Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MOHAMMAR GADAFI (sp?) stars in Love Labours Lost - SHAMOUD Ahmadinejad postponed

Do you know the Shakespearean play? Funny i just saw the movie musical by Kenneth Brannaugh this morning on IFC. In it the King and court swear to avoid women. So that they are not tempted they keep all women outside the main gates, so when the princess of France arrives, she is forced to lodge in tents outside in nearby fields.

Thus is the lot for Quadaffi, Gadafi, Kaddaffi, Kacky DuckDaffi? This guy has more spelling options the 8days of Jewish holidays. Mandated by religious doctrine, he has to sleep in tents. I believe one of his destinations is Trumps back yard. What, Staten Island landfill too nice? Coney Island offered circus tent former location. Numerous places in New York and Jersey have turned his people down. Did they finish tearing down Yankee stadium yet? How about Roosevelt Island? Perhaps Woodside right next to the Hasidics? Of course this is why Reagan missed him back in 1986. He bombed the palace. Missed the backyard tent. I wonder if his mom came out when he had nightmares.

At long last we finally get to hear this man speak at the United Nations. I personally have been losing sleep for decades wondering if this would ever occur. Now I fall asleep as he speaks for six times his scheduled time, pissing off Iranian dictator and fellow terrorist Mahmoud AhmadineJIHAD - the one true legitimate ruler of a free people with free elections and free speech. Sorry - the sarcasm is a bit thick, eh? Shamoud had to be rescheduled for later this evening. Another must see TV moment... By the way, the Canadians decided to Boycott the Iranian mob boss. Yeah, that should stick it to them.

So Qadictaffy, obviously tired from lodging confusions, begins his 96-minute rant. Most importantly adding to his tent issues, the UN is just too far from his home tent and should be moved closer to lessen his Jet Lag. If only his terorist buddies felt the same way. "Hey guys, lets bomb someplace closer to home. We can carry backpacks anywhere. We don't need an 8-hour flight with lay overs. OH ALLAH I hate the lay overs..." Perhaps if he lodges at the Waldorf he would have been more alert. Perhaps if he used the teleprompter rather than squint at hand written scribbles, he would have stayed more focused. Instead about to tear up a copy of the UN charter, he loses his place and forgets his gesture of defiance. As usual we are the Devil. Although the UN is now the "Silent Devil" for its inactions and the Security Council the "Terror Council". MoMoneyar Gaudafi called just about everybody a liar, hopes Obama ("OUR" son of Africa) could remain President forever, and further denied rumors he wears underwear saying "Lockerbie Shmockerbie".

Obviously Quackdaffi was not listening to Obama when he said America is done being the world's solution. So we can all look forward to the wonderful days of the Roaring 20s Isolationism? And perhaps rise to another Hitler?

While all of this is happening and because no one else in our country will listen, Sarah Palin goes to Hong Kong in search of an audience. Talk about you Dim Sum!!!

PS... Anyone see the reports on Afganistan? I mean the results and photos from the "classified" meeting. I guess CNN is not the only news source willing to give up our military secrets.

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vincent said...

Quddafi could be a stand up comic the man is just
Dean Mandile