Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Temptations of the Fast East

Week 2 Day 7 - Sunday, April 25, 2010

We are house hunting today. Well Apartment hunting. Looking to move by June 1, 2010. For 8 years, in order to pursue our dream, we have lived with roommates. We have been lucky to have some great roommates – MOSTLY. (Ask me and I’ll tell ya ‘bout sometime.) But now our success as Improv actors and producers is allowing us top move out on our own. We want to buy a place but fear we do not have the time to really pursue that avenue right now.

Went and saw KICK ASS. Not bad. Nice mix of classic special effects and CGI. Good comedy and superhero movie. Sorry kid but you will always be McLovin’ to me. Right before I had a large meal at the mall eatery. The fast food Japanese was horrible. I know many of you are saying DUH!?!

I have resisted grabbing a quick Sausage before shows the past two weeks. I was in a routine of grabbing a sausage form the street meat guys. Not just one of those large dirty water hot dogs. But one of those foot long inch and a half thick monsters that would make a prostitute blush. Grilled next to the meat on sticks. Served on bun with BBQ, it was a weakness for the past few months since I discovered the monstrosity.

The show (www.lmao-nyc.com) was great. Fun crowd. Large for a such a slow Sunday. It was a ghost town in times square.

P S I always wanted to sing in a cover band called STYX of MEAT.

Today’s Consumption Summary

LATE BREAKFAST/LUNCH (2pmish) – Fast food Japanese at the Pavonia/Newport mall – Chicken Teriyaki over rice and vegetables with side of Shrimp tempura.

At the movie, Laurice snuck in nibblers form Mrs. Fields Cookies. I had three.

Before show Starbuck’s White Chocolate Mocha with Skim yet with whipped cream.

After show (10pmish) – Fast food Chinese from 1st Avenue between 116th and 117th streets. I was good and did not eat the whole thing. General Tso’s Chicken over fried rice, egg role and sweet plantains.


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