Sunday, February 1, 2009

OH CRAP - I gained


I was really expecting to be down a couple. I am up 5 lbs since my last meeting on 1/4/09. Up to 319 and counting...

We it was a wake up call. I went right to a deli and ordered an eggewhite veggie omelet and a big fruit salad. Skim milk and no sugar in my coffee. I hate fake sugar. Sweet 'n low, equal, they all taste like ass. Then I had a big salad at Lenny's on 8th ave.

Wasted time watching a horrible movie. INKHEART. Reminded me of the Golden COmpass, which I watched on direct TV last night. Todays in a row, two movies, two really bad rip offs of 4-5 fantasy movies all in one. At least Epic Movie tried to be crap on purpose for funny effects. These just put me to sleep.

Walked around a lot on the upper west side. Went to Circuit City. Listen folks, if you are going to have a going out of business sale, why don't you put things at prices that really attract customers to buy. I was lured in but quickly noticed you are still paying for NYC rents at those rates. "UP TO 40% OFF" Most of the crap was bare 20% off.

I was going to go to the gym but I was so depressed about the weight I said screw it. That's the way to lose. Note to self, need to think differently if going to succeed.

Now watching Super Bowl. Unimpressed until the dorritos commercial. Dark Comedy Finding myself craving nachos and wings and other foods not on the diet.


RE Start Traking Food Intake
Get to Gym twice
No dips - including hummos, guacamole, melted cheese etc. Fresh Salsa on Salads only ( I like as a lazy man weight to add tomatoes)

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