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This is my third blog on the subject. My frustration is less and less about the substance of possible reform, or dangers of keeping the status quo, and more and more about the reality of what lawmakers are trying to pass. SERIOUSLY Can any of you truly state for certain, what is in the current bill? What will the final bill be? What is the true motivation for each senator PRO or CON? Than stop trying to tell me you are for or against the reform cause I doubt you know squat beyond what the CNN, FN and MSNBC blowhards are trying to sell -er - um I mean - tell you. YOu really need to watch CSPAN itself to watch the Senators and Congress people (Yeah PC) shit diarrhea of the mouth - AKA rhetoric - themselves. Or at least that is what I thought....

I often tell folks to watch CSPAN. Watching CNN and fellow Newstainment channels present but a small cleverly shaped version of the real world. Depending on the anchor and channel you are watching, the "TRUTH" has a number of interpretations. So I like to watch CSPAN (in short spans as more than 10 minutes watching politicians ramble leads to suicidal tendencies). To see the real deal. To get the unfiltered "truth" on politicians etc

Just a few days ago I saw Chris Dodd and Max Baucus arguing Medicare reform with republicans that had just finished a very intensive presentation complete with flow charts and other visual aids. Looked like a college class from 40 years ago on how to present corporate proposals. Very low tech etc. The best part, neither side could agree on the definition of "MEDICARE". Arguing over Medicare Advantage, Republicans argue that their constituents will loose coverage with new bill, while Democrats argue Med Advantage is not Medicare at all. It was quite funny with Baucus keeping a cool head while Chris Dodd popped capillaries to the brain, foaming at the mouth as it to say how dare you argue my brilliance. No wonder this guy is in trouble. He was really coming apart. Baucus just kept saying, well a few folks might lose their gym memberships.

Apparently Medicare Advantage is a "private program" paid for by the government. Private firms seem to be making a fortune off of the program. No point in discussing now what the bill will do as it has already changed and will change some more.

But the point is, the whole situation is a mess. Medicare, Health Care, Congress and the "NEWS" folks covering it all. I respect arguments for what should be done. I have a hard time trusting anyone that tells me what's really going on in congress. One side is owned by lawyers fighting tort reform. The other is owned by insurance industry fight health care reform. The only person helped by status quo - Lawyers and Insurance folks. Until we start really paying attention, why should congress pay attention to us.

So once again, I call for a total replacement plan. For the next 10 years, vote for the new guy or gal. Vote out the incumbents. Term Limits can be put in place by us. We do not need more legislation. If these guys don't get it done or do it wrong, GET THEM OUT OF THERE!!! Republicans, Democrats etc

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