Friday, October 2, 2009

JUST SAY NO to CHICAGO: Voted Last for Olympics

Barack and Michelle Obama cancel his and her Brazilians in protest. LOL
QUICK NOTE: I hate LOL but folks just don't get sarcasm and humor and someone will read this thinking I am serious.


Despite all the effort, Chicago is voted out first in the Olympic voting for 2016 host cities. Is this big news? NO! But it is hilarious watching republican head hunters use this as an attack piece on the Obama's. I am not a huge fan but how stupid is this.Even funnier how shocked CNN and other Obama fans are. As if they can't imagin how anyone cannot share their biased love affair. Here is the live coverage by CNN.

Still in the running? Brazil and Madrid. (Rio, Brazil won the bid hours later than this was first published) I think either would be cool. Tons of culture, better soccer and they have much better cuisine. Food athletes could eat and still hope to stand up let alone compete. Deep Dish Pizza and Sausage 'n Peppers no good for training, Trust me as I chow down on some equally unhealthy food from the local buffet. If only they had not impeached governor, Rod Blagojevich. He could have greased the right palms.

But to attack Obama for flying in to help pitch our city, our country, is ridiculous. Anywhere he goes he has a small army of officials with every thing he needs including the BUTTON. Secret Service, Military Reps, Cabinet, Secretaries etc. I can relate with my portable Fisher Price computer, mobile modem and cell phone, typing this blog from my car waiting for opposite side parking to wrap up. And then caller honestly outraged that he went to Chicago but does not call his generals more often. He has people for that. But even so he can call the general from anywhere. Or is Obama treating his generals the way I treat collections. "Hey Michelle, just that one ring. Yeah caller ID says Iraq. The game is on, I'll call back later. I SAID LATER, WOMAN!"

The funniest thing is that Chicago was the first to get voted off. "With the least number of votes". Not getting selected is no big deal but getting picked last. Now they know how I felt wanting to play kick ball in the 3rd grade. HEY I'm slow but I could kick the ball really far. SORRY I DIGRESS... Maybe if the BEARS came out and did another Superbowl Rap. I suspect the International Olympic Committee are truly short form IMPROV fans and were turned off by IO. LOL. Maybe they heard about the David Letterman black mailing scandal. Oh wait that is NYC. Never mind.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lady Gaga Love Game Parody - Jimmy TV strikes again

In case you lost on tickets to cancelled Lord Gaga and Kanye West tour, and before you see her on Saturday Night Live this weekend watch this video!
PS RUMOR HAS IT Taylor Swift will be playing tour dates instead.

JIMMY, the 300lb Film & Theater critic is now turned pop sensation in this parody of Lady Gaga's "Love Game".




Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Featured in TIME OUT NY This week - RENT WALT FRASIER for $500

Seriously, TONY focuses on everything weddings this week. We are featured as a cool alternative entertainment option. Great timing as i am singing my sister's wedding. The Sheehan Cousin Trio (With cousins Meaghan and Meredith) will be joining a string quintet. Thank you so much to the writers and editors at this amazing institution that has once again brought us great attention. Here is how we appear this time around. Look below for our 2007 TONY KIDS feature. And i swear these are real features not paid listing. They interviewed me by email and phone.

ON the main page for wedding features there are a dozen categories from caterers to venues to photographers. I like to think I IMPROVE a lot in this world...LOL...Below a picture of aerial ballerina reads...

Non-sucky entertainment
Let aerialsts and improvers amuse your guests.


You click on the link and find us listed second. We almost look like we are listed first as the first listing looks as if to be a caption to the photo. Here is our listing....

