Thursday, June 17, 2010

Diet is going well

I know I should weigh in weekly, but morbid curiosity has me stepping on the scale daily. This morning I weighed in at 345. something. Down from 350 Just on Sunday. Not bad. I put the scale in the kitchen so three nights in a row when diving for late night snack I settled for water.

Also getting a lot exercise in this marathon run of shows.

Monday, June 14, 2010


OK Day two was better than day one!

Sushi tonight. Egg White omelette etc


Turns out the scale lied to me. I think I first weighed in on carpet. Once I put scale in kitchen flat on hard surface, I weighed in at 7-9 pounds heavier this morning. Much more that a days worth of food would have created.. I will reweight tomorrow before any consumption for definitive weigh in POINT ZERO

Sunday, June 13, 2010

NEW DAY 1 - Doing it right this time

NEW DAY 1 - Sunday June 13th 2010.
12:28pm Weigh In - 339.00 lbs

PERSPECTIVE - April 2008 I weighed in at 352 at Weight Watchers. By July 4th 2008 I lost 55 pounds weighing in at 297lbs. So in two years I have gained back 42 pounds. A NET loss still at 13 pounds. I am pretty sure I was heavier in the past months. So HERE WE GO!!!

Currently noshing on some grapes and melon. Good start!


For me!!!

I am in pain. Every Joint. I am depressed. I don't need pills to fix the symptoms. I need to fix the problem. The cause. Weight is effecting all areas of life and performance. I am unable to do what I used to do. I am getting older. Harder to deal with pain. Can't walk up steps with out feeling like heart failure onset. Can't walk 1/4 mile without foot discomfort. Clothes are tight. Busted open pants button and belt doing comedy routine last week. FUNNY & VERY SAD at the same time!!!


Now I have a scale. No faking it. I know the weight watchers diet. I know the Dr Atkins Diet. I am familiar with dozen other. I need to healthier. Less. Better choices. I need to work out. Walk. Tone. Burn. SWIM!!!

I can't let this control my life any more.