Sunday, June 13, 2010

NEW DAY 1 - Doing it right this time

NEW DAY 1 - Sunday June 13th 2010.
12:28pm Weigh In - 339.00 lbs

PERSPECTIVE - April 2008 I weighed in at 352 at Weight Watchers. By July 4th 2008 I lost 55 pounds weighing in at 297lbs. So in two years I have gained back 42 pounds. A NET loss still at 13 pounds. I am pretty sure I was heavier in the past months. So HERE WE GO!!!

Currently noshing on some grapes and melon. Good start!


For me!!!

I am in pain. Every Joint. I am depressed. I don't need pills to fix the symptoms. I need to fix the problem. The cause. Weight is effecting all areas of life and performance. I am unable to do what I used to do. I am getting older. Harder to deal with pain. Can't walk up steps with out feeling like heart failure onset. Can't walk 1/4 mile without foot discomfort. Clothes are tight. Busted open pants button and belt doing comedy routine last week. FUNNY & VERY SAD at the same time!!!


Now I have a scale. No faking it. I know the weight watchers diet. I know the Dr Atkins Diet. I am familiar with dozen other. I need to healthier. Less. Better choices. I need to work out. Walk. Tone. Burn. SWIM!!!

I can't let this control my life any more.

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