Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love VD

The movie!!!

I really did not want to see it. Heard horrible things. I will stop short of saying I was dragged, but on the inside I was thinking, "Just don't go to sleep. That will ruin the date."

You might agree with me. As the opening credits rolled I leaned to Laurice and said, "They should just list actors NOT in the movie." (See full list below - and that's just the principal cast)

The first 20 minutes were cute but slow. The problem with so many criss-crossing stories? They all have to start. So basically you get 5-10 wake up with lover, wife or alone scenes. But then in an action-less CRASH-like way, the stories start to interweave. Some not until the end. There are some very cute reference to past artistic endeavors, especially with Garry Marshall and Julia Roberts you really have to pay attention to catch. Usually I am very quick with subtle and inside jokes. But Laurice had to point out every one to me. Especially one referring to Julia's Broadway Debut. Taylor (Lautner) & Taylor (Swift) quips were fun but that was the limit to there screen time.

The only problem I had with the movie? It was very white, with a few token performances. Jamie Foxx and Queen Latifa were both great but after thoughts. George Lopez seemed out of place as the Mexican Florist working for, yet best friend to Ashton Kutcher. You would think stars of this caliber have out lived the need for the stereotype roles.

Basically this would normally be a movie made with a bunch of CW up and comer types with 1-2 stars. A romantic Superbad. But, being Garry Marshall - one of those directors you work for less than usual just to stand in front of his cameras - you get a screen full of Oscar nods and top pop icons. Especially endearing, the story line of Hector Elizondo and Shirley MacLaine.


ANYWHO - Back to IMPROV. 1pm Show today, Thursday and Friday. Regular LMAO schedule this weekend. Plus Jewish HS gig in Stamford Saturday Night.

Jessica Alba ... Morley Clarkson

Kathy Bates ... Susan

Jessica Biel ... Kara Monahan

Bradley Cooper ... Holden

Eric Dane ... Sean Jackson

Patrick Dempsey ... Dr. Harrison Copeland

Hector Elizondo ... Edgar

Jamie Foxx ... Kelvin Moore

Jennifer Garner ... Julia Fitzpatrick

Topher Grace ... Jason

Anne Hathaway ... Liz

Carter Jenkins ... Alex

Ashton Kutcher ... Reed Bennett

Queen Latifah ... Paula Thomas

Taylor Lautner ... Willy

George Lopez ... Alphonso

Shirley MacLaine ... Estelle

Emma Roberts ... Grace

Julia Roberts ... Captain Kate Hazeltine

Bryce Robinson ... Edison

Taylor Swift ... Felicia




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