Monday, February 15, 2010


Someone once asked THE BOSS if he "SOLD OUT". Bruce's response "I SELL OUT every night!"

Where did all these people come from?

Actually every Presidents week and MLK week are good. But the past two days out sold Christmas week. Every show (with very few exceptions) sold out most performances the past two days. TKTS was a chaotic.

Why all the commotion? Why more than most 3-day weekends?

1 - A lot of shows closed this season but we were left with a great roster.

2 - Many came in to check out the new Plays, but with star power they were sold out.

3 - VD - HA HA Valentines Day landed on a busy Sunday when so many shows are off already.

4 - NYC Area Schools Winter Break - its seems more and more CT & NJ schools are joining the NYC trend to give students and teachers off.

5 - Cabin Fever - So many were stuck teh past week, they were ready for some fun.

6 - MORE SNOW ISSUES - The snow in other parts of the world kept a few folks in town Thrusday and Friday. Many we talked to decided to make a weekend of it. It would seem our city's ability to deal with the snow is a major attraction for tourists looking to escape. 100s of DC are folks, no under record season totals - 6 feet of snow- flocked to the theater district.

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