Eight Is NEVER Enough improv show
Performers in this improv show freewheel through short-form games like parody songs, riffing off audience suggestions. Or, rent MC Walt Frasier as Elvis ($500 per hour) and get a 30-minute set of songs. Afterwards, he’ll wander around your party looking for peanut butter sandwiches while exhibiting a fear of bathrooms.
Cost: $1,000 per hour plus travel
Booking: 212-568-6560,

SUMMER 2007. TONY KIDS wrote an article about us and one other company working with kids in the comedy clubs. (READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE 24 hours late we got calls from both NBC and ABC.ABC actually called first and this video shows the result. (Featuring Founding Members ME, Laurice Fattal and Spero Chumas with Joyce Trotta, Keisha Zollar and of course Nick Fondulis - now appearing on NBC's Mercy - last season on KINGS)

THIS VIDEO PUT US ON THE MAP!!!! Seriously!!! We were already doing well. But since then our childrens division has tripled in business. It saved us considering we had NO major corporate events from December 2007 until this past summer. I think the big contracts coming in this summer and fall and for the coming holiday season is a very good sign for recession woes. back in 2007 we did a number of gigs for financial institutions including AMEX, Morgan Stanley and many smaller local firms. Merrill lynch was the but of most jokes as a way to steer focus from their own woes.

GOING FORWARD I have great hope for the future. We are undergoing big changes. Suffering growing pains. The phone is ringing off the hook. Flirting with taking NYC production to another level. This Saturday we play the art museum at the Smithsonian Institute, DC. Very exciting. We just did a gig for FORT DIX (our 5th military booking with more coming) Later this month Medicare offices bring us in for the third time in 14 months for team building event. Unileaver, UBS, ROCK CENTER and more calling for corp events. Just got an offer from a college. Our kids calendar is filling up fast thanks to continued growth in both DC and NYC markets.

SO ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT OR A GREAT SHOW OFF-BROADWAY WHILE IN NYC? We entertain parties for adults and kids as well as colleges/universities, theaters and comedy clubs. Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, after Proms, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, All of C DROP ME A LINE about booking rates and dates as well as discount tickets to public shows.
Check out this clip from FORT DIX, NJ. We helped host "RISING STARS" US miliary version of American Idol. With ME hosting, Spero and Charles Murray (Broadway Dreamgirls 5 years etc)

In addition to bookings all over the country, we have produced/performed over 2000 public shows at Carolines, Laugh Factory, NY Improv, Gotham, Joe Franklin's, Times Square Comedy, roadway Comedy, HA Comedy Club, Rascals, and Stand-Up NY. We are known for the BEST family and corporate friendly (PG / PG-13) shows in NYC area.
Fun interactive improv for all ages TOURING NATION WIDE and APPEARING OFF-BROADWAY plus GREAT TEAM BUILDING SHOWS & WORKSHOP are a must for any industry. Management, Leadership, Public Speaking, Team work, Communications, Sales and Service all benefit.
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Also theme characters - Hippies (We sent a team of 8 for upscale 60th BDAY party in Greenwich with Woody Allen and Blues Brothers and Gag-Drag MArilyn Monroe for the big fan), Greco-Roman (We supplied gladiators and ladies of the court for HBO industrial promoting ROME at sales centers in Baltimore area) , Giligans Island (We booked these for corp event on dinner cruise around Manhattan), Pirates (We have leading NYC area Pirate Impersonator in company) and so much more.

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We work at a few clubs offering a variety of venue, menu and budget.

Producing Members:
Walt Frasier, Laurice Fattal,Spero Chumas
Active Featured Players:
Alena Acker, Chris Catalano*, Mara Dratfield, Tyler J. Fischer, John Gleason, David "DMG" Green*, Andree Lambertson, Chris Leidenfrost-Wilson, Julia Morales, Charles B. Murray*, Katie Siegmund, Marcia Sofley*, Sarah Billington Stevens, Emma Tattenbaum-Fine

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am writing a new blog reflecting today's development and more but wanted to post this as a prelude. Read it and the heated debate that followed. Please chime and continue the debate. PART II coming soon....

Friday, May 8, 2009 at 8:06am
Watching commercial AGAINST National Health Care. Claiming it will take away choice of doctor and have admin dictating what health care I can receive. Well how is that different from now?

A quick point of reference: I grew up a card carrying Republican. Although I consider myself an independent, I leaned right on the political side. Always hated the claim that being a Republican makes you a racist homophobe. So left wing nut claims kept me from becoming a card carrying Democrat. Right wing nut claims kept me from being all that proud. CNN started a new segment WING NUT. Great idea however poorly executed. I hope they really develop it. To many WING NUTS are the loudest talkers. I am louder than all and I sit right (perhaps bad choice of word here) in the middle. And I am sick of the BS manipulation of the truth to lure “undecided” Both sides try to scare us into submission and than chastise the other side for the same dirty politics. I’m done. I continue.

