Saturday, April 24, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Tough On The Road

Week 2 Day 6 - Saturday, April 24, 2010

LONG DAY!!! Started with IMPROV 4 KIDS ( road trip to the Bickford Theater, Morris Museum, Morristown NJ. Two afternoon shows. Before the shows I had a number of high bad-carb items. Between shows I had Sandwiches and cookie. After shows I had two slices of GREAT pizza before fun show at LMAO (

Hit HORRIBLE traffic at GWB today. AT least 1 hour delay coming back. Added delay by some bone head choices on my part. I thought Laurice was going to throw my in the river.

Today’s Consumption Summary
BREAKFAST 1– Pistachio Muffin & two coffees from Gristedes
Breakfast two at Panera – Egg SoufflĂ© and more coffee

Lunch Between NJ shows – two ranch roll sandwiches – urkey & Cranberry, Ham and Brie, plus Amazing Choc Chip Cookie – 2 Snapple teas

Two Slices Pizza from PATZaria.

My one saving grace... I am committed to going to bed now without anything else to eat. This means no matter how bad the food intake was today, the last consumed pizza went down before 6:30pm.


After show at home, I really wanted to go to bed with out more food, but I was so hungry. Or at least my mind said I was. I heated up Fresh Direct Turkey Chili, added some Cheddar and sun chips. Not so bad I guess.


Week 2 Day 5 - Friday, April 23, 2010

Yesterday was the toughest diet day yet. I really regressed to old habits. Today I turned that around.

Laurice and I saw David Duckovknee’s (SP?) and Demi Moore’s THE JONESES. Expecting to sleep my way through, it held my attention. Gary Cole made the movie though with his portrayal of Upper Middle Class man spending beyond his limits and suffering the ultimate sacrifice. Sorry that when I first recounted the performance, I attributed Gary Coleman. (Short Note, Gary Cole was the guest for Jimini Glick when Laurice and I saw Martin Short's Broadway show - Who I also loved on Damages This Season - I digress....)

The show tonight was AWESOME!!! – Shout out to Belgium. A great mix of families and adult groups both loved performance. Charles, Erin, Laurice, and Spero joined me in a flirting on the edge but still maintaining a clean enough show. We never cursed but many double entendre graced the stage. As a genie I conjured up Erin to Handle Charles' Meat. In the same scene I said the meat handler was Chelsea's brother. Happy that one couple knew what i was saying. Chew on that CHEWIE. (SP?) We did video this one so hopefully we will get that up ASAP.

Today’s Consumption Summary
BREAKFAST – Smart Start Cereal with skim Milk and Coffee-black

Lunch at Charlie O’s on Broadway at 49th
Pre-Fixe Menu included for me
Lentil Soup – Barely touched it
Salmon Putanesca with roasted potato and spinach
Cheese Cake
Diet Coke and Coffee

PS The Lunch Pre fixe is actually a good Deal. Four entrée choices with soup and dessert for $15.95. Most og their entrees run $20+

At the movie and while promoting – just more diet coke, coffee etc.

After the show, I made a bowl of Turkey Chili – low fat from FRESH DIRECT. Added a small bag of Doritos and some Horseradish NY Aged Cheddar. Tons of flavors and not to bad on the fat or calories. MAYBE 600 calories at the most.

Long story short – I AM BACK ON TRACK AND LOOSING!!!!

LMAO THE DIET – UH OH – I blew it

Week 2 Day 4 - Thursday, April 22, 2010

LONG DAY – I had a bad day – diet wise. A little behind – busy week, lack of Internet access and personal diet disappointment has led to the delay in this blog.

The day was a huge success for IMPROV 4 KIDS ( with two shows and two workshops at Port Washington School - another cast performed at the Morgan Stanley Children Hospital in Washington Heights.

Got to drive around the harbor area – LOVE Port Washington!!!

Today’s Consumption Summary

Before workshops – around noonish
Coffee and Golden Grahams Snack Bar 280 cal

After workshops/before shows - Chili’s in Westbury

Chicken Chili Soup 190 calories
Mini Tacos 800 calories – really good smoked pork and crispy chicken (I wanted the smoked chicken but oh well)
½ of 4 dessert shooters – the old me cam out ordering these for “THE TABLE” really I wanted the sweetness buffet
Coffee & Diet Coke & Water

Got Home – Starting with left over (1/3 rack) FRESH DIRECT BBQ Ribs, I gorged further 2 pepperoni pizza lean pockets, topped with olive oil and Parmesan and spices. The Parmesan was fresh from the deli and wonderfully zesty. So in order to have more I ripped up whole wheat pita, poured on a little mesquite BBQ and sprinkled on – make than scooped out a lot of – Parmesan on top. Not good at any time of the day but especially midnight!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

IMPROV 4 KIDS - New Ticketing

We have some new ticket for IMPROV 4 KIDS. Theatermania's new Ovation Tix is now up and running. The link below allows you to buy VIP Reserved Seating at General Admission Prices.

