Monday, March 29, 2010

Why no kids?

I love kids. In many ways I want kids. I make a great uncle right?

I have often feared the birthing process. Raising kids and eventually dealing with their experience in the real world. But my greatest fear....

PICKING A NAME! Seriously...

My name is Walter Everett Frasier IV - yep the fourth. I was not named after the Knicks star but rather my father, grandfather and great greand father. So many times I have been asked - "When is Walter Everett Frasier V going to make an appearance?"

But what if I had a kid today? What would I name it? Would I have any say in the matter at all? Laurice has so many reason for naming the kid after lost loved ones taken from this world way to soon. We both have so many great friends and family to consider. Would anyone feel snubbed if we chose one over another? I just can't take the pressure.

If it's a boy, can I really have my seed deal with all the comparisons to the Knicks? Or whenever Mom or wife yell, Walter, he will have to deal with three of us yellin, WHAT!?!

If its a girl, do we need another Mary (love you all but it is so confusing) at family reunions? With strong Irish Catholic roots on both sides I have more Mary's than the West Village.

Oh the humanity...

Perhaps we should have a son named Spero Frasier


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