to us by many bookers and clients directly that we are the best BANG FOR THE BUCK in town.

So while we continue to poorly promote public classes, our educational division is more active than ever. Contact us about setting up programs in your school, community center, camp etc.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thank You Bronx

A special thanks goes out to the great people of the Bronx for voting out Pedro Espada Jr. Proof that our system works, this guy plowed through Albany, making a mockery of our government from within. Usually that is the job of us Comedians, but Pedro spit in our face with daily corruption and power plays.

Saw the new guy on FOX 5 this morning. Seems like a great guy. Let's see. But even if he is a total novice, I would rather have ignorant and inexperienced legislators than power hungry selfish ones.

So thanks for saying


(Napolean Dynomite)