Friday, October 2, 2009

JUST SAY NO to CHICAGO: Voted Last for Olympics

Barack and Michelle Obama cancel his and her Brazilians in protest. LOL
QUICK NOTE: I hate LOL but folks just don't get sarcasm and humor and someone will read this thinking I am serious.


Despite all the effort, Chicago is voted out first in the Olympic voting for 2016 host cities. Is this big news? NO! But it is hilarious watching republican head hunters use this as an attack piece on the Obama's. I am not a huge fan but how stupid is this.Even funnier how shocked CNN and other Obama fans are. As if they can't imagin how anyone cannot share their biased love affair. Here is the live coverage by CNN.

Still in the running? Brazil and Madrid. (Rio, Brazil won the bid hours later than this was first published) I think either would be cool. Tons of culture, better soccer and they have much better cuisine. Food athletes could eat and still hope to stand up let alone compete. Deep Dish Pizza and Sausage 'n Peppers no good for training, Trust me as I chow down on some equally unhealthy food from the local buffet. If only they had not impeached governor, Rod Blagojevich. He could have greased the right palms.

But to attack Obama for flying in to help pitch our city, our country, is ridiculous. Anywhere he goes he has a small army of officials with every thing he needs including the BUTTON. Secret Service, Military Reps, Cabinet, Secretaries etc. I can relate with my portable Fisher Price computer, mobile modem and cell phone, typing this blog from my car waiting for opposite side parking to wrap up. And then caller honestly outraged that he went to Chicago but does not call his generals more often. He has people for that. But even so he can call the general from anywhere. Or is Obama treating his generals the way I treat collections. "Hey Michelle, just that one ring. Yeah caller ID says Iraq. The game is on, I'll call back later. I SAID LATER, WOMAN!"

The funniest thing is that Chicago was the first to get voted off. "With the least number of votes". Not getting selected is no big deal but getting picked last. Now they know how I felt wanting to play kick ball in the 3rd grade. HEY I'm slow but I could kick the ball really far. SORRY I DIGRESS... Maybe if the BEARS came out and did another Superbowl Rap. I suspect the International Olympic Committee are truly short form IMPROV fans and were turned off by IO. LOL. Maybe they heard about the David Letterman black mailing scandal. Oh wait that is NYC. Never mind.

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