Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"I'm Sorry" says Kanye West - YEAH RIGHT!!!

I remember seeing Kanye on Saturday Night Live a few years ago, performing with full ensemble of strings. He had recently pulled a similar award show stunt and made the Bush remark, not caring about black people.... But the classical influences were very impressive. I remarked on how much real music was going on behind the sampling of beats. More interesting rhythmic offerings as well than the average rapper.

Is it me or does Kanye have a serious problem with attention. Kanye IS a true artist. I truly believe that. Or should I say ARTEEST. He reminds me of so many New York actors begging for attention, even if they already have it. Not realizing they already have the focus of everyone in the room and not knowing the line between drawing focus and the pathetic - perhaps pathological - need for it. Kanye reminds me of a five year old child feeling ignored "Look mommy I made finger paint pictures" Having 4 hit records is not enough I guess. He has to realize that these stunts piss enough people off that it will keep him from truly being on top. Is he destined to be the Mickey Rourke of the music industry, instead of boxing, bullying 19yo country singers. Check out this SNL clip. Was it foreshadowing when Kanye steps on the toes of a 8yo Pumpkin winner.

I think Obama was right - even if it was off the record - regarding Kanye West. As it was off the record i will not repeat it here but you probably have heard it by now. Something to do with another word for mule. Kanye's apology is the only thing lamer than his actions. But his whole career has been one of shock and awe. He is not sorry one bit. He did not care about Beyonce winning. All he cared about was being the most talked about Monday morning!!! (and beyond) So he goes on Leno (SEE FULL VIDEO EPISODE BELOW), and finding the sincerity in his "SORRY" was more difficult than solving the maze on his head. (Which does look really cool but works for this joke.) But an apology is not an apology when you are not honestly sorry for your actions, but instead being sorry that someone got hurt because he did what he thought was right. "My hurts caused someone else's hurt. My dream of what an award show should be" WHAT? - TOTAL CHAOS ruled by the great KWEST!?! Where a one man wrecking crew reigns supreme. Where KANYE gets to decide who wins. Where personal opinions of one grown up child trumps popular vote. And than this joke of a SORRY trumps the fact that he is on Leno to back up to JayZ and Rhianna and tries to steal the show there. You're message is selfish and self serving.

Now I hear he has apologized to Taylor Swift. On the view, Taylor reported she had not heard directly from KWEST. The fact that we know he has finally called is a testament to the whole public relations angle an not a true regret for actions. A true apology is a private consession to the offended. Any public announcement is made for PR purposes. Add to that notion any apology from cheating governors (NY and SC), athletes (Hey Micheal Vick -how's the new season going for you) and Presidents (Anyone believe Clinton is Sorry?). These people are not sorry for their actions -just for getting caught.

By contrast I truly believe Serena's apology. She got caught up in the competitive mode and let herself get carried away, getting all John McEnroe on the line judge's a$$. She truly regrets her words and actions and is honestly embarrassed by her actions not the situation of public judgement. Kanye regrets nothing, knowing bad PR sells a ton of records.

Move over Puffy, here is the real BAD BOY! Click to the 2nd to last segment for the interview.

On a side note, I think I figured out the whole Leno at 10pm plan. NBC realized that old people need to get to bed earlier. So they just took away 60-90 minutes. Conan is doing his same old show (Which i think they should move back to NYC - a town with a soul, dark as it may be, that fed him nightly) and put Jimmy Fallon to replace Carson Daly as the late Late LATE night drab slot, assuming that no one but drunks and pot heads are watching so we can slip in some cheap crap. I would say more but hopefully NBC will hire me someday.

Finally, i am not sure Kanye should shoulder all of the blame for Sunday. I have a deep suspiscion that MTV put him up to the task. I certainly did not watch the original teleplay and I am sure millions would never have cared about the event without this controversy.

IN OTHER NEWS - Continuing the Vacation

We are now enjoying Myrtle Beach. Love being an actor an able to take off time when all are back at school and work. We have the place to ourselves. No traffic. No lines. Had some great mexican last night followed by a stroll on the beach. Beautiful breeze cooling the warm summer night air. Poetic NO? This place is huge. A lot of tourist junk with a few great hotels, shows and restaurants. Perhaps the best beach vacation spots I have seen!


vincent said...

this guy Kanye is Alllllll bull. He is out of this galaxy let alone into himself. He meant nothing when he said he was sorry

vincent said...

This Kanye guy really is sincere... yeah right... !!! lol