Monday, November 16, 2009


Had to get up to move the car this morning. After the show Saturday at Times Square Comedy, I parked at a meter seven blocks away. Ooooooooooooooo it was chilly. I drove down to the bank with a bunch of deposits and my first check from the COMEDY HALL of FAME. On the way back up Broadway, I nearly hit about 15 kids. Not all at once. Every time I stopped at a red light, students walking with headphones did not look anywhere but the ground two feet in front. As lights turned green for me, they just keep coming, oblivious to anything else in the world. DANGER WILL ROBINSON.

Speaking of walking off the sidewalk, anyone see CURB last night? Hilarious bit one after the other. This season has been more Seinfeld like even when not dealing with the reunion. Michael Richards finally dealt with his Laugh Factory legacy and Larry brought up memories of one my shows this past spring. In getting ideas from audience, I asked a young lady her age. "12? PERFECT!" I have not been left alone about that since. Now that Larry appears to the world to be dating a 9yo, I feel much better. So must Roman Polanski.

Californication last night figured a way to make PORNO with RICK SPRINGFIELD. I guess they figured there has not been enough sex lately.

I am starting to realize that I watch WAY TO MUCH TV. Tonight it's Heros. Tuesday V. Wednesday Top Chef (Eventually LOST). Thursday Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. Friday Night Smallville. Or should I say these are the shows I DVR until I get off stage and can watch them. Of course there are all the lousy movies on demand and documentaries on the history channel.

Well, back to bed, off to rehearsal and then to get a new LAP TOP. That's right, my fisher price (ASUS) 9" 2.5 lb computer died. Took it to BEst Buy GEEK SQUAD. Technician said "Hmmmm, smells like coffee".

Driving back from Ocean City last weekend, I stopped for coffee. It was dark then too and all others were asleep in the NAVY8OR. So I slipped into the MCdonald's Drive thru, ordered and Iced Mocha and a small black coffee. The Iced Coffee was way to sleep. The cup has a large hole at the top to allow for extra whip cream. So I thought pouring the hot coffee into the Iced Mocha would dilute the sugar further. So driving 65+ MPH on Delaware 1, I tried to pur the one to the other. Seemed a success until I stopped for gas two hours laters. Coffee was everywhere.

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