Saturday, April 24, 2010


Week 2 Day 5 - Friday, April 23, 2010

Yesterday was the toughest diet day yet. I really regressed to old habits. Today I turned that around.

Laurice and I saw David Duckovknee’s (SP?) and Demi Moore’s THE JONESES. Expecting to sleep my way through, it held my attention. Gary Cole made the movie though with his portrayal of Upper Middle Class man spending beyond his limits and suffering the ultimate sacrifice. Sorry that when I first recounted the performance, I attributed Gary Coleman. (Short Note, Gary Cole was the guest for Jimini Glick when Laurice and I saw Martin Short's Broadway show - Who I also loved on Damages This Season - I digress....)

The show tonight was AWESOME!!! – Shout out to Belgium. A great mix of families and adult groups both loved performance. Charles, Erin, Laurice, and Spero joined me in a flirting on the edge but still maintaining a clean enough show. We never cursed but many double entendre graced the stage. As a genie I conjured up Erin to Handle Charles' Meat. In the same scene I said the meat handler was Chelsea's brother. Happy that one couple knew what i was saying. Chew on that CHEWIE. (SP?) We did video this one so hopefully we will get that up ASAP.

Today’s Consumption Summary
BREAKFAST – Smart Start Cereal with skim Milk and Coffee-black

Lunch at Charlie O’s on Broadway at 49th
Pre-Fixe Menu included for me
Lentil Soup – Barely touched it
Salmon Putanesca with roasted potato and spinach
Cheese Cake
Diet Coke and Coffee

PS The Lunch Pre fixe is actually a good Deal. Four entrée choices with soup and dessert for $15.95. Most og their entrees run $20+

At the movie and while promoting – just more diet coke, coffee etc.

After the show, I made a bowl of Turkey Chili – low fat from FRESH DIRECT. Added a small bag of Doritos and some Horseradish NY Aged Cheddar. Tons of flavors and not to bad on the fat or calories. MAYBE 600 calories at the most.

Long story short – I AM BACK ON TRACK AND LOOSING!!!!

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