Saturday, February 7, 2009

Laurice and I from Michigan

I still love this video

NJ Shout Out

Fun show tonight. Special shout out to all the NJ Jews in the house, esp Happy Bday Steven.

Fun group of friends.

I am going back to Weight Watchers this week. I think I have been doing well. Last week I was back up to 319. My low point in the past year was 297. I started at 352. I think I was as much as 360ish last Xmas.
A lot of Walking and Tons of Salads. And I basically kept my goal for the week. NO DIPS with CHIPS. NO HUMMOS. NO CHEESY Mexican dips/concoctions. The closest thing to this, I made a vegetarian chili and added fat free cheese and FF sour cream. Filling but still next to nothing as Weight Watchers goes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Diet going well

I set a goal for myself this week.

No cookies or brownies

No Dips and Chips

So far I feel like I havelost. Three more days until my next weigh in at Weight Watchers.

Went to Chipotle last night and had 1 chip. Otherwise a salad with less guac, no rice, no meat. Lots of salsa and pepper/onion mix.

Wish me luck but I think I am back on track like last spring.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I am now a proud SAG Actor

I just joined SAG and walked over one mile to get my bank check on 9th ave and to the offices on Madisson. Great exercise. Very proud to have finally made this huge step. I came to the realization, my resume and credit list is big enough, I do not need to do anymore crappy paying jobs, or even more so deal with unprofessional audition methods. The BIZ is a numbers game. You might go on 100 auditions and get 1 job. BUT, If you get a union job you make enough money to justify 100 auditions. I have been a working actor for 4 years now. Union jobs waste less time, pay better and treat you professionally right from the first call to audition through the final paycheck. I value the non-union work on my resume. I wish no ill on the producers and other industry pushing those projects. But that is enough for me.
On the diet front
Acoss the street from the SAG office I found a great lunch spot. Basically a high end EUROPA/DELI. I had the spinach salad and added grilled spiced shrip, roasted corn and roasted grapes. I did add smoke gouda but topped it with FF HOney Mustard. Awesome. About 10 points on Weight Watchers. The two coffess I had today cancel out the walking. About 2 points each.
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Great Halftime Show

Finally. A great concert. No gay SH!T! I like Prince but this is the best ever!!!

And how about MAx Weinberg and the band from Conan Obrien backing him up. I forgot he was from E Street!

OH CRAP - I gained


I was really expecting to be down a couple. I am up 5 lbs since my last meeting on 1/4/09. Up to 319 and counting...

We it was a wake up call. I went right to a deli and ordered an eggewhite veggie omelet and a big fruit salad. Skim milk and no sugar in my coffee. I hate fake sugar. Sweet 'n low, equal, they all taste like ass. Then I had a big salad at Lenny's on 8th ave.

Wasted time watching a horrible movie. INKHEART. Reminded me of the Golden COmpass, which I watched on direct TV last night. Todays in a row, two movies, two really bad rip offs of 4-5 fantasy movies all in one. At least Epic Movie tried to be crap on purpose for funny effects. These just put me to sleep.

Walked around a lot on the upper west side. Went to Circuit City. Listen folks, if you are going to have a going out of business sale, why don't you put things at prices that really attract customers to buy. I was lured in but quickly noticed you are still paying for NYC rents at those rates. "UP TO 40% OFF" Most of the crap was bare 20% off.

I was going to go to the gym but I was so depressed about the weight I said screw it. That's the way to lose. Note to self, need to think differently if going to succeed.

Now watching Super Bowl. Unimpressed until the dorritos commercial. Dark Comedy Finding myself craving nachos and wings and other foods not on the diet.


RE Start Traking Food Intake
Get to Gym twice
No dips - including hummos, guacamole, melted cheese etc. Fresh Salsa on Salads only ( I like as a lazy man weight to add tomatoes)