Friday, August 20, 2010

Rocket could be going to Jail

Roger Clemens could be going to Jail for lying to congress about steroid use. Perhaps for 30 years. It is way too early to tell. Many called him the ROCKET, for his powerful pitching arm. Hear are some othe common and uncommon meanings of the slang term ROCKET...


Scottish Slang: An idiot. Someone who's daft in the head. Has little grip on reality. Also ugly, very unfashionable and completely stupid.

An extremely attractive female

The act of having sex. Pronounced with a pause: "Rock---It"

An exceptionally copious amount of dipping tobacco. Used especially when said dip is Grizzly or "the Grizz". MAKES SENSE FOR BASEBALL PLAYER

term used by Jamie Oliver for lettuce

A really CUTE puppy Dog.

Marijuana joints.

AS A VERB - Inserting a whole non-crushed pill into the rectum in order to experience the pills effect for longer duration with lower peak.

# 15 on the URBAN DICT LIST - Roger "Rocket" Clemens, the best pitcher on the best team in baseball.

An oversized can of low quality beer or malt liquor. Cheap and ghetto.

pussy or vagina

A large piece of poop.

Blow Job

I guess one word means a lot to a lot of people. There were a few others i did not feel to include but basically mostly penis references. I guees Roger is going to be the big ROCKET in prison!

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