Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Environmentalists MUST not have allergies. Leave me and my smog alone! Stop cleaning up MY urban paradise!

I have been travelling around the great American south east region for the past three weeks. Loving the water sports - Boating and Swimming in river, lake, gulf and ocean. Eating the best comfort food in the world!!! Suffering from the worst environmental allergies in years. Watery eyes, sneezing, swollen glands, scratchy throat and more.

Living in NYC the past twelve years has been the greatest cure to allergies ever. Smog and other pollution tends to kill most living things. Surrounded by iron, glass, brick and mortar rather than trees, grass and flowers keeps the body feeling great. But this paradise to allergy sufferers is under attack. There are those that would destroy this safe haven. And we need to stand up to progress and change. We need to bring this battle to the presses and local politicians. Our children deserve a world without rag weed, pollen and yes, hay fever!

Every year since moving to New York City I have noticed a slow constant worsening of my allergies. Every year more trees replace former dead zones. Now they are putting parks on top of old rail roads in midtown. Sure these creations of nature are pretty to look at. Sure they seem great on paper. But are we thinking straight? We already cleaned up the streets. Pushing out the mafia and gangs to the outskirts of town. We reduced the number of hookers, xxx clubs and con men in Mid Town, making a show like THE LIFE dated. We confiscated dozens of book bags and backpacks saving us all from terrorism once again. We even finally took care of Bernie "Made-off with billions" Madoff. Can't we leave pollution alone?

If you want "CLEAN" air move else where. But leave my dirty dead breathing supply alone. I want a dirty air candidate for Mayor. Which mayoral candidate will protect my right to smog? NOT Bloomberg. NOT any of the boobs taking pot shots at him. We need fresh political talent that realizes MY needs.

Last night I slept 16 hours with out once snoring or coughing. This morning my nasal and sinus passages are squeaky clean. My throat is mildly and properly moist but not coated. My chest is breathing clear and ready for Wagner.

Friday gig in NJ. Shows at Times Square Arts Center this weekend.
Upcoming Public Appearances
Oct 3rd 12-3pm Smithsonian Museum of Art
Oct 16 7 & 9 pm TWO SHOWS West Virginia
Oct 27 8pm Jumpin' Java, VIENNA VA


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