Friday, January 30, 2009

Back on the diet

I am starting a daily blog entry commitment as a way to help me lose weight. The picture to the right shows me in the summer of 2007. I probably gained a few pounds by that christmas. Finally in the spring of 2008 I went to Weight Watchers. In April I weighed in at 352. I had already started to lose thanks to the gym and salads at Europan across the street from the Times Square Comedy Club. By July I was got down as far as 297. 55lb in 3 months. Since then I slowly gained. Around September I weighed in at 304ish. NOw, or at least in recent weeks, I have jumped up to 314. I started packing the fridge again with fruits & veggies. Hard to do these days. Money is tight. Produce has gone up. Buying some frozen so as not to waste with rotting. I even made some great Sweet Potatoes with cinnamon and lite sypup. Tasty and not too bad. Better than a donut for the sweet tooth. I plan on returning to the Weight Watchers tomorrow. At that time I plan on posting weight and daily intake. AS a self promoting whore, I figure this is the best way to keep myslef honest and hope to get notice in the process. What ever it takes to fool myself. Psych myself out. Keep up the motivation.

Econ & Tics

These are hard times. Trying times. Times that will be called by many names in decades to come. Recession. Depression. End of the beginning. Beginning of the end. The time of the Greedy V The Poor. The time of the unemployed. Time of the homeless and foreclosed.I see these times as the great eye opener. Those like Bernie Madoff being revealed for the true crooks that they are. Those finally realizing the pit falls of living on barrowed money and the evils of the creditors. The revelation and hope of having a president that says, this is the right thing to do regardless of politics.I love everything that Obama is saying. I hate to hear what many republicans are saying. However, I still love that there is a debate. The fight of ideals is what makes this country great. Please do not confuse what I am about to say as a way of labeling the president. These times are very similar to the 1930s. And it was a similar call to action that propelled Hitler to power. Lets give him all the power and lets see what happens. It can't get any worse. We all know how that turned out. Well except for maybe Iranian Presidents.I love that the republican party is putting up a fight to everything the democrats put forth. They have to. With one party having all the power, they are libel to push through something that is not good for all.The Democrats have two years to prove to us they have the right plan. They have two years of basically free reign. Then they have to go back to the polls and defend their policies. I hope they get the job done. I like what I hear. But time will tell