Sunday, October 3, 2010


Last week I started paying attention to what I eat. Again. For the 50th time or so in the past decade alone. Buying a pint of Egg Whites or Egg Beaters every other day. Eating a lot of Cereal with Skim milk. Started eating fruit again. About 12-16 ounces of cut fruit salad. Coffee plain or with milk - without sugar or cream. Cut out virtually all cookies and similar EVILS (lmao). Having a small fix of chocolate here and there. I did have a cupcake yesterday. No a giant one you find in NYC bake shops these days. A homemade dem with chocolate icing injected to the center, coloered icing and crytalized sugar on the outside baked by the mother of our Bday party twins at Improv 4 Kids 3pm show.

Last Sunday I stepped on the scale thinking I was starting to loose. I actually gained 4 pounds. Peaked at 357 plus. Stepped on the scale today and came in just over 348. Just under 9 pounds. And I do not feel like I really dieted. I ate healthy. AH HA Moment (LOL Roberta)

SO please do not offer me - enable me. The temptation can be great. Do not preach to me. Do not patronize. All of these are equally evil to my psyche. Just be happy for me. If I am CHOOISING to eat a certain food. Trust me, ...

Today's Bfast included a giant Egg white omelette,. 1/4 lb Turkey Bacon and two slices of wheat bread. Laurice Got my coffee. This neighborhood just HAS to put sugar in the cup I guess. I feel stuffed but not disabled.

On another note, yesterday saw some amazing crowds and even better Improv.  At 3pm we had a vary large crowd of families. Spero, Patrick, Laurice and I kicked out some real gems. AT 8pm Degrocco - comma - Paul join us. Up until 8pm we were not sure if  show would even happen. The club had some bizarre party going on. Communications were piss poor at best. We wound up in a theater we are not accustomed too and sound was on teh fritz. No microphones. No CD player for interludes. I was ready to call the show until I reallized we actually had a decent audience. Not wanting to do refunds, we rallied to one of our best shows ever. A real mix crowd - family of seven from Westchester, five from Da' Heights ready to party and a lot of theater folk - all left exuberated. Special thanks to the cast for really stepping and delivering TEN FOLD!!!


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