My carrier is telling my wife she cant get a much needed test because it is not life threatening however it is a condition that could lead to cancer. Two years ago a doctor ordered an endoscopy. Recently a new doctor said it would be a good idea to rule out certain conditions. The problem is, as good as medicine is, there is still a lot of educated guessing going on. I know a lot of stories where someone is sick for years. They go through 1000s of tests and failed medical procedures to find some parasite was in there. But without all the tests you cannot fully exercise the process of elimination.

I am assuming that a National Health Care "decider" (NOT BUSH I HOPE!!!) will be less inclined than a Heath Insurance money bag to deny health care based on bottom line. Perhaps not. But a National Plan cannot drop you because you get too expensive.

Health care is such a scam these days. Insurance agents and lawyers have made it so expensive. The more legal threat, the more insurance goes up. The more insurance goes up, the more ambulance chasers milk the system.

The commercial I saw talked about choice. You will loose the choice of health care providers. This is so BS. If you can afford choice now, you will afford choice later. But for those of us that cannot choose, we need a better option. The commercial puts down UK and Canadian programs. But at the rate we are going, we are more likely to match the wonderful Mexican system as more and more people drop beneath the poverty line.

While typing this I see Maria Schriver talking about her new documentary Alzheimer’s Project. On a separate note, she looks like a Klingon. Too much plastic I think. I would love to launch a serious discussion. Free of propaganda. I know - impossible. Any HS Alums actually Doctors with the inside track. Health Insurance Advocates? I assume most of my actor friends are far to the left from myself, but still welcome the comments.

21 Comments posted - I have assigned fake names to repeated posters so you can follow the debate and positions. Otherwise I have left with out author. See the original note on FACEBOOK for these but I did not want to make public without permission.

May 8 at 8:42am by BOB (Name changed to protect the innocent)
how is it different? See the problems with EVERYOTHER Nationalized health care system in the world. Waiting lines for MRI's, cancer drugs not being made available because they're deemed too expensive by the Gov't, lack of doctors due to inadequate pay and over bearing restrictions... As a republican, I'm not against everyone having adequate health, but I am against the restrictions that will be placed on it by the inordiately LARGE Gov't. Besides, how much are you personally willing to give the Gov't so they can mismanage this?

May 8 at 8:45am BIFF (Name changed to protect the innocent)
I lived in the UK for 2 years & had their national health insurance. People in the US suffer if they do not have a good full time job w/benefits. In the UK every person got equal coverage whether all they could do was work part time at a shop or they worked the corp. world. If you lost your job you did not have $1000/mo COBRA bill to cover your family until you became re-employed. Car insurance cheaper -in the event of an accident your insurance company did not have to pay crazy healthcare costs of someone you seriously injured. People were denied coverage due to cost and they fought as hard as they could. Paid out of pocket but not what we do. No easy answer here but I don't believe we'll ever have nationalized health care in US, however we do need a way to look after those who fall between the cracks. We are a wealthy country & all citizens should benefit from the excellent resources available. How to change is the question b/c insurance companies rule the process now.

May 8 at 8:56am
Damn Walt...getting a little deep on a sunny Friday morning but love the thought provoking responses. Best solution: Mutant Healing Factor. "Nuff Said!

May 8 at 8:56am by BOB
We are NOT a wealthy country... Do you see where we're printing more money just to try to "Nationalize" the banks? Have you NOT seen that we're trillions of dollars in DEBT? That's not wealthy... I, for one, don't want the top tax tier to increase like it have in Britain... It's well over 50%... if not over 60%... We will bankrupt our country if we try to provide everything for everyone. What happens then when the country is too poor to defend itself? Or when the Chinese call in our loans? Are we going to sell Alaska and Hawaii just to try to pay down some debt? We have social programs in place NOW to help those who fall between the cracks. The problem? Pride, fraud, abuse of the system...

May 8 at 9:19am
yeah well I hope that the stupid prilosec will hold down the problem for now.

