Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am looking for ideas - well sponsors - to help bring our programs to those that need it most. EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH and IMPROV 4 KIDS already plays 200-300 shows/year, but I feel the neediest of the student population will never get to partake. So for years I have tried to find ways to allure some folks with money, either via grant OR sponsorship, to help us facilitate these lofty goals. I would love anyone out there with the money, the connections or any ideas on a next step.
What am I missing?
What can I do to sell this idea?

We use Improv comedy to inspire literacy, cultural arts education, public speaking skills and one-on-one communication skills. We disguise a classic vaudevillian variety show as modern comedy. Students of all ages love the show and have no idea we are exposing them to classical music, theater and literature. We get students excited about these classics and nuture a desire to learn. Our workshops follow up and teach students how to learn. We expect but don't teach students how to focus, listen and creatively think. These skill are experience and inspired. Carried over to the classroom, you get stduent like the world has not seen in decades. You can't teach a child that has no desire to learn. You can't feed enough information fast enough to an inspired student.

What this grant would mean for a few talented actors???
We would be able to give a few part time performers full time employment, including benifits. Operating under AGVA jurisdiction, we have a few full time contracts and numerous featured guest. These outreach shows would help fill in our calendar especially during slower months (typically Labor Day thru Thanksgiving). We are ridiculous bust the rest of the year as a company. But I envision all of our part timers with year round full time employemnt.

What can we offer a corporate sponsor???
We already have an extensive program. Any sponsor would have some sort of representation in everything we do.

What 10K could get?
TEN SHOWS donated to NYC TITLE ONE schools
TWO SHOWS at Our Times Square Theater by invite only to afterschool programs, Title Ones and other non-profit groups.
1000s of free tickets to public show donated via community centers in our neediest neighborhoods.
FREE ADMISSION to workshop series for selected individuals
A month of YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE everywhere we go....
1) "YOUR COMPANY NAME presents IMPROV 4 KIDS" on a Broadway Marquis on 8th Ave between 42nd & 43rd Streets for 30 days. This busy corner is home to a few high end hotels, brand new office buildings with 30+ floors of employees, and Port Authority with 100s of 1000s of locals and tourists entering our city.
2) "YOUR COMPANY NAME presents IMPROV 4 KIDS" on Large Posters inside theater complex with1000s of weekly guests enjoying theater, comedy, magic and music on our 5 stages.
3) "YOUR COMPANY NAME presents IMPROV 4 KIDS" on 1000's of promotional materials distributed all around the city - postcards, flyers, posters etc
4) "YOUR COMPANY NAME presents IMPROV 4 KIDS" on programs for all SGF productions (20-40 events/month)
5) "YOUR COMPANY NAME presents IMPROV 4 KIDS" on 1000s of study guides distributed to students at all schools we perform for that month (not limited to donated venues)
6) "YOUR COMPANY NAME presents IMPROV 4 KIDS" on all tickets
7) "YOUR COMPANY NAME presents IMPROV 4 KIDS" on weekly eblasts and websites with links to your websites
8) "YOUR COMPANY NAME presents IMPROV 4 KIDS" on press releases you approve to all NYC area news outlets

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