Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poor Chris Brown

AP - Chris Brown says he is unsure about how the public perceives him since he attacked Rihanna.

Seriously. I am pretty sure. Anyone still respect this creep. Drop it low, Chris.

Want to know your image? Check out the image of Rihanna from your fist...

If I were you I would start learning a skill like accounting, telemarketing or waiting tables. You might be able to sing, but these days any pretty face and mediocre talent can be propped up by producers and sounds studio edits. You are lucky to not be in prison right now.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


October 31, 2009 - WALKILL NY

Laurice, Spero, and I along with EIGHT cast members Andree, John and DMG - OH and Sandra too!) drove up to the Chumas ancestral home to celebrate the holiday. Mother and Sister Chumas had prepared a tremendous spread that was paced all day long. Sandwich buffet assortment and deli favorites (Mac Salad, Pot Salad) waiting for us, I was cursed for driving up with a PB Sunday from Stewarts. Afterwards we all take out time getting into costumes. Kids arrive around 6pm. Small group - Large Groups. Many family groups. At one point one would think an entire block traveled as a unit.

Spero poses as a statue with a scary mask. Ask kids near, one arm shoots up with a candy treat. Andree followed suit with a great Skeleton Mask. Laurice was kind of a scary punk with pink hair etc. David dressed up as Nicely Nicely but served the role of Freak Circus MC/ Sister Chumas and Beau dressed as Vampires. Even the dogs had costumes. John showed up late due to GPS sending him to another town, but made up for his absence with a great Gorilla Suit and agile movements. I was lacking in costume but added my voice and natural creepy charm. Bored a changed looks a few times. I was a little disappointed that I had not planned this out better. SO I did my freeze move. Using bad ventriloquism, I would project a scray growling voice "HAPPY HALLOWEEN - HA HA HA" HACK.... I think a few thought I was actually a smoker or asthmatic. This alternated with a haunting chant "DON't PULL THE FINGER" Some kids were eager to jump in. If they did I made a serious of Fart noises. Some rhythmic and musical. Ah yes, variety is the spice of life. One young 6yo said "THAT's DISGUSTING"

Inside there were snacks waiting for us again. Homemade Spinach Dip, Hummus, Cheeses and Chips. I did better than usual not to fill up on these. The game was rain delayed so we tried to watch CURB on demand. Time Warner SURPRISED US (please detect sarcasm here) that om demand did not work. Dinner was ready and seconds later the game started. The best baked ziti and Italian sausage were worth missing Werth hit the solo home run. But Spero and I were in front of the TV in time for Pettite to briefly fall apart. He looked stressed the first couple innings. As if he was trying not to cry. That might be the from the rain, but he just did not have the fierceness in his eyes. However he seemed to get it back by the fourth and was great after. Yankees went to work and racked up the points. GO YANKEES!!!

After the game - MORE FOOD. Homemade Apple Crisp and Apple Pia from Meredith's Bread Stand, which we found on the highway rest stop off of 87.

As I type this I am working up the appetite for Pancake Breakfast at he fire house. I am writing this blog to stall while the other actors sleep. I am cursed for being a morning person in an business where late night romps are more normal than 5am fishing trips. Oh well, time to start planning Veterans Day!