Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Mario Cantone

LMAO THE DIET – Mario Cantone

Week 2 Day 3 - Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Teaching weekly classes in Queens has been an education for me us much as the students. The pilot program to bring Improv to the NYC school system had a crowning moment when Eddie Brill and Mario Cantone dropped by to meet the class. Our top students performed a show that was received with high hopes of future expansions.

Thanks to all from Comedy Hall of Fame and of course Mario & Eddie for giving the students a day they will never forget.

REMINDER - NOTE TO SELF – BUY SCALE Today’s Consumption Summary

Skim Milk, Chocolate Chip Muffin

MacDonalds Angus Burger, Diet Coke

Lean Pockets

Sun Chips

BBQ Pork Ribs from Fresh Direct. Actually pretty good

Skim Milk

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