Thursday, April 29, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Education will save the world!!!

Week 3 Day 3 - Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Running around this morning. Picked up flyers to promote Leslie Jordan’s Show. Ran to AGVA office to pay benefits for cast of LMAO. Now running out to Queens to for last class this year. Next week we have two dress rehearsals and a show. Many of the kids are out today for field trips. Not great one week before HELL WEEK!!!

I really do not like Dunkin Donuts. I think the coffee has a cough medicine taste. I Grabbed an ice coffee and hot coffee and both were BLAH!!! Much preferred the local deli coffee.

PS Anyone know of any good deals in Jersey or New York. Looking to buy a house on the cheap with out to much gang activity on the corner. Looked at place 2 blocks form Police Station. Must have been on the take as there were a lot of Meth and Crack types hangin around.

Today’s Consumption Summary

BREAKFAST Dunkin Donuts Grilled Cheese, Chocolate Croissant, Coffee –

5pmish Dirty Water Dog from Street vendor at 47th & 7th.

8pmish. DALLAS BBQ – ½ chicken honey basted with rice. Also Veggie Tempura. I know this really is not diet food.

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