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FEAR FACTOR: Drag Queen OR Terrorist; Watch out for Bombers - NOT THE YANKEES!

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I have always believed this mantra. You can't walk around in fear - fear of getting mugged, raped, killed, .... blown up. You can imagine the situations as a way to plan ahead but I see too many gripped by fear and therefore held back in daily lives. When you walk around gripped by fear you cannot possibly fully realize your potential, think creatively, or work productively. Fear is the biggest cause for racism. You certainly cannot achieve true happiness. You can say the same about chronic hate but that is another blog. PLAN FOR THE WORST but EXPECT THE BEST. "You gotta have hope. Mustn't sit around and mope" DAMN YANKEES

But as much as I believe we cannot walk around in fear, it is difficult - more and more so. THANK GOD it appears so far the FBI and CIA and other officials are doing a great job preventing future attacks. I but I fear (perhaps ad choice of words) that we might be letting our guard down. Sinking into a comfort zone. But I have a growing malaise. Perhaps this is because I recently started watching CNN and its carbon copies again. I am definitely one that got addicted to 24 hour - NEWS TV during the Clinton years. Combine the OJ trial and Lewinsky scandals, CNN had more drama than any scripted show in 10 years combined. All week I would watch and the only release was a comedic massage to my emotions by Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately SNL has lost that ability over the years, replacing smart satire with sophomoric imitations - the only exception being appearances by Justin Timberlake. (Can we make this guy a regular cast member?) But overkill following the 9/11 attacks, I needed a break from the constant doomsday news reports and political BS. As I became more and more submerged in comedy, I started watching again, but with my knew found professional cynicism, learn to abhor the pundants and quickly moved to the Daily show for what seems to be the closest to honest news reporting calling out the BSers at every turn.

Terror suspect, Najibullah Zazi, in court today is said to have been gathering bomb making supplies and back packs. Is he a terrorist or a wannabe Mary Kate and Ashley Impersonator? Picturing him dancing around dressed like Zsa Zsa Gabor is very therapeutic to my real ...er...um... fear... that we are over due for another historic moment in Manhattan. The plotters' biggest mistake was going to Colorado to buy cosmetics. Men buying blush and pancake in New York City is a perfectly normal activity. Anywhere else in the United States they should have waited for Halloween. QUICK NOTE: Just to stop the horrible rumors floating around that this terrorist, no matter how bird-brained the sceme, is not the Lion King's chamberlain, Zazu.

I seriously doubt another WTC is about to unfold. But it is only a matter of time before a subway or train gets hit. Security is stepped up. But we can't have another WW2 round-up. We can't profile every possible terror suspect? - with ignorant army and police pissing off every Hindi in NYC.

For a while I feared that terrorists would start targeting middle America. Scenes from RED DAWN (R.I.P. Patrick) come to mind on a smaller scale. I always thought that America would really come unsettled if those farther away from our coasts felt they were vulnerable. Fear that terror could happen anywhere would really keep us on our toes. But after my drive down south, through many small towns, I can report those fear are long gone. While very friendly to all, there seems to be deep suspicion of anything straying from the norm. Small town mentality and remnants of racism are enough to alert any paranoid locals fearing any change to their way of life. Blinded by dreams of 72 virgins, extremists from the Middle east could never understand how much a man looking like a young Osama bin Laden strolling down the CVS Clinique aisle would raise attention. Constantly put down by liberal thinking Bi-coasters, Americas best defense from secret internal attacks is the "backward thinking" of "local yokels"

But I do have a real fear - Perhaps more a premonition or just overbearing expectation that any day now I will be waking up to news of Iran's first nuclear attack on Isreal. The rhetoric is strong and so is the display of capabilities, launching the mid range missile into the ocean the other day. I am starting to understand the fear Americans had early in the cold war. We all grew up with regular fire drills practicing escaping the building in a quick but orderly manner. But how many still remember bomb drills. Jumping under desks. Running to the bomb shelter (if your school was lucky enough to have one.) I always wonder how often - if ever - in the past 60 years did the government actually go to highest alert - oh no - DEF CON ONE (or 5 - I forget which is the worst. Have to go watch WAR GAMES again) Again maybe CNN is to blame for overly hightened concern, but I woke up this morning expecting the worst. No kidding

My biggest fear - can I remember the proper way to say or even spell NUCULAR - oops I mean Nuclear. But all and all I refuse to change what I do or how I live my life or to stop trying to make others laugh. I refuse to live in fear - in terror. I do refuse to travel east of Atlantic. I'm bold but not stupid. FEAR FACTOR anyone!

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PS GO YANKEES!!! The Original Bronx Bombers Are headed into a great October clinching the division by sweeping the Red Sox this weekend. Last night I enjoyed watching one of their farm teams beat up on the Royals. At least that is what I thought I watched as every team star took the day off, their proverbial 7th day I suppose. But I hope Yankee bosses watched last night as I think it was a real display of what has made Yankees great over the years. A ROD has finally stepped up and given what he is paid for - not only delivering the goods, but allowing batters around him (TEX anyone?) realize their potential. But so many of the Yankee greats have come from their amazing FARM system (Jeter anyone?) developing players and stories that we fall in love with. Last night we saw 5-6 guys that could be the next Jeter - home grown talent groomed into leadership roles. The past 5 years have been a roller coaster of emotions watching one so-called star after another bought just to see them fall short. So keep developing the future. Stop buying stars past their prime. And finally a kudos to Joe Girardi. You got my vote and support going forward!

Singing at Sister's Wedding this weekend. Here is a preview....

PANIS ANGELICUS featuring WALT FRASIER in stereo!!!

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