Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Health Care reform takes major blow today!!! Minority Party wins the day


Two bills were defeated today at the committee level (TUESDAY9/29/09) Read the Washington Post article for complete details on today's vote. Blame is circling more than vultures over a dying buffalo. But why did they really fail. This country is run by lawyers and insurance companies. Now I am not going into some altered shadow government conspiracy here. But cost of living etc is continually driven up by both. In order to really participate in this country's economy, you need a fortune's worth of insurance. WHY? Because everyone is afraid of getting sued. WHY? Because their insurance rates will go up. WHY? Because you burdened the system. It is a never ending cycle. Who really runs congress? Lobbyists - a pretty name for lawyers. Drug Companies, and Insurance Companies do everything they can to bleed us dry and the Lawyers are their carving tool.... the corporate weapon of mass destruction of choice. All this being said I am not upset these bills failed as I am far from convinced they were good for the country in their current form.

HEALTH CARE REFORM is the number one topic of discussion these days by politicians and media alike. Should it be? Does the Health Care problem measure up to overall economic issues or defense? And I do not mean need for American blood spilling in Iraq and Afghanistan and soon Iran and everywhere else we feel the need to bomb and dominate. I mean more efforts like the one bagging the beauty queen terrorist. (see my latest blog on this subject) But Health Care is the big issue. Liberal leaders scaring us into thinking a public choice is the only way to go. IS IT? At risk at alienating my acting friends, I am still not ready to say yes. I like the idea of reform. Not against a public option. I am mostly against any type of mandate that would force me to buy in. I do not trust any system that you are stuck with. I hate utilities and cable and the lack of choice or ability to do anything when being screwed with. Price increases, bad service, change in service without notification or say in matters etc. There are only so many phone companies and they forever come up with new ways to sneak charges onto your bill in addition raising rates. 3-4 times every year I arrange for a special bundle rate and for some reason I find out I am paying 2-3 times more with in months.

But I think the biggest issue with health care is the lack of choice. Most states do not have choice. New York has a lot of money thanks to Wall Street, International politics, and tourism. But what about other states. The same states that suffer in education and other civil services. I watch way too much 24 hour news TV but I do like to rotate channels to get different views. The only way to get real FAIR and BALANCED coverage is to listen to various opinions - presented as news and deduce the truth yourself. I think I stop short of conspiracy theory nut, but no one source is 100% unbiased. I watched MSNBC today. Dylan Ratigan attacks Insurance lobby lawyer about anti-trust laws. Watch the video and read Ratigan's op-ed piece for his source material explanation (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dylan-ratigan/why-would-we-let-them-rig_b_302480.html) but basically most states have 1 major carrier - Ratigan states this is because they are only industry (Other than MLB) exempt from Anti-Trust laws.

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From NY Senator Chuck Schumer - "The present system is broken....costs are going through the roof....We are going to get at this, and at this, and at this, until we succeed, because we believe in it so strongly," Schumer said. The more Americans hear about benefits of a public option, he asserted, "the more they like it." WASH POST

But is that true. Here is my biggest problem with the public option as currently being pushed. Most of these PUBLIC OPTION bills have provisions that would fine you if you did not participate in a program. The MANDATE to join the program is the biggest hiccup for would be supporters. Perhaps you read my DIRECT TV rant where they are charging me a number of fees for changing my service away to TIME WARNER. Those fees are being assessed to my Verizon Bill (As it was once a bundle deal). Verizon refuses to separate these fees from my phone, which will be turned off if I do not pay. Not to mention I will have years and years of collection calls. Monday I had my car towed due to old parking tickets from a car from 7 years ago which I thought I had taken care of. When towing they destroyed my bumper, practically ripping it off - not to mention the huge scratch and dent on the front right door. In order to get this rectifies I was supposed to submit by mail my complaint. I might get lucky but I am expecting a major battle at this point. The biggest difference, this is the government and you have zero rights and no control. I may or may not get lucky and land the nicest government pencil pusher out there but other wise I am completely helpless and hopeless.

This is my fear with PUBLIC OPTION. The same fear that is way exaggerated by terms like death panels. But fear none the less. Government Bureaucracy is the cause of so many problems - waste and abuse of power just to name a few - is health care one we want to trust them with. I think every one needs to take a very good look at the New York system. I do not know how it impacts economy and state budgets. I do know it is a system that works for me in most situations. Government sponsored and monitored but privately managed. PUBLIC OPTION does not have to be the same as NATIONALIZED health care. OPTIONS are good. MANDATED programs are not. Do these people believe USSR was a real communism. We called them communists but does anyone really believe they at all resembled what Marx had intended. Or like most systems of government, ideals were used to help control the masses. Rationing health care, food, banks, cars....

I personally am very happy all things being considered. My wife and I own our own company. Living in New York, insurance is very expensive, however the city and state have developed numerous plans that we take advantage of. In fact I thought there was too much choice in NYC as I just did not know who to go with. We participate in HEALTHY NY http://www.ins.state.ny.us/website2/hny/english/hny.htm via Atlantis http://www.atlantishp.com/index.asp. We looked a long time for just the right plan. Far from perfect, but if the national public plan would mirror these plans than I say go for it. Similar to the student loan program, the state works with numerous private institutions to deliver subsidized coverage. I do not know about "DEATH PANELS' but I do know that certain coverage is rationed by insurance people on the telephone. For most problems we have a clinic in midtown that is very nice and clean with great nurses and doctors. We pay ZERO in co-pays and no additional charges for Xrays or other tests. We also get a number of generic drugs for free including Antibiotics for my wife and for various flus and colds the past year. There is a small copay for specialists and we could see other doctors for a similar fee but we are so far happy with the clinic. We pay just over $400/month for the family plan. My understanding is there is a plan where you get this same service FREE if under a certain pay scale. Do not know all of the details. But long story short, I have options. I have public options.


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