Saturday, February 27, 2010


Just dug out the car. OMG, it was buried on all sides by 1-3 feet of snow. As I approached I felt like the Red Coats marching on bunker hill. All I saw was a 6-7 foot mound of snow. No sign of a car underneath.

All I had was a Broom. A good broom. But just a Broom. No Shovel. No Gloves. Don't pity the idiot, right?

I probably did not do this the right way. The smart way. I took the lazy way.

There was a space in front that had a better chance of escape. Fearing one might take that space, I quickly tried to move the car forward - BEFORE CLEANING OFF THE CAR. Well I had to dig out the passenger side door to get in. No way I could dig out the driver's side door using the LAZY METHOD.

So unable to see, I started to plow forward. Got about 6 inches. Then I started rocking back and forth. Very slow going. I got out. Well I tried. Since I moved forward, the door was now blocked by snow. Using my feet. I pushed open the door. Cleaned out around the wheels and tried again. THE PROBLEM? I kept slipping into the snow bank.

So then I realized I have to dig out before going any further. Using a broom!!!

One guy tried to pull into the spot. Driving a Monte Carlo and blasting the music, he did not hear or see me yelling. I was standing in the spot he was about to pull into. I was not going to budge. He was about to run me over when I yelled, ESCHUCHA MOTHER F*CK*R.

He heard that.

I finally got the car far enough forward that I could finish the job and pull out. Another 15 minutes or so to clean off the roof and here I am. Ready to do a show. Hoping I can pull out with out any further pain.