Monday, March 29, 2010

There is HOPE!!!

Just watched a report on the continuing Pope / Molesting Priest Scandal. All week I read stories about John Edwards, Jesse James and Tiger Woods. I am digging hard to get the real deal on health care. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Volcanos are tearing the earth apart!

What do these all have in common?


One, there is a growing sense that the world is going to hell. As if all of the sudden everything is falling apart at once.

Two, the press - including alternative media - are ever more present. You can be an investigative reporter with your sell phone. Outlets like TMZ, Daily Show and Twitters break and dive deeper into scandals and then the mainstream press. It often feel more and more depressing knowing what is out there.


Rich and Powerful are getting away with theft, murder and moral/ethical horrors.

Politicians lie to save their asses and hide their ties to special interests.

Or biggest heroes in sports are addicts and violent gun toting monsters.

Today's media technology has opened our eyes. We are going through a necessary path of new awareness. One that causes pain and suffering. But I believe it is the funnel of an hour glass we are currently passing through.

There will always be crimes of passion but this new awareness will lead to more and more assholes realizing it is harder to get away with planned theft and murder. Our political leaders will be unable to lie to us and will be voted out more regularly, as they should. Going further, hopefully less kids will be lured into a world of drugs. Education is not the key to saving our children. 100% transparency is.

But we have to realize that these a-holes were always present. Now we are just more aware. And I believe over time, these new eye openng

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