Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I had the coolest gig Monday. Got to write and perform 20 minutes original for Lawyers based on a case they originally won. Sort of roast I suppose.  There were ten of them in a wine cellar. Enough jokes there I know. But I was struggling to find a good opening until about 5 minutes before the moment I went in the room.

So I went acting nervous - ACTING of course - NOT REALLY NERVOUS - NOT ME - NO -

"Forgive me if I am nervous. This is a roast of sorts and Lawyers will laugh all night but in the morning there will be a libel suit on your desk. This is a good week for lawyers however.... A lot of celebroties are getting in trouble. Lindsay Lohan is in and out of Jail. Paris Hilton is in and out of Japan. And Elmo is in and out of Katy Perry!" RIM SHOT PLEASE!!!

Well it got a great roar and allowed me to continue with mediocre wink wink nudge nudgers....

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