May 8 at 9:42am by BIFF
BOB, we gotta pray the Chinese never call in the loans. But then since we are not out there buying as much crap they don't have as much $$$ either now do they? Seems they are feeling the pinch as well. Again, I don't think National Healthcare is the way but the first thing my doctor asks when deciding my treatment or what tests to send me to is, "What insurance do you have?" it leads me to believe the care I get is based on the insurance since the tests etc are so expensive. There does need to be revision here. We are still a country with a lot of resources and if you have ever been to a third world country you will realize how good we have it, we just need to fix it so that even if my health insurance is lesser I get the tests I need to stay alive. Have you received a bill for hospital and seen that the insurance company paid 60% and that is OK with hospital. Have you then tried to pay only 60% of your hospital bill and what happens then? Not so good.Its all out of whack.

May 8 at 9:47am by BRAD (Name changed to protect the innocent)
It's easy BOB. The current system is bankrupting the people that pay for their own insurance and the companies that pay for their employees insurance. We currently pay the MOST For the WORST healthcare in any industrialized nation, and still well over 40% of our population goes without. Oh, and the insurance industry is designed to NOT pay for the treatment people need. What is so hard to understand? The healthcare/pharmaceutical/insurance industries as well as the banking system catastrophe are perfect examples of why PRIVATIZATION and DEREGULATION for essential services is a terrible idea. Keep listening to the comedians on the Fox news/Jerry Springer/hate show though, that'll make it all better... They're the authorities on everything.

May 8 at 9:51am by BOB
The 60% of the bill that's paid by the insurance is within the AGREEMENT the hospital/Doctors/Urgent Care facilities entered into. It's a 'bulk purchase' agreement if you will... Nothing wrong with that in any fashion. One can even argue that it keeps healthcare premiums DOWN... We can't hope or pray that the Chinese never calls in our loans... Why? that's not a pro-active approach to solving a problem. Standing in the rain without a raincoat and hoping you don't get wet makes about as much sense. You can't spend your way out of debt no more than you can drink yourself sober or eat your way thin... Our Gov't needs to work to effectively pay down our debt... As a society, we're wealthy and technologically advanced, etc... But as a Gov't, we are POOR and we as taxpayers are enabling them by allowing them to be continually voted back into office. We, the People, need to hold our politicians accountable for their spending. It's reckless and damaging.

May 8 at 9:56am
Wow BRAD, I don't know you but it really sounds like you got bit as a child... You want to discuss the banking situation? Well, take a look back to the mid-90's when the Community Action Commitees strong armed the banks to provide 'affordable' mortgages to people who can't afford them so the bank can build another branch in the area... Then take a look at how Fannie and Freddie were run in the ground while those on the left side of the aisle said everything was just fine... Perhaps you should take off your Marxist hat and try looking at things at bit more rationally...

May 8 at 10:01am by BRAD
As an analogy, the way I understand it the president inherited a sinking ship. It is an emergency situation and getting worse. The spending We're doing is an attempt to plug some of the holes in the ship so the crew can bail water out of the hull. If you recall he was not in favor of bailouts or buying the banks. He said last week he's not in favor of buying car companies either. He's got enough on his plate without trying to run a car company too! Oh, but of course he's a socialist according to hate radio talk show hosts. It's funny. They're the only ones who claimed he was the Messiah and that everything he touches is perfect. The rest of us are patiently waiting to see if his plan works.

May 8 at 10:04am by ME - YUP really ME obvious by the typos....
True. We need to be more responsible on spending. And that is the reason i have always stayed to the right of center. But again, my problem stems from hearing all of the arguments against National Health care - Corruption, Long Lines, Poor Care - if you have ever been to a Clinic in this country it is no better. For 8 years Bush told us to go to the emergency room. My wife got very sick and lost health insurance when she had to change jobs. So she went to the emergency room when she got sick. A few times. Often times spending all night waiting to see a doctor while in incredible pain. Like I said before, suffering from some yet to be diagnosed digestive issue. The way I see it - Health is Tangible. Money is a made up system that we put way to much emphesis on. Debt is a form a slavery geniously manipulated by a powerful few.If China wants there money, seriously come and get. If america were under real attack, we will always have the means to get it done. Money or no money.

