Thursday, September 3, 2009

Car Dealers

We are in the market for the OFFICIAL EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH GIG MOBILE. Looking at a number of mini vans. We have been to a few dealers and looked a a lot of places online - coming to one conclusion.... THEY ALL SUCK.

Oh sure they are nice to your face. But the games they play. Leaving you alone for what seems like hours. Dragging feet so you do not have time to look at other dealers. Empty promises. How many times do I have to hear? - "That is the lowest we can go" just to hear " Alright I'll knock off another grand if you buy right now" as we walk out the door. It does not help that I SUCK at this. I am doing more to help the sales guy than my wife haggle the price. She really does not need me playing devils advocate in favor of the snakes.

One dealer in Queens, I won't name any names... never mind screw you Paragon Honda... we even put a deposit down on a car and then they sold it to someone else.

We went online to look at a few cars. The prices are great. We made on online bid. I think, great now we do not have to haggle with morons and their mafia goons AKA managers. But then we get the call, come on in lets chat. "Is that price accepted for that car" Maybe but I have some other ones you might want to look at.

So we are still looking. I am way to busy and way to mentally committed else where to deal with this nonsense. As far as I am concerned all car salespeople can go pleasure ther own undercairrage. As Mad Dog would say this is a lot funnier at the Midnight show. Read into your own unsavory language I am spewing daily outside of dealerships this week.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I realized I have been neglecting my blog. Here is one of my recent FACEBOOK postings!!!

Is there any question that I consider myself a singer first and foremost. If there is it is because you have been blinded - literally - by me running around topless on stage or in videos. I love doing the Improv show. It has been the best day job anyone could ask for. And performing for youth audiences, introducing many to the performing arts for the first time, is so fulfilling. But doing two amazing musical theater pieces and getting a chance to play vocally for the first time in years has motivated me to go back and really develop the repitoir, audition for Broadway, maybe do some concerts and reexamine opening up a serious vocal studio. I have heard far worse claiming to be vocal instructors. AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Actually you probaly don't and hence there lies the problem with so many up and coming singers being led by the blind - and they have not seen me naked - YET!!!I feel great about the instrument but now I have to get serious about shaping the songs. Hiding behind natural talent I have faked it for too long. Time to finally develop and build the book of options for auditions and cabaret concerts. I have songs that I can fake from every genre but few that I could whip out memorized. And finally get my name and face out there as a go to voice. Finally it is time for me to stop yelling on the street. It kills the instrument. Took me 4 weeks of focuissing on singing and theater to really get back to normal. Let me know what you think.
EVITA - ON CRACK Way toooooooo fast!!! - 6 weeks ago!


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Last two shows of the summer Friday (9/4) & Saturday (9/5) a gig in teh Hamptons (9/6) and then off I go with Laurice on a much need vacation. We return to NYC late September. Lot of gigs in DC, MAryland and Virginia this fall and lots of big thens to come. STAY POSTED!!!