Friday, December 10, 2010

Kesha Music Video Parody

Kesha Parody of the popular hit pop song "Your Love is My Drug". This spoof is "Your CHUB is my drug" by Absent Minded Comedy is a musical parody about being a "Chubby Chaser". Featuring Laurice Fattal and Walt Frasier. You can catch upcoming improv performances of LMAO Off Broadway in NYC at the Times Square Arts Center every weekend:


Maybe I need some rehab

Or maybe just need some sleep

I've got a sick obsession

That makes most people scream

I'm looking in every crevis

Some people might think its gross

I'm stayin up all night wishing for the thing I want the most

What I want is a real big guy

One that eats a lot of pie

We'll spend our nights at the Pizza Hut

Cause I don't want no boney butt


Because your chub your chub your chub is my drug

Because your chub your chub your chub

Because your chub your chub your chub is my drug

Because your chub your chub your chub

Some people don't think Im too wise

I like em double the size

It cuts my heart like a razor

Im a full fledged chubby chaser

My friends think Ive gone crazy

My judgements gettin kinda hazy

The weather is gonna get colda

but I got somethin to grab holda

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Night with David Duchovny: The Sequel

Just a reminder, I am not a reviewer. I am barely a blogger. I write crap when i can't sleep because i bore myself to death. I start with this as I have been getting some weird comments. The web needs more idiots like me that just ramble and less haters. The world needs more creators and less destroyers. I am the first to admit I have WAY TOO MANY errors of grammar and spelling in most of my blogs. Quite lazy when it comes to proof reading. OK GOT THAT OFF MY CHEST.

So did you read the first blog

I posted the above with in two hours of watching the first preview and David's first professional public live performance, not counting studio audience at the Bonnie Hunt show and similar venues. Some thought I was way too harsh - especially my wife and DD enthusiast.

TONIGHT I saw Break of Noon, by Neil Labute. for the second time (my wife's third). As to the performance, I over heard David say he was unhappy with his performance. To this I say, you are an artist, that is normal. As another actor watching the show, i would argue many of the things I saw as improvements form day one, might come off scary to a more novice live performer. I thought the play FLEW tonight. Fight nods of sleep on day one, I thought the comic elements were funnier and the dramatic elements were clearer. But overall the pace alone knock off ten minutes from day one. David at times seemed perhaps uncomfortable, but I would argue those on edge moments filled the character with so much life that I cared about the outcome ten fold. Beyond that, I think tonight I got the story i was meant to see. The first night, I thought David's character was getting away with murder. Partially as a theater goer you are always looking for that twist, even without M. Night at the helm. I personally love this cast. The show is OK. Not Labute's best. Not the worst show I have ever seen. Definite worthy of seeing for yourself. But every seen is really brought to life by amazing character performances. My favorite stand out tonight was Amanda Peet, show i perhaps unfairly slighted previously. Her scenes really jumped out the shell I thought were safely nestled in on day one.

The talk back after the show was fun. Laurice compared Labute to me, hogging the entire talk back for the most part. (I do this at the Improv show too often) I babble if you cannot tell by this blog.

It was very interesting. I always love to see performers out of character. This cast is as great off stage as on. Real people you want to get to know better. Humble. I just wish Neil maybe dressed for the occasion. It looked like George Lucas was home alone watching football. As a professional slob, i can attest to the comfort of the ensemble, but tuck in a shirt once in a while in public, eh? I guess it was causal. No red carpet OFF BROADWAY LMAO

The true fun for me tonight was meeting a number of DD fans before and getting drinks after.

It seems there are a ton of Xfiles / DD fan folks out there but unlike Trekkies and Rocky Horror Junkies, Xphilies seem to be more closeted. Perhaps this is due to most of the fan base organizing is online. Trekkies and Star Wars and similar cult followings began long before the internet and started a rich history of conventions, clubs and other public displays of proper sci fi geek dome. X Files FANDOME did not really start until the mid to late 90s. And there were a number of sites dedicated to everything FBI X. David versus Gillian. SHIPPERS. Skinner freaks. But except for the movie premier  being part of comic con i have never heard of any real public showing.

So I feel tonight was kind of like the first real FAN CLUB meeting. I kept wanting to go full out ROBERT;s RULES of ORDER - New Biz, Old Biz, Elect some officers etc.

I personally have never been to a convention or comic con, but I profess to be a geek fro TREK, STAR WARS, COMICS CHARACTERS and the like. I tape just about every super hero or sci fy TV show, even the ones for 4 yos (Super Hero Squad). IO tend to to watch these less and less finally realizing i have out grown most of them. You could say my maturity level for movies and TV is almost at 12yo.

We at the Frasier household have a long history with Mr. D and his works. I was an X-Files fan from Day ONE!!! But at some point, my wife switched from shying was scared to being obsessive. Around season four, Sundays on FOX became a fixture starting with Simpsons, X-Files and the rotating roster of other shows until David left the show in Season eight. I had seen most of the episodes, but Laurice felt the need to catch up. By the time the first movie came out, she had seen everyone by buying the videos or taping late nite reruns on FOX and FX.

THE THE FIRST MOVIE DEBUTS after season five. Laurice was working all day. I was off. We planned to go to the 7pm show in Astoria Queens. Due to a miscommunication, I was at the theater and she was at home. At the time I did not have a cell phone. Or perhaps it was dead WHATEVER.... I went to see the movie by myself and was blown away. When I got out, I called home; Laurice was furious. A brief verbal scuffle ensued but I agreed to see the movie again at 10pm. She ran over. With one minute to go (Maybe less) the film burns out. For fans of the movie they are already outside at the reflecting pool and about to cut to CSM in Tunisia. The ushers say they will have the movie up and running in a matter of minutes. 45 minutes later (around 2:30am) we see the end. The theater offered us free tickets to come back sometime. On the way out Laurice is asking me all sorts of questions. What did this and that mean? etc SO she asks, well can we just go see the last showing. There was a huge crowd to see the showing (now almost one hour late due to our burnout). The usher said sure. So at 1am, I go to see the show for a third time IN ONE DAY. I think this is the first time I ever fell asleep in the movies. Use to make fun of dad for this during STAR WARS.

We went to see David and Robin Williams talk for HOUSE OF D at the Tribeca Film Fest. We were third row house left, right in front of the podium, maybe 15 feet form Christopher Reeves. Laurice went back to see the movie twice when David was there at Lincoln Center for talk backs.

I think we saw X Files 2 twice on open day just to keep up the tradition. In past years we have seen just about every other movie, including the Secret, Playing God and The Rapture. I still have not seen Baby sitter....

So anyway, a fun night inspired another BLAB BLAB BLAB

No back to work on a busy holiday season of improv and HO HO HO