Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Big Ass MIstake America = OBAMA?

Just got a weird FB spam promoting O.B.A.M.A. "One Big Ass Mistake America" Seriously, do the rantings of extremist nuts ever help? Or hurt? I think the illusion is that McCain/Palin would be any better. Would Kerry been better than Bush? Gore? I am sure plenty would have prefer ed 4 more years for Bush Sr or a Robert Dole presidency.

Maybe Obama is not a great President. Perhaps he likes the sound of his voice way too much. Perhaps he does little to scare off our enemies. And even less to truly fix the problems within our borders. Does that mean he is a mistake?


He is a wake up call. As is this whole mess we are all in together. A wake up call that our President can do very little to help our day to day existence. He can do little to fix our problems. The only one that can fix your problems is you. If we made a mistake, lets fix it in November.

The biggest mistake any American ever made is voting Party line. Republicans made just as many mistakes when they ran the whole show. Fortunately, the Democrats were too disorganized with in-party power struggles and ego trips to manage to accomplish anything that will destroy our lives further.

In the late 90s both Republican Congress and Bill Clinton took credit for all of our "successes". So blame them both for the inflated stock markets that led to the crash. Blame them for false sense of security and wealth that led to many over spending.

What is the point? There is always someone better. There is always someone worse. These days it is almost impossible to tell until it is too late. At the end of the day, we need to exercise our right to vote. When in doubt vote out the incumbent.

Do we need experience? Yes.
Do we need dinosaurs running the world? No.
Do we need action? Perhaps.

Good laws do not need a filibuster proof Senate to pass. Good laws get passed. Read previous blog and tell me you trust anyone in government.

Note to politicians:
Read previous blog and tell me you expect us to trust anyone in government.
Be honorable.
Represent our needs not your own personal ambition.
These days we find out almost everything so think before you act stupid

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