"A Production you and your children don't want to miss"
Live from Times Square
The Midtown Theater
163 West 46th Street @ 7th Ave
Saturdays 3pm
Hosting K-12 Field Trips and touring schools, camps and family events.

Also check out LMAO. Link below offers tickets $10-40. (Reg $20-65)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Mario Cantone

LMAO THE DIET – Mario Cantone

Week 2 Day 3 - Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Teaching weekly classes in Queens has been an education for me us much as the students. The pilot program to bring Improv to the NYC school system had a crowning moment when Eddie Brill and Mario Cantone dropped by to meet the class. Our top students performed a show that was received with high hopes of future expansions.

Thanks to all from Comedy Hall of Fame and of course Mario & Eddie for giving the students a day they will never forget.

REMINDER - NOTE TO SELF – BUY SCALE Today’s Consumption Summary

Skim Milk, Chocolate Chip Muffin

MacDonalds Angus Burger, Diet Coke

Lean Pockets

Sun Chips

BBQ Pork Ribs from Fresh Direct. Actually pretty good

Skim Milk

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Week 2 Day 2 - Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Killer shows and workshops for Yonkers HS at the Midtown Theater this morning.

Had nothing to eat until after show and workshop. Not even coffee. Almost 2pm. Cast went to Evergreen Diner on 47th between 6th & 7th.

Looking forward to LOST and V tonight.

NOTE TO SELF – BUY SCALE – I looked into local store. The only one they had was really crappy. Hate to admit it, need one that goes to 350.

Today’s Consumption Summary

Ice Coffee with skim milk
Gyro platter
Fruit Platter

Roast Beef Panini – Grilled Wheat flat breads, roast beef, horseradish cheddar, Mesquite BBQ sauce
Diet Coke

Smart Pop Kettle Corn

Hersheys Special Dark

Tomorrow I get to meet Mario Cantone. He and Eddie Brill are coming out to check out our work with the Comedy Hall of Fame at a Queens HS.

LMAO THE DIET – Snickers for Breakfast?

LMAO THE DIET – Snickers for Breakfast?

Week 2 Day 1 - Monday, April 19, 2010

OK Not a great start, right? However, that snickers, the first food of the day at 11:30am, filled me up till after rehearsal at 3pm. Still not really hungry, I went out and flyered TKTS lines for tonight's show. Not until 4pmish did I grab Salad from Famous Dave's. Not a great diet Salad at 1200 calories. But that filled me up until after show. Went home and had left over Buffalo Salad from Bar Coastal. I added Fritos and Turkey Chili. Before bed I had a large skim milk.

Hats off to Leslie Jordan and the entire production crew on a huge opening. Outside they had a star studded PINK carpet photo op with paparazzi snatching photos of Lily Tomlin, Bette Middler and Cynthia Nixon to name a few.

Today’s Consumption Summary

Late Breakfast – Snickers Bar & Coffee

Lunch- SALAD – actually writing this prior to eating to make sure I make the better choice at Lunch today – 4 hours later... OK Not the salad I had in mind but still a salad….
FAMOUS DAVE'S on 47th at 7th Ave
Chopped Pork over green salad – very good served with corn bread. I topped it with some Devil’s Spit

After show – Left over Buffalo chicken Salad from BAR COASTAL. Add on some turkey chili, BBQ and fritos


Monday, April 19, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Grilled not Fried!!!

LMAO THE DIET – Grilled not Fried!!!

DAY SEVEN - Sunday April 18, 2010

WHERE ARE THESE CROWDS COMING FROM? Online, TKTS and door sales for LMAO are all at same levels as Easter week. And the shows have just been awesome. FUN FUN FUN!!!

Laurice noticed weight loss in my face today CHA-CHING

Feeling great.

Today’s Consumption
Drank more water today. Less Coffee. Made a big difference.

Quiche - way to much
Wheat Crackers
Turkey Slices
Jarlsberg Cheese

Teriyaki Boy on 7th avenue at 49th Street
Chicken Teriyaki over rice
California rool
Shrip shumai – steam dumplings
Diet Coke H2O

AT BAR COASTAL – 1st Ave & 89th?

Buffalo Chicken (grilled) Salad *
Coors Lite

*I was expecting Hot chicken fingers, as specialty at this upper east side joint. Best place to watch the games with plenty of beer and spicy fried foods. The salad came out with a mound of julienne grilled chicken drowned in hot sauce. YUMMY and HEALTHY… except perhaps for possible ulcer.

See you at the theater

IMPROV 4 KIDS is in New Jersey Saturday April 24

Bayer Children's Theatre Series


Saturday, April 24

12:30 & 2:30 p.m.

$8 to $10

Call 973.971.3706

Morris Museum 6 Normandy Heights Road Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973.971.3700 Fax: 973.538.0154 E-mail us: