Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Fight FOR the future

Week 3 Day 2 - Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BUSY DAY!!!! Lot of doors opening…. On many fronts….

SGF PRODUCTIONS – Did a meet and great speed dating-style networking party with NYC & COMPANY. Met with a lot of folks that deal in group sales etc. Not to mention busy morning of calls and gigs booked.

WALT FRASIER The Comic Actor – Auditioned for LOUIS. Amazing role. Hope I get it but either way I made an impression at the casting office.

WALT & LAURICE – House Hunting in Jersey.

DIET NOTE: I always eat less and healthier when facing opportunity. Extreme focus leads to better decision making all around. Goal is to be alert as I either succeed or fail. That’s when I start gorging. If I fail, depression sets in and I eat to forget. If I succeed TIME TO PARTY and celebrate with pitchers of alcohol – usually Margarita or Sangria.

I am currently sitting in front of Baskin Robbins near Holland tunnel. I am afraid to go in. Nothing inside is really good for me right now. Not hungry but I can always make room for sweets. HOWEVER, the sign promoting THIRTY-ONE CENT scoop night is intriguing. Wednesday April 28, 2010 5-10pm. That’s tomorrow. So perhaps I will really be good today and then treat myself after the QUEENS school program. (PS Did you see the

Today’s Consumption Summary

BREAKFAST – 2 lean pockets – NOT REALLY DIET FOOD!!!! I plan to use up what I have in freezer and than never again.

Snack – Dorrito, FF Sour Cream (Breakstone), Salsa and FF Cheddar Cheese (Kraft)

Lunch – HALE & HEARTY SOUPS, Small Lentil Chili, Seven-Grain Bread

Dinner – Applebee’s 2 for $20. I had Fiesta Chicken and some of Laurice’s

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