Thursday, May 3, 2012

Avengers Movie Outtakes and Bonus Footage: Regular Guy

Space Shuttle on 747 flying low over West New York, NJ April 27 Ep 1.3

Avengers Movie Outtakes and Bonus Footage: Old Fart

Avengers Movie Outtakes and Bonus Footage: Lunch Lady and the Brisketeer

The NEW Avengers Movie (PARODY) Auditions

Avengers Movie hits the theaters. But now, Earth's Mightiest heroes need help to defeat the latest Skrull Invasion. May 3, 2012 Super Heroes from around the world have come to audition for the coveted spot on the greatest team of superheros ever assembled. Even some of DC Comics have come out to benefit from the success of the Marvel team, or at least their movies. Iron Man / Tony Stark, Thor and Captain America serve as a panel to find the next Marvel Avenger!

Featuring the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH
See the cast live in times square and touring nationwide to schools, clubs, theaters, colleges, universities, corporate and private events.
Patrick Reidy as Tony Stark / Iron Man
Robert Savage as Thor
Nathan Armstrong as Captain America
Laurice Fattal as Pepper (VO)
And new heroes played by Paul DeGrocco, Amelia Fowler, Rebeca Diaz, evan Schultz, Andrew Henske Del Vecchio, Brian Anthony Simmons, Charlie Kennedy, Noel Olivencia, Leroy Prompakdee, Laurice Fattal, Walt Frasier