Monday, August 23, 2010

NYC FRINGE 2010 & around the world!!!

NEWS ALERT!!!! Former EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH cast members making waves at the Fringes in NYC & around the world!!!

Go see Michael Hirstreet in MY BROKEN BRAIN Sad to say Michael was only with us briefly. This amazing young talent was way to busy with some great projects for us to hold him down. Now playing at the The Players Loft @ 115 MacDougal St. 3rd Fl., New York N.Y. 10012
Show Times Remaining: 8/27 Friday 5:45 PM & 8/28 Saturday 10:00 PM. The revies so far have been great

Today (8/23/10) is opening night for former EIGHT member Killy Dwyer in GIRL BALLS FREE at the Edinburgh Fringe. Killy was a valuable member of the cast for over a year in our early days at the Laugh Factory. If you are over seas anywhere in Europe, jet set over to see this amazing show that has already taken NYC by storm.

Know any other former cast members at the festivals let us know!
I was never impressed with the idea of THE FRINGE festivals until I participated last year. Well, to be fair I did not have a huge respect for showcases in general. Moved to NYC in 1997 already with a couple paid jobs under my belt. Mostly DT and church gigs, but I have always been anti-non-paid gigs. But it was just recently that I realized how good and innovative and artistic the theater becomes in many of these situations. Or perhaps, although fun, I discovered how non-artistic working on a TV or commercial set can be. I think every artist defines "Living the Dream" in their own way. I used to think it would be being on Broadway or at the MET Opera. Now I realize being able to create real characters and experiencing the world thru fresh eyes while not having to work in restaurants is pretty much a dream come true. Bway and the MET would be a bonus right now.

Anyway, if you have not had the pleasure of checking out the NYC Fringe or others, please do. If you are an up and coming artist, this is a must check out festival. Going on last summer - LAST MINUTE - as an understudy I received more critical acclaim than anything else in 10+ years of professional work. And I was just there as a back up for an ailing talent. Plus the chances I would otherwise get to work on a stage like the Minetta Lane are slim to none.
FROM 2009 International Fringe Festival, New York City

Minetta Lane Theater
"Walt Frasier ... gave the best-sung and most assured performance to be found in the show.... His supple baritone and confident manner gave the show an anchoring dramatic weight."

Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre   
Adelaide Fringe Festival Australia
Amsterdam Fringe Festival
Athens Fringe Festival
Atlantic Fringe Festival Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
Bath Fringe Festival
Berkshire Fringe
Brighton Festival Fringe
Budapest Fringe Festival
Buxton Fringe Festival
Calgary Fringe Festival
Capital Fringe Festival (Washington, DC)
Couch Soup Fringe Festival (New Zealand)
Curitiba Fringe
Cincinnati Fringe Festival
Dublin Fringe Festival
Dunedin Fringe Festival
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Edmonton International Fringe Festival
Fringe Wilmington(Wilmington, DE)
FronteraFest - Austin Texas
Hamilton Fringe Festival - Hamilton Ontario Canada
Hamilton Fringe Festival - Hamilton New Zealand
Houston Fringe Festival (produced by BooTown)
Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival
Kansas City Fringe Festival
Llangollen Fringe Festival
London Fringe (produced by London Bridge Festival 2010)
London Fringe Theatre Festival (Ontario)
Malvern Fringe Festival
Singapore Fringe Festival
Melbourne Fringe Festival
Minnesota Fringe Festival
Montreal Festival Fringe
National Arts Festival (Grahamstown, South Africa)
New Orleans Fringe Festival
New York International Fringe Festival
Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival
Ottawa Fringe Festival
Piggyback Fringe Wakefield Quebec
Prague Fringe
Rogue Performance Festival
Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival
San Francisco Fringe Festival
Time-Based Art Festival (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art)
Stockton Riverside Fringe Festival
Stroud Fringe Festival
Sydney Fringe
Tokyo Fringe Festival
Toronto Fringe Festival
Vancouver Fringe Festival
Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival
Wellington Fringe
Windsor International Fringe Festival
Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
Woodstock Fringe Festival

See you in Times Square
L. M. A. Off-Broadway

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