Monday, July 26, 2010

THE EDGE - U2, Spiderman.... No Almost Canada

It's 8am. Leaving NYC. We drive north to Turin NY. By noon we are far from the New York we are used to.

The views around here are spectacular. I feel like I am on a working vacation. Growing up, living in a medium paced BURB, doing water sports and site seeing was a major vacation goal. Now sitting back and breathing fresh air for 24 hours is HUGE.

We are headed straight to the theater but we see our Hotel on the way. NICE PLACE.....

AMAZING SHOW TODAY!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY UPSTATE. Walt, Laurice, Evan and newcomer Vincent Diperi rock it out in Turin NY. WOW Tons of Fresh Air. Funniest Moment - Doing Miracle Ear with the Author of THE NASTY DIPHTHONG. Seriously, 4th grader suggested diphthong. Future Opera Singer perhaps. Then ONE to FIVE featured running cheese, with Vincent and Laurice chasing the cheese (EVAN) all over a huge stage, all three at some point leaping off a chair. The 60 second version was so fast paced, it was hilariously chaotic from there.

HIGHLIGHT after the show? The cheese shop with a GIANT cow. We defiled this poor helpless creature. Bought some homemade candies, real maple syrup, misc gift items and CHEESE CURDS. They actually squeaked. Very tasty. Never have to go back to Wisconsin again.

Off to dinner. At the hotel a Brand New Restaurant, THE BOONDOCKS, over some very cool Disney Like Restaurant design. A giant tree in the middle of the room - branches stretching over head the entire seating area. The entrance to the bar area from the restaurant area looked like a Wild West Saloon porch. The adjacent walls featured huge rock formations. The other two featured murals of prairies, horses and cattle. Down the center ran a dry creek bed with two bridges to cross. Any more would be tacky. I found the design just right. Amazing service and food two. Pints at $3 and Bottle of wine for just $14 rounded off a great meal. Evan and I both had the Delmonico Steak smothered in melted Bleu Cheese crumbles. On the side we found THE BEST mashed potatoes ever and some herbed veggies. Laurice had a TRIO BOB (3 Kabob Skewers) and Vincent went lighter with a chicken sandwich. OMG almost forgot the amazing cookie Sunday. These cookies would give any baker a run, topped with Ice Cream, Sauce and Whip.... TO DIE FOR...

We drove down to Boontown looking for wine store. It was closed but we stumbled onto local fireman's parade. SO COOL. This really took me back to the days as a kid watching my father march with the Browningsville Band in the Frederick MD area. Later I joined in playing Trumpet. The evening's weather was perfectly 72-75 with a breeze. So refreshing after the two week scorcher in Times Square. The town was so much like the small towns i remember in Howard,, Carroll and Frederick. Mt Airy, New Market, etc Well back then they looked like this. A large park across the tracks and highway featured a cover bridge, pond and large play area. I will get some of those pics up ASAP.

After the show we grab some beers and watch True Blood via Laptop.  SO GOOD THIS WEEK!!! Tons of laughs this was a wonderful day. Looking forward to two more on the road.

Thanks your to the Turin Library and other local organizations responsible for bringing us up to Canada (Which for most city dwellers is anything past Poughkeepsie).

Special thanks to the EDGE HOTEL. They donated rooms for our little stay here.
I really love the log cabin lobby feel. Free breakfast is on all our minds. Cute little gift shop has Maple Syrup and Soaps of exotic country flavors. The website helped us plan our evening. Although sleep sounds really good right now. FREE INTERNET, CABLE King Beds, and the most lovely staff at the front desk. Wish we could stay longer. Ready to dream of waffles!!!

PS This just in from our gracious host....

Hi, Walter and Gang! Thanks again for a wonderful show!!! We all really enjoyed it. You are all very talented, and we were really blessed to get you guys on such late notice. Have a safe trip to Elmira, and I hope you enjoyed "Lucy-luwinda Milksalot". That's the big cows name, in honor of the windmills and the dairy farms. (Get it ) Hope to see you all again sometime, (HOST CLIENT)

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