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Featured in TIME OUT NY This week - RENT WALT FRASIER for $500

Seriously, TONY focuses on everything weddings this week. We are featured as a cool alternative entertainment option. Great timing as i am singing my sister's wedding. The Sheehan Cousin Trio (With cousins Meaghan and Meredith) will be joining a string quintet. Thank you so much to the writers and editors at this amazing institution that has once again brought us great attention. Here is how we appear this time around. Look below for our 2007 TONY KIDS feature. And i swear these are real features not paid listing. They interviewed me by email and phone.

ON the main page for wedding features there are a dozen categories from caterers to venues to photographers. I like to think I IMPROVE a lot in this world...LOL...Below a picture of aerial ballerina reads...

Non-sucky entertainment
Let aerialsts and improvers amuse your guests.


You click on the link and find us listed second. We almost look like we are listed first as the first listing looks as if to be a caption to the photo. Here is our listing....

Eight Is NEVER Enough improv show
Performers in this improv show freewheel through short-form games like parody songs, riffing off audience suggestions. Or, rent MC Walt Frasier as Elvis ($500 per hour) and get a 30-minute set of songs. Afterwards, he’ll wander around your party looking for peanut butter sandwiches while exhibiting a fear of bathrooms.
Cost: $1,000 per hour plus travel
Booking: 212-568-6560,

SUMMER 2007. TONY KIDS wrote an article about us and one other company working with kids in the comedy clubs. (READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE 24 hours late we got calls from both NBC and ABC.ABC actually called first and this video shows the result. (Featuring Founding Members ME, Laurice Fattal and Spero Chumas with Joyce Trotta, Keisha Zollar and of course Nick Fondulis - now appearing on NBC's Mercy - last season on KINGS)

THIS VIDEO PUT US ON THE MAP!!!! Seriously!!! We were already doing well. But since then our childrens division has tripled in business. It saved us considering we had NO major corporate events from December 2007 until this past summer. I think the big contracts coming in this summer and fall and for the coming holiday season is a very good sign for recession woes. back in 2007 we did a number of gigs for financial institutions including AMEX, Morgan Stanley and many smaller local firms. Merrill lynch was the but of most jokes as a way to steer focus from their own woes.

GOING FORWARD I have great hope for the future. We are undergoing big changes. Suffering growing pains. The phone is ringing off the hook. Flirting with taking NYC production to another level. This Saturday we play the art museum at the Smithsonian Institute, DC. Very exciting. We just did a gig for FORT DIX (our 5th military booking with more coming) Later this month Medicare offices bring us in for the third time in 14 months for team building event. Unileaver, UBS, ROCK CENTER and more calling for corp events. Just got an offer from a college. Our kids calendar is filling up fast thanks to continued growth in both DC and NYC markets.

SO ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT OR A GREAT SHOW OFF-BROADWAY WHILE IN NYC? We entertain parties for adults and kids as well as colleges/universities, theaters and comedy clubs. Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, after Proms, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, All of C DROP ME A LINE about booking rates and dates as well as discount tickets to public shows.
Check out this clip from FORT DIX, NJ. We helped host "RISING STARS" US miliary version of American Idol. With ME hosting, Spero and Charles Murray (Broadway Dreamgirls 5 years etc)

In addition to bookings all over the country, we have produced/performed over 2000 public shows at Carolines, Laugh Factory, NY Improv, Gotham, Joe Franklin's, Times Square Comedy, roadway Comedy, HA Comedy Club, Rascals, and Stand-Up NY. We are known for the BEST family and corporate friendly (PG / PG-13) shows in NYC area.
Fun interactive improv for all ages TOURING NATION WIDE and APPEARING OFF-BROADWAY plus GREAT TEAM BUILDING SHOWS & WORKSHOP are a must for any industry. Management, Leadership, Public Speaking, Team work, Communications, Sales and Service all benefit.
IMPROV 4 KIDS K-5 outreach playing schools, camps and events
ABSENT MINDED COMEDY Uncensored Stand-Up and/or Improv Comedy

HOLIDAY CHARACTERS Santa / SANTA & FRIENDS - Quintet of Mrs Clause, Two Elves and The Grinch , WHO KILLED SANTA - Murder Mystery
BLUES BROTHERS TRIBUTE Song & Dance show is our most popular variety act
ABBOTT & COSTELLO TRIBUTE A must for any 1940's theme - these guys were the #1 box office draw for the decade
COMIC ELVIS Chris Farley meets Pavarotti meets the Kings
Also theme characters - Hippies (We sent a team of 8 for upscale 60th BDAY party in Greenwich with Woody Allen and Blues Brothers and Gag-Drag MArilyn Monroe for the big fan), Greco-Roman (We supplied gladiators and ladies of the court for HBO industrial promoting ROME at sales centers in Baltimore area) , Giligans Island (We booked these for corp event on dinner cruise around Manhattan), Pirates (We have leading NYC area Pirate Impersonator in company) and so much more.

From gorilla marketing to trade shows, our actors bring unique talents and creative ideas to get you attention. Past clients include MENTOS, Ben & Jerry's, AMEX, US OPEN, McDonalds, Web Marketing Trade Shows, Chick Fillet and more. We work closely with you and/or your ad agency and event organizers.

ORIGINAL SKETCH COMEDY SHOWS - share your notes from the office. If you like we can change the names to protect the innocent, but we will roast your brands, clients, staff and managers with song and skits. Your own personal SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

A/V services. We can film your event for a small fee. If you need a great archive hire the pros but we have some great equipment to remember the best moments. ALSO our home theater THE TIMES SQUARE COMEDY CLUB boasts amazing A/V support including numerous large plasma TVs w/DVD, 6 different DJ booths for 5 theaters plus lobby area, LCD projectors in most rooms and more in this amazing Vegas Style theater complex (FORMER LAUGH FACTORY)

We work at a few clubs offering a variety of venue, menu and budget.

Producing Members:
Walt Frasier, Laurice Fattal,Spero Chumas
Active Featured Players:
Alena Acker, Chris Catalano*, Mara Dratfield, Tyler J. Fischer, John Gleason, David "DMG" Green*, Andree Lambertson, Chris Leidenfrost-Wilson, Julia Morales, Charles B. Murray*, Katie Siegmund, Marcia Sofley*, Sarah Billington Stevens, Emma Tattenbaum-Fine

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