May 8 at 10:07am - I CONTINUE
All that being said. I am not necessarily a PRO NHC system. i merely wish to point out the Hypocracy in the arguments being made. Mike at least has some intelligible reasoning. I suppose the marketing geniouses for the WING NUTZ assume enough Americans are dumb followers. Kool-Aid anyone....

May 8 at 10:13am BRAD
Wow BOB. Name calling is pretty lame. I thought you had a good point or two and was willing to have a real discussion with you. Too bad.Have a nice day.

May 8 at 1:08pm BILL (Name changed to protect the innocent)
BOB, your point about the CAC has some merit, but you can't lay the blame entirely at the feet of those of us who lean to the left. Yeah, there was a mistake there, but it isn't as if the right pushed that hard to control it. Look, the GOP had at least 6 years of totally running the country and the issue was never resolved. Why? For the same reason why the Democrats never pushed on it at the benefited them not to regulate. Walt, my dad just had surgery on his heart (he's ok) but one of things his coverage won't cover was the ride to the hospital in an ambulance. How do you get coverage for having major surgery, but not for the ambulance? Crazy...

May 8 at 2:20pm by BOB
I can't fault any private individual, right or left, with what happens inside the Fed... In the past 2+ years, with a Dem Congress, this country has gone futher into debt. The current admin may have inherited a sinking ship in the Economy, but it is also grossly wasting our money. Giving BILLIONS to Chrysler and GM only to allow them to go into bankruptcy, when that wasn't an option to begin with. It's time that the citizens demand more from those we elect to office. It's time we demand that they stop trying to grow Gov't and produce and enabling nanny state. We don't need the Gov't to provide everything for us. If it would stop at Nationalized Health Care, fine... But it won't. Everything this admin puts out comes with fine print. Faust has the wrong idea, let's learn from that.

May 8 at 3:37pm More from BOB
In case you all have any doubt that this Administration wants to keep everything, even State Law, included under the thumb of the Fed, check this out...
U.S. threatens to rescind stimulus money over wage cuts
The Obama administration threatens to rescind billions in stimulus money if Gov. Schwarzenegger and lawmakers do not restore wage cuts to unionized home healthcare workers. By Evan Halper

May 08, 2009

May 8 at 3:59pm BIFF
I thought this was about healthcare. Sure its part of a bigger picture but we've gone off the rails. Healthcare needs to be fixed to give everyone access to better care and the gulf between those who have good coverage and good care and those who do not continues to widen. What are all those people who lost jobs this year doing for coverage? The families and people with pre-existing health conditions? So lost the job and so go bankrupt due to medical bills? That will get the country going again, more bankruptcy. Walt's wife is a good example of someone who was out of work that could have used some decent coverage rather then sitting around ER's. We have the means within our system and there has to be some way to work it out, how that is I do not know but there has to be a way. Any new Pres. would have had to take radical action to try to solve the radical situation we are in, one which the departing party had 8 years to try to avert if they had any foresight whatsoever.

May 8 at 8:35pm
Good job Walt. Is your status for tomorrow morning going to be about abortion? :) And by the way, the Chinese will NEVER call our loans. They are an export economy and the U.S. is the biggest consumption economy. They need us to survive. And to further add my two cents, our healthcare system sucks. We pay way more per capita than any other industrialized nation, and don't get better results for what we pay. The system is cumbersome, managed care makes things worse, drugs cost way more than other countries. and any Republican that wants to bitch about Democrat spending must have the wool pulled over their eyes from the "don't tax but spend anyway" Bush administration. there - had to get that in.

May 9 at 9:06pm by BECK (Name changed to protect the innocent)
I won't get into the ethical discussion about assuming that you are entitled to the fruits of another man's labor through force, so I will address the pragmatic aspects of a socialized system. Please inform me of a country that has better healthcare than the USA. Why do I regularly meet people who are here for surgeries that their home countries will not cover? has some good stories, but I know plenty of people personally who I have met who came here for cancer treatment, heart surgery, and elective surgeries like knee or hip replacement. I also know wonderful doctors who fled Canada to the US because they were not allowed to respecialize under a socialist system.The only problems with our system is that it is 75% socialized already, and even private citizens expect dollar-for-dollar third-party paid insurance (they want the private insurers to function like a gov't entitlement).

