Monday, February 2, 2009

I am now a proud SAG Actor

I just joined SAG and walked over one mile to get my bank check on 9th ave and to the offices on Madisson. Great exercise. Very proud to have finally made this huge step. I came to the realization, my resume and credit list is big enough, I do not need to do anymore crappy paying jobs, or even more so deal with unprofessional audition methods. The BIZ is a numbers game. You might go on 100 auditions and get 1 job. BUT, If you get a union job you make enough money to justify 100 auditions. I have been a working actor for 4 years now. Union jobs waste less time, pay better and treat you professionally right from the first call to audition through the final paycheck. I value the non-union work on my resume. I wish no ill on the producers and other industry pushing those projects. But that is enough for me.
On the diet front
Acoss the street from the SAG office I found a great lunch spot. Basically a high end EUROPA/DELI. I had the spinach salad and added grilled spiced shrip, roasted corn and roasted grapes. I did add smoke gouda but topped it with FF HOney Mustard. Awesome. About 10 points on Weight Watchers. The two coffess I had today cancel out the walking. About 2 points each.

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