Saturday, July 31, 2010



So let me preface this mini review by saying, I drove 4 hours, performed two shows and had a few drinks at Applebees - including the slim rita that is not just for the gals excuse me very much!!! OK add the Bahama Mama and the Long Island Ice Tea you could say I am quite the GIRL DRINK DRUNK!!! We discovered just minutes before dinner and after the two shows that four of us were sharing a room with one king bed. After some haggling with the front desk the rolled in two rollaway beds.

So the fact that I slept thru a few moments should not reflect my opinions on the movie. I actually loved it. I loved how the four of us (Laurice, Evan and Vincent plus me) all had different oppinions afterwards. We all had our own interpretation of the closing image. Was it all a dream? Total Recall & Matrix type stuff but far better cinema. The action scenes while dream like and surreal were much more relatable.

I want to see it again so I can judge better, but I did have problems with Ellen Page's story line. There were huge leaps following her care about Leo's plight. But perhaps I slept thru those.

Overall I recommend it. Go sober. Or just under the influence enough to height your experience.


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