May 9 at 9:09pm BECK
The solution is to get Washington out of the insurance business. Allow mandate-free insurance policies, purchasing insurance across state lines, and give me the same tax treatment as an individual that a company gets when buying a policy. And in many ways, we spend more in America on treatment because there is more to be had. Do you know the wait for dialysis in some of these countries, or the age limit? "Ethicists" are debating the cost of keeping babies alive who will be "burdens to the system".Put it more simply---ever requested clarification from the IRS on something? Ever dealt with the post office? Do you want those people running your healthcare?

May 9 at 9:12pm BECK Part III
One more spin---libertarians argued with leftist-Republicans about the patriot act. They said, "Sure, you trust George Bush, but would you trust Hillary with the same power?" We are now living that mistake as Obama has those powers we trusted to George Bush.So let's turn the argument around---what if Obama isn't always the President? Sure ... Read MoreAcorn will run elections from now on, and it is likely a generation will pass before a Republican or even moderate Democrat is ever elected, but just suppose another George Bush is elected? Do you trust George Bush to make healthcare decisions for you? Would Halliburton just get a no-bid contract to provide it?It amazes me that the generation that tried to foment so much distrust of the government and hatred of America wants to trust them with decisions of life and death.

Health Care reform takes major blow today!!! Minority Party wins the day


Two bills were defeated today at the committee level (TUESDAY9/29/09) Read the Washington Post article for complete details on today's vote. Blame is circling more than vultures over a dying buffalo. But why did they really fail. This country is run by lawyers and insurance companies. Now I am not going into some altered shadow government conspiracy here. But cost of living etc is continually driven up by both. In order to really participate in this country's economy, you need a fortune's worth of insurance. WHY? Because everyone is afraid of getting sued. WHY? Because their insurance rates will go up. WHY? Because you burdened the system. It is a never ending cycle. Who really runs congress? Lobbyists - a pretty name for lawyers. Drug Companies, and Insurance Companies do everything they can to bleed us dry and the Lawyers are their carving tool.... the corporate weapon of mass destruction of choice. All this being said I am not upset these bills failed as I am far from convinced they were good for the country in their current form.

HEALTH CARE REFORM is the number one topic of discussion these days by politicians and media alike. Should it be? Does the Health Care problem measure up to overall economic issues or defense? And I do not mean need for American blood spilling in Iraq and Afghanistan and soon Iran and everywhere else we feel the need to bomb and dominate. I mean more efforts like the one bagging the beauty queen terrorist. (see my latest blog on this subject) But Health Care is the big issue. Liberal leaders scaring us into thinking a public choice is the only way to go. IS IT? At risk at alienating my acting friends, I am still not ready to say yes. I like the idea of reform. Not against a public option. I am mostly against any type of mandate that would force me to buy in. I do not trust any system that you are stuck with. I hate utilities and cable and the lack of choice or ability to do anything when being screwed with. Price increases, bad service, change in service without notification or say in matters etc. There are only so many phone companies and they forever come up with new ways to sneak charges onto your bill in addition raising rates. 3-4 times every year I arrange for a special bundle rate and for some reason I find out I am paying 2-3 times more with in months.

But I think the biggest issue with health care is the lack of choice. Most states do not have choice. New York has a lot of money thanks to Wall Street, International politics, and tourism. But what about other states. The same states that suffer in education and other civil services. I watch way too much 24 hour news TV but I do like to rotate channels to get different views. The only way to get real FAIR and BALANCED coverage is to listen to various opinions - presented as news and deduce the truth yourself. I think I stop short of conspiracy theory nut, but no one source is 100% unbiased. I watched MSNBC today. Dylan Ratigan attacks Insurance lobby lawyer about anti-trust laws. Watch the video and read Ratigan's op-ed piece for his source material explanation ( but basically most states have 1 major carrier - Ratigan states this is because they are only industry (Other than MLB) exempt from Anti-Trust laws.

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

From NY Senator Chuck Schumer - "The present system is broken....costs are going through the roof....We are going to get at this, and at this, and at this, until we succeed, because we believe in it so strongly," Schumer said. The more Americans hear about benefits of a public option, he asserted, "the more they like it." WASH POST

But is that true. Here is my biggest problem with the public option as currently being pushed. Most of these PUBLIC OPTION bills have provisions that would fine you if you did not participate in a program. The MANDATE to join the program is the biggest hiccup for would be supporters. Perhaps you read my DIRECT TV rant where they are charging me a number of fees for changing my service away to TIME WARNER. Those fees are being assessed to my Verizon Bill (As it was once a bundle deal). Verizon refuses to separate these fees from my phone, which will be turned off if I do not pay. Not to mention I will have years and years of collection calls. Monday I had my car towed due to old parking tickets from a car from 7 years ago which I thought I had taken care of. When towing they destroyed my bumper, practically ripping it off - not to mention the huge scratch and dent on the front right door. In order to get this rectifies I was supposed to submit by mail my complaint. I might get lucky but I am expecting a major battle at this point. The biggest difference, this is the government and you have zero rights and no control. I may or may not get lucky and land the nicest government pencil pusher out there but other wise I am completely helpless and hopeless.

This is my fear with PUBLIC OPTION. The same fear that is way exaggerated by terms like death panels. But fear none the less. Government Bureaucracy is the cause of so many problems - waste and abuse of power just to name a few - is health care one we want to trust them with. I think every one needs to take a very good look at the New York system. I do not know how it impacts economy and state budgets. I do know it is a system that works for me in most situations. Government sponsored and monitored but privately managed. PUBLIC OPTION does not have to be the same as NATIONALIZED health care. OPTIONS are good. MANDATED programs are not. Do these people believe USSR was a real communism. We called them communists but does anyone really believe they at all resembled what Marx had intended. Or like most systems of government, ideals were used to help control the masses. Rationing health care, food, banks, cars....

I personally am very happy all things being considered. My wife and I own our own company. Living in New York, insurance is very expensive, however the city and state have developed numerous plans that we take advantage of. In fact I thought there was too much choice in NYC as I just did not know who to go with. We participate in HEALTHY NY via Atlantis We looked a long time for just the right plan. Far from perfect, but if the national public plan would mirror these plans than I say go for it. Similar to the student loan program, the state works with numerous private institutions to deliver subsidized coverage. I do not know about "DEATH PANELS' but I do know that certain coverage is rationed by insurance people on the telephone. For most problems we have a clinic in midtown that is very nice and clean with great nurses and doctors. We pay ZERO in co-pays and no additional charges for Xrays or other tests. We also get a number of generic drugs for free including Antibiotics for my wife and for various flus and colds the past year. There is a small copay for specialists and we could see other doctors for a similar fee but we are so far happy with the clinic. We pay just over $400/month for the family plan. My understanding is there is a plan where you get this same service FREE if under a certain pay scale. Do not know all of the details. But long story short, I have options. I have public options.


I welcome your comments, opinions and diatribes.

FEAR FACTOR: Drag Queen OR Terrorist; Watch out for Bombers - NOT THE YANKEES!

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I have always believed this mantra. You can't walk around in fear - fear of getting mugged, raped, killed, .... blown up. You can imagine the situations as a way to plan ahead but I see too many gripped by fear and therefore held back in daily lives. When you walk around gripped by fear you cannot possibly fully realize your potential, think creatively, or work productively. Fear is the biggest cause for racism. You certainly cannot achieve true happiness. You can say the same about chronic hate but that is another blog. PLAN FOR THE WORST but EXPECT THE BEST. "You gotta have hope. Mustn't sit around and mope" DAMN YANKEES

But as much as I believe we cannot walk around in fear, it is difficult - more and more so. THANK GOD it appears so far the FBI and CIA and other officials are doing a great job preventing future attacks. I but I fear (perhaps ad choice of words) that we might be letting our guard down. Sinking into a comfort zone. But I have a growing malaise. Perhaps this is because I recently started watching CNN and its carbon copies again. I am definitely one that got addicted to 24 hour - NEWS TV during the Clinton years. Combine the OJ trial and Lewinsky scandals, CNN had more drama than any scripted show in 10 years combined. All week I would watch and the only release was a comedic massage to my emotions by Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately SNL has lost that ability over the years, replacing smart satire with sophomoric imitations - the only exception being appearances by Justin Timberlake. (Can we make this guy a regular cast member?) But overkill following the 9/11 attacks, I needed a break from the constant doomsday news reports and political BS. As I became more and more submerged in comedy, I started watching again, but with my knew found professional cynicism, learn to abhor the pundants and quickly moved to the Daily show for what seems to be the closest to honest news reporting calling out the BSers at every turn.

Terror suspect, Najibullah Zazi, in court today is said to have been gathering bomb making supplies and back packs. Is he a terrorist or a wannabe Mary Kate and Ashley Impersonator? Picturing him dancing around dressed like Zsa Zsa Gabor is very therapeutic to my real fear... that we are over due for another historic moment in Manhattan. The plotters' biggest mistake was going to Colorado to buy cosmetics. Men buying blush and pancake in New York City is a perfectly normal activity. Anywhere else in the United States they should have waited for Halloween. QUICK NOTE: Just to stop the horrible rumors floating around that this terrorist, no matter how bird-brained the sceme, is not the Lion King's chamberlain, Zazu.

I seriously doubt another WTC is about to unfold. But it is only a matter of time before a subway or train gets hit. Security is stepped up. But we can't have another WW2 round-up. We can't profile every possible terror suspect? - with ignorant army and police pissing off every Hindi in NYC.

For a while I feared that terrorists would start targeting middle America. Scenes from RED DAWN (R.I.P. Patrick) come to mind on a smaller scale. I always thought that America would really come unsettled if those farther away from our coasts felt they were vulnerable. Fear that terror could happen anywhere would really keep us on our toes. But after my drive down south, through many small towns, I can report those fear are long gone. While very friendly to all, there seems to be deep suspicion of anything straying from the norm. Small town mentality and remnants of racism are enough to alert any paranoid locals fearing any change to their way of life. Blinded by dreams of 72 virgins, extremists from the Middle east could never understand how much a man looking like a young Osama bin Laden strolling down the CVS Clinique aisle would raise attention. Constantly put down by liberal thinking Bi-coasters, Americas best defense from secret internal attacks is the "backward thinking" of "local yokels"

But I do have a real fear - Perhaps more a premonition or just overbearing expectation that any day now I will be waking up to news of Iran's first nuclear attack on Isreal. The rhetoric is strong and so is the display of capabilities, launching the mid range missile into the ocean the other day. I am starting to understand the fear Americans had early in the cold war. We all grew up with regular fire drills practicing escaping the building in a quick but orderly manner. But how many still remember bomb drills. Jumping under desks. Running to the bomb shelter (if your school was lucky enough to have one.) I always wonder how often - if ever - in the past 60 years did the government actually go to highest alert - oh no - DEF CON ONE (or 5 - I forget which is the worst. Have to go watch WAR GAMES again) Again maybe CNN is to blame for overly hightened concern, but I woke up this morning expecting the worst. No kidding

My biggest fear - can I remember the proper way to say or even spell NUCULAR - oops I mean Nuclear. But all and all I refuse to change what I do or how I live my life or to stop trying to make others laugh. I refuse to live in fear - in terror. I do refuse to travel east of Atlantic. I'm bold but not stupid. FEAR FACTOR anyone!

Walt Frasier



PS GO YANKEES!!! The Original Bronx Bombers Are headed into a great October clinching the division by sweeping the Red Sox this weekend. Last night I enjoyed watching one of their farm teams beat up on the Royals. At least that is what I thought I watched as every team star took the day off, their proverbial 7th day I suppose. But I hope Yankee bosses watched last night as I think it was a real display of what has made Yankees great over the years. A ROD has finally stepped up and given what he is paid for - not only delivering the goods, but allowing batters around him (TEX anyone?) realize their potential. But so many of the Yankee greats have come from their amazing FARM system (Jeter anyone?) developing players and stories that we fall in love with. Last night we saw 5-6 guys that could be the next Jeter - home grown talent groomed into leadership roles. The past 5 years have been a roller coaster of emotions watching one so-called star after another bought just to see them fall short. So keep developing the future. Stop buying stars past their prime. And finally a kudos to Joe Girardi. You got my vote and support going forward!

Singing at Sister's Wedding this weekend. Here is